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Foreign [Music] Ly read out live by Dr Peter attia Life is like a voyage on the Arctic Ocean the longer we live the more likely We are to encounter icebergs These icebergs represent the four Diseases of Aging cancer heart disease Alzheimer's and metabolic disease If we live long enough we are bound to Encounter one of these The goal is to avoid them as long as Possible so we can cruise into our 10th Decade and still do the things we enjoy Doing We don't want to be like a passenger on The Titanic unknowingly headed towards An iceberg that will cut our journey Short in the fifth or sixth decade of Our Lives or Force us to spend our final Decade with a compromised ship that is Slowly sinking Dr Peter attia has written outlive to Help us identify the icebergs ahead and Course correct Rather than being a passenger on the Titanic we can Captain our ship and use Radar to steer clear of the four Diseases of Aging as long as possible The best long-range radar we can install On our ships to detect icebergs relies On one calculation Insulin resistance Matia says Studies have found that

Insulin resistance itself is associated With huge increases in one's risk of Cancer up to 12-fold Alzheimer's disease Five-fold and death from cardiovascular Disease almost six-fold In the state of insulin resistance Cancer cells proliferate brain cells Don't get the fuel they need which leads To Alzheimer's and our bodies get more Inflamed which accelerates heart disease If we can avoid insulin resistance and The metabolic disease that arises from Insulin resistance we can avoid most Icebergs on route to our 10th decade of Life So what is insulin resistance The body must maintain roughly one Teaspoon of glucose in the blood at all Times When our blood glucose Rises after a Meal our body produces insulin to push The excess glucose into cells in a Healthy body insulin is used to push Glucose into muscle cells and fat cells Under the skin called subcutaneous fat Think of a cell like a balloon and Glucose as air insulin's job is to help Inflate the balloon however as the Balloon inflates it gets harder and Harder to push air in So the body produces more insulin Eventually no matter how much insulin is Present muscle cells and subcutaneous Fat cells won't accept any more glucose

With high insulin and high glucose Levels in the blood the body has entered An insulin resistance day In a state of insulin resistance any Excess calories get converted into fat And jammed into places no human should Have fat like in the liver between Muscle fibers like a marbled steak in Between organs in the midsection this is Called visceral fat and it's highly Inflammatory A TIA Likens this fat spillover to a tub Overflowing with water and getting into The vents floorboards and carpets and Destroying the house As fat spills over into muscles and Organs insulin resistance worsens Causing more fat to accumulate in Muscles and organs it's a vicious cycle We can test to see if we are in an Insulin resistant state by measuring our Blood glucose after consuming a sugary Drink like a Coca-Cola If after an hour glucose continues to Rise we are insulin resistant and we are Headed towards an iceberg in the not too Distant future unless we change course And alter our lifestyle Now you may assume as I did that Changing one's diet is the best way to Change course and avoid hitting an Iceberg but it's not The best tool we have to avoid insulin Resistance and prolong Our Lives is

Physical exercise The title of a TS chapter on exercise is The most powerful longevity drug In that chapter he says more than any Other tactical domain we discuss in this Book exercise has the greatest power to Determine how you will live out the rest Of your life Going from zero weekly exercise to just 90 minutes per week can reduce your risk Of dying from all causes by 14 percent It's very hard to find a drug that can Do that With the right exercise program we can Train our muscle cells to absorb more Glucose and use fat as fuel to keep any Fat spillover in check Going back to that balloon metaphor we Can use exercise to increase the size And flexibility of our balloon cells The ultimate longevity exercise program Includes three types of training Zone 2 training VO2 max training and Strength training Most people miss these three forms of Training because they either don't Exercise which is 77 of Americans or Exercise in the gray zone between Zone 2 And VO2 max training and think strength Training is just for athletes and Bodybuilders Zone 2 training involves any aerobic Exercise on a stationary bike treadmill Rower or outside you can sustain while

Barely being able to hold a conversation With someone A Zone 2 workout should feel almost hard And without any muscle burn The longer you can sustain a Zone 2 Workout the more the mitochondria in Your muscle cells the power plants of The cell learn to use fat as fuel Next VO2 max training If Zone 2 training feels almost hard Then VO2 max training feels very hard During VO2 max training you do an Aerobic exercise close to your all-out Maximum for four minutes then go easy For four minutes and repeat this four Times You will feel like you're dying during a VO2 max training session but it's worth It Studies show that people who increase Their VO2 max from below average inner Age group to above average experience a 50 reduction in all cause mortality Atia says VO2 max is perhaps the single Most powerful marker for longevity Next up strength training String training vastly improves Metabolic health because it produces More lean muscle mass that soaks up Excess glucose like a sponge A 10-year study a 4 500 subjects over 50 Found that those with low muscle mass And low muscle strength were three times More likely to die early

Atia says I think of strength training As a form of retirement saving just as We want to retire with enough money Saved up to sustain us for the rest of Our lives we want to reach older age With enough of a reserve of muscle to Protect us from injury and allow us to Continue to pursue the activities that We enjoy Embrace the three forms of training by Setting three weekly targets Set a Zone 2 Target of 45 minutes four Days a week you can use this time to Catch up on your favorite TV show well On a stationary bike or treadmill or Rower Set a VO2 max Target of one day a week Going nearly all out for four minutes Then going easy for four minutes and Repeating this four times Then once a year take a VO2 max test With a medical professional just Google VO2 max test near me and strive to get In the top five percent of your age Group Instead of strength training Target to Lift heavy weights three times a week With a focus on grip strength exercises Like the farmers carry carrying two Heavy objects in your hands and hip Hinging exercises which are exercises That involve bending at the hip without Bending the spine like doing deadlifts Squats or step UPS in a large box

Your goal is to be able to do a farmer's Carry walking around a room for one Minute while holding half your weight in Both hands To ensure we don't lose any lean muscle That we gain from strengthening we Should consume enough protein to match Our weight in grams for example I weigh 195 pounds so I need to consume 195 Grams of protein every day However I must space up my protein Intake so I do not consume more than 25 Of my daily protein in a single sitting Because excess protein gets turned into Glucose by the liver Therefore I am d roughly 50 grams of Protein four times a day around 9am 12 P.m 3 P.M and 6 pm These protein meals either include two Chicken breasts an eight ounce steak an Eight ounce piece of fish or a whey Protein shake Consume 195 grams of protein at 25 Increments each day is one of the three Eating rules I took away from outlive The other two eating rules are don't eat Within three hours of bedtime because Eating too close to sleep reduce the Sleep Quality and stick to an eating Plan that keeps my average blood glucose In a safe range For one week every few months I will Measure my blood glucose after I eat Meals I typically eat with a simple

Drugstore glucose monitor I'll take a Glucose measurement at 30 minute Intervals for up to two hours after each Meal to see if what I ate is spiking my Glucose levels above 160 on the meter Which would cause my insulin to spike And see if my average glucose is above 100 of a glucose meter if either is true I will try eliminating certain foods Like refined carbohydrates and adding More Whole Foods to my weekly eating Plan That was the core message that I Gathered from outlive by Peter attia I've made more highlights in this book Than any other book I've read I highly Recommend this book to everyone If you would like a one-page PDF summary Of insights that I gathered from this Book just click the link below and I'll Be happy to email to you if you already Subscribe to the free productivity game Email newsletter this PDF is sitting in Your inbox If you like this video please share it And as always thanks for watching and Have yourself a productive week

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