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Originally from offley now living in Bonratti County Clare Kevin Walker has Enjoyed a varied career across a wide Range of Industries But recently Kevin has decided to focus On producing some of the inventions he's Been coming up with over the years Hello dragons my name is Kevin Walker my Company is called Olympic great saver I'm looking for 80 000 Euro for twenty Percent of my patented products a grade Saver is a steel Ally plate that sits in Your grate to stop your grade from Burning out circular ones for stoves Square ones for grades it's fully Patented With a full granted pattern last year Alone between 20 and 30 000. Great were imported from China into Ireland Six months You get out of them at the moment new Type of grid I invented over the Christmas It has its own seat that the plate Doesn't move around 18 months later the Plate gets tired you take the plate out Go down to the shop get a new plate drop It in Nothing like it on the market If you look at what is here Three months old great Can you imagine what they have lost in

Fuel alone A great saver will save you anything up To twenty percent of your fuel because That stops the small particles cold Falling down and smoldering in the ash Okay Prior to the summer of last year Three thousand great Plates were sold in Ireland You had to go and pick it up Go up to the counter and ask what it was For I took the distributorship away from the Company because I wasn't happy with them Okay Any questions I prefer a performance from a man who's Certainly passionate about his product But if Kevin's looking for questions Barry O'Sullivan is about to hit him With an obvious one What I don't understand is just the the Greats that burn out what are they made Of and why don't they just made it make A great of something else that doesn't Burn out and then what's yours made of And you said your thing gets tired can You explain what that is means okay cast Iron Brickell Ally Steel Three and a half mil thick Okay the holes are patented it'll Withstand 1800 degrees

So why not just make a great out of Alloy Steel Uh Good question we couldn't afford to buy It then Does the margin grade burn out that Quickly would you not get two years out Of a year out of at least would would High temperature or cold which is Polish Cold and with smokeless coal it'll just Disintegrate and Kevin before you Started working on your Olympic great Saver what were you doing I have a Website called yourfinaljourney.com I moved acids for major domains from America to Ireland for people who want It done I'm an office in Manhattan New York so the way I should go from Anywhere in America into New York On a ghost in New York then to Ireland Special way of doing it all right and Then I will spread it scatter it Whatever they want if they want to wake I'll do that as well No matter what they want I'll provide us So International Undertaker and you seem To be um ain't no internet undertake Internet internet It sounds like a great idea Kevin but You seem to be fixated with ashes be it Sort of uh sort of in your fire grade or Our Crematory I got the idea Kevin my name is Eamon but how many People like fires now compared to what

They did 10 years ago is it you know More people than ever Because they can't afford the oil they Can't afford gas what remind me the Price of your your your Um great saver again The price of that great saver is just Under 20 Euro Under 19 or 20 19 50 19. so that's 19 And the greatest 20 25. that particular Grade there is 32 Euro okay So I have a choice of buying that for 20 Or a great for 25 30. So is your patent on the holes and the Plate the patterns are on on on on the Hold if I put in square holes instead of Round holes it's tagging around your pad No no that's trial and error over over Months And that's what I got the patent on a Full granted patent Which you want to yeah Very nice Yeah it doesn't say what the claims of The patent are here that's just they Said it doesn't say well it's utility or Whether it's a design pattern yes Kevin I'm Ramona yeah Kevin I genuinely don't think that this Problem is big enough that it needs a Solution and for that reason I'm out Thank you [Music] Ramona doesn't share Kevin's enthusiasm

For prolonging the life of fire greats But what about the others time for Barry To come clean Kevin my problem is I Think he'd turn my cash into Ash And for that reason I'm out Thank you no problem I think this has been a great it's like A little bit of a circus and I'm not Sure whether you're the client or the Ringmaster but I think well it takes on Shorts doesn't it really you know but I Think my money will not be going with You on your journey I'll probably invest In the other business but this business I might Thank you no problem if he wants to Breathe life into his pitch the internet Undertaker now has a job on his hands Only two dragons remain in the game one Of them is Gavin Duffy Kevin uh there's One thing you said that did grab my Attention That you say you've sold three thousand Units three thousand were sold okay and Where were they what shops were they They were put into some of the the Standard hardware stores okay and that's All they were The company that I that I went with That's what they did they put them into Shops just like that so nobody knew what To wear And how long did it take to sell the Three about four months were sold people

Were picking them and ask them what was The fur No advertising no no literature Kevin You you you appear to be a very credible Person so I I have to take it on face Value you actually sold three thousand Dollars yeah three thousand paid for Receipts Etc yes that's 60 000 Revenue It turned I turned that I turned over Nine thousand six hundred for the for The three thousand plates right I made a Gross profit of five thousand two Hundred On nine thousand six hundred Yeah because it's allowed the margin Without the distributor and the the and That's without any marketing without any Any marketings at all nothing at all The people picked him up went up to a Counter and said what's this for In a recession yeah and the person said Behind the counter oh it's for your your Great wearing out and said give me one Yep that's that's exactly what happened Kevin I I think you're a very creative Guy I think I love the stuff you've done On the my my journey home my your final Journey it sounds sounds fantastic Um I think I'd love to see you put your Mind to something that that was uh Solving a problem for the future I think This may be a problem of the past so I'm Out no problem thank you Now I have other products equally is

Good that's what worries make Heaven Yeah That's what worries me what I'm also Hearing I'm also hearing that a Distributor miraculously sold treat you Know some black plates and you suck them And then you know what I mean I never Stopped invented You know I'm not worried about the I've Gone way past worrying about the money Here Kevin you know what I mean Um an inventor never stops inventing It is it could be one of the surprises Of the den could be I'm sort of pulled One way or the other look I I I'm not Going to invest but I thought I think You presented it very very well uh and Uh thank you very much for showing it to Us anyway but I'm going to say I'm out And Madam thank you I appreciate your Time thank you excellent thank you very Much God bless And keep in mind for your rashes Thank you very much God bless you so Kevin heads back to Claire empty-handed Leaving the dragons to wonder if they Should have let him I think you'll regret that one Gavin oh But I just but but like 3 000 units walking out by themselves Like this will be one of the ones where People tell me you were stupid for not Investing in that when they see it [Music]

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