Nobody Has EVER Gone 1-1 With The Sharks Like This ๐Ÿ™€ #Shorts | Shark Tank US | Shark Tank Global

You are going to get crushed Mr Wonderful with all due respect we're not Going to get a question so I just want To know if the Barista is good Kevin let Him talk is looking at fear at you Because she knows that dead men with all Due respect let me finish this has been A long drawn out process I studied the Market okay hold on I had a full-time Offer at Apple turned it down change is A big problem no one's solved it okay Let me just tell you how I solved it Here's my credit card I don't think I've ever seen anybody go One-on-one with the sharks you know you Could basically dismiss Kevin he got Reprimanded by you you treat Mark as Though he's equal here good for you I'm Going to give you your 250 for 15 but It's contingent on you getting those Locations by year end with all due Respect the contingency there is Untenable no why not you would get it I'm not gonna do a contingency based on Locations wow Jeff fair enough but I'm Out yeah Okay

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