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Foreign Hi My name's Glenn and I'm here to offer You 20 of my company for a 50 000 pound Investment The company's called UV body sculpture And what it does pretty much Is this And what it will very soon be able to do Is this In the past this kind of Toned defined look would have taken Years to achieve but using UV body Sculpture this can be achieved in three To four weeks Now Well that's easiest because this look is Simply the result of a process called Selective tanning you simply place a Screen across your body relaxing the Sun Or under a sunbed and allow your body's Natural tanning process to do the rest I found this product I've owned the Patents for 14 years and I've done Nothing with it it's gathered dust in my Dad's lock up um So I've got no sales figures to talk to You about no No book work whatsoever but what I do Have is a potential target market that I Think I think is colossal because who Wouldn't want to look a little bit Better for 20 pounds Thank you any questions

A laconic and remarkably Frank pitch From kent-based father of four Glenn Hardin despite a 14-year lull in trading He believes now is the time to plow 50 000 pounds into his patented tanning aid But Duncan bannatyne seems more Interested in the entrepreneurs Accomplice in the den Um You've brought a model up the stairs has Heard some of this UV tunning Oh absolutely yeah it has yeah yeah Because it looks just natural to me What the apps and that look natural yeah Well that's brilliant you that's Absolutely superb Duncan yeah but he's My son he's got absolutely no abs So he's actually a fat boy no definition Whatsoever no I saw a little pudding When he's when he's really cut he's he's Okay but no the absolute it's um it's Selective tanning right so now my Question is is he's used this selective Tanning oh so yes yeah he has okay we Could probably let the model go now yeah Okay okay thank you very much Right uh how does it work Can I hand you one can I take this Please yeah The methodology is incredibly simple and But the results are very very good So what I do is Put across my body yeah So therefore a time between these bits

More and they'll be Broner I think they've got that Duncan yeah Right thank you for explaining it Foreign [Music] With a little dragon assistance the Proposition Glenn's offering is finally Explained but what are The Man Behind The Invention Theo perfetus wants to Know What'd you do I've run my own business a Little family business manufacturing Kitchens kitchens and bedrooms and I've Got six employees That rely on me for their jobs how did You then get from manufacturing kitchens And bedrooms To these screens when I actually developed them 20 years ago But long before that to be honest when I Was about 12 years old I used I was fascinated we Always went down my mum used to buy us a Season ticket to the local swimming pool In the summer holidays to get rid of us And I was fascinated by people that come In that had fallen asleep in the Sun and They'd walk in they looked like they Were in a string vest not it started From there And then after you got the pattern you Just put it all in your dad's lock up in My dad's lock up so why why why when you Developed it you obviously must have

Tried to sell it I obsessed did anybody Buy any of them oh yeah I've probably Sold yeah my my brother done me a web Page in his bedroom it was getting one Hit a day and then some days it was two Hits Is that a clue No no I don't think it is a clue if you Don't have it if nobody knows about Something how the hell are they going to Buy it The dragons look bemused as they get to Grips with Glenn's inimitable pitching Style Deborah meaden wants to bring some Order back to the den Glenn hi hi Deborah Um You're very Charming but I wouldn't for One second consider investing in you Unless you could give me something that Said I've got more than something that I Did 20 years ago and left in my garage Because so far that's all you've said Yeah no and that's a very good point a Very valid point Um but I don't know what else to say You've understand there's got to be Something and well God this is probably I've my dad taught me never asked for my Never asked for anything don't ask for Money this is the single hardest thing I've ever done in my life and you're Probably going to ask me in a minute Business plan I'd slide and not I had a

Wine I got a clue Well it's it's and it's a very unusual Approach I have to say it's quite a high Risk strategy but what you do have to do Is give us a reason to invest I I sent an an email to the tanning shop Just so I had something and I got an Email back the following day asking for More details on the product now I know That's not it's not an order but to me From that to that for 20 pound is like a Given Can't see a downside to it Whether it's the steadfast belief in his Product or his beguiling manner Glenn Seems to have momentarily tamed the Fierce multi-millionaires Can Hillary duvet see any future for This business Glenn I honestly think you could well be Onto something Why not get out there get it sold take Take two weeks holiday go out there and Market it Selling half a dozen screens doesn't Interest me in the least it's not my Skill set at all but if you've got six People working for you you must have a Salesman Uh my brother is my salesman yes so why Doesn't he whilst in between you've done You've got to meet him we check for a Pulse everywhere yeah regularly don't Farm he's got

[Laughter] Your son's body and your brother have to Check for a post office yeah he's more Rep he's got a low mileage car Glenn Glenn let's come back to a very valid Question here when you lie down to Somebody you put this on top of you yeah But most sunbeds now are stand up Sunbeds so what happens then Fall off Can I tell you that he's got the measure Of you I'm a bit lost for words now But I I don't think this will sell for 20 quid some tanning shops will buy it And they will sell it to the customers I See it is five quid maximum I'm up okay My friend thank you Normal then order is resumed as Duncan Bannatyne delivers the first blow to Glenn's hopes of securing the cash and Deborah meaden is now ready to show her Hand Glenn I know you said you don't want to Sell half a dozen here and half a dozen There but do you know when I started up That's all I was selling a bit here and A bit there because it just tells you Whether or not there's a market and if You've been able to say to us I've had 20 yeses I think you might have had a Slightly different response I think I'd I'd struggle far more if I'd Been knocking doors down and trying to

Flog a dead horse this is new to the Market now because for 14 years nobody's Known about it and yeah you might well Be right it might be nothing I might okay Glenn it's taken you 14 Years to send an email no I disagreed I Disagree it has yeah yeah technically It's taken me 14 years to doesn't that Worry you Because it would worry the pants off me Glenn You've been refreshing you've been Honest But about okay thank you Two more dragons out and Glenn's Prospects look bleak and Hilary duvet Looks to have made up her mind too [Applause] Glenn Do what I said get out there and get it Sold okay I can't put 50 Grand into it It's too hard earned now I wish you the Best of luck but I'm out look Glenn I've not said very much Um I can't work out whether I like it I Don't like it well if you've got two Sunbeds standing next to each other one Of them does this and one of them does This which one are you going to go on Same price well that's what I would Probably do then I would take this Product to a sunbed manufacturer and I Would license it to them and say every Time you use my product

You've got to pay me x amount of money Nobody can copy you because you've got The pattern no so I would do that I wish you the best of luck but I'm out Thank you for that A disappointing end for Glenn he may Have Charmed the dragons but it takes More than that to part these Multi-millionaires from their cash I think they might have missed a trick To be honest I still genuinely genuinely Believe that I believe in the product I Didn't plan to charm them into an Investment I think Duncan started the Ball rolling by trying to be the funny Guy and uh uh you do have to get up Pretty early in the morning to be Funnier than me and uh he unfortunately Didn't get up early enough [Applause]

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