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Foreign First into the Shark Tank tonight are Two gym owners who believe they've Worked out The Perfect Workout product The lifetime months have been pretty Crazy we started off just selling you Know a few packets of weeks of friends And family and now there's always coming All around Australia [Music] G'day sharks I'm RAF and I'm Rory and we Are Peak chocolate and we're here today To give you guys the opportunity to Invest fifty thousand dollars for 10 of Our company Foreign Peak chocolate is something the health And fitness Market has never seen before It is 80 cacao dark chocolate infused With a special formulation of Supplements and caffeine we provide a New alternative to morning coffees and Energy drinks We're looking to take advantage of three Booming markets at the moment dark Chocolate coffee and sports supplements As successful gym owners and athletes We've used our contacts in the industry And our names to get this product out in The market But it's not just a new product we've Created a new category entirely high Performance dark chocolate [Music]

RAF and I compared in the sport of CrossFit and as athletes we were sick of Mixing multiple powders into our shaker Bottles and constantly running to the Coffee shop we then discovered some Research on dark chocolate and its Ability to enhance mental and physical Performance it was delicious satisfying And caused the release of the happy Hormone known as dopamine it was the Perfect performance boosting snack we Used to have a bag of supplements to the Gym and now we just have A packet of paint and we're going to Share our Peak with you sharks to try Today great Did mine last again oh I've never been Delivered mine first ever we've done Research at the least liked Thank you thank you very much Nice packaging I like that thank you Yeah Thanks bro that's fifty thousand dollars For ten percent value in your company at 500 000. yep so what's your background Uh Ralph and I went to school together We basically got straight into health And fitness after school we've been our Personal training and finished training For the last uh almost eight years now We got into CrossFit gym so we opened One we now have three we've had three Gyms for essentially three years So if I'm about to have a workout how

Much of this should I eat now if you're Used to drinking quite a lot of coffee The recommended serving size of two Rectangles is going to do just right two Rectangles you'd love this you're doing It's cram full of chemicals leucine Isoline via line All the lines amino acids they're Actually some of the really beneficial Branch chain amino acids some of the Really beneficial chemicals they're some Of the really beneficial chemicals They're all yeah I have to tell you it tastes pretty good Though it's a good chocolate yeah thank You and in terms of all the supplements That we use a company called true Protein that already sponsored Rory as An athlete because he's in the top 10 Fitness man in Australia and they do 10 Most fittest guys in Australia yeah how Explain that so the title that CrossFit Uses when they're athletes do Particularly well in the sport is they Basically call them the fittest so uh What RAF means when he says that is that In previous years I've finished in the Top 10 in the basically CrossFit Category in Australia can you just give Us a couple of pull-ups yeah yeah come On let's see there's one oh my God how Easy is that three Four five better give me ten six seven And eight

Nine look he's smiling like I can hold This a little bit longer for you guys Okay that's that's a walk in the park That's impressive here we go who's up Who's up for a bit I'll have a bit of Chocolate first here we go yeah okay Here we go let's see it okay One he's going for ten two Three just make sure we get full work Out at the bottom full lockout Oh that's enough great job [Music] All right that's enough mate I'm Worrying about it Even though you had that in you so I'm Guessing before the chocolate your max Pull up was like one or maybe two and You just hit five So your pre-revenue now you don't have Any customers yet oh no we've been live For nine months and we've had 65 000 in Sales and over a thousand customers and We have about 50 retailers of the Product already have you got advice on Packaging It says here engine need to accelerate Muscle growth and increase in energy Levels have you had legal advice yeah Well I'm actually uh two subjects away From finishing my law degree oh mate You're not quite a bush lawyer that's Awesome To say engineering to accelerate muscle Growth have you got clinical trials to

Prove that so if you say clinical trials Well yeah so dark chocolate one of the Reasons I don't know about that product Have you proof You need to finish your law degree Because you are screwing up big time Here and sometimes a little bit of Knowledge is dangerous so have you got Proof that this does what it says is Going to do To answer your question we do not have Proof for the synergistic effect of the Chocolate and the supplements together You've said here scientifically proven Supplements what science has proven this Is true What we're referring to with the pucker Is basically that the three supplements The caffeine the creatine and the brown Shane amino acids are three of the most Heavily recent misleading that is Misleading The moment you're making Health claims That aren't proven which means it's Against the law So I would seriously think about Repackaging because there's a number of Things on here that are just simply Against the food standards codes You need to get good legal advice maybe Someone who's finished their course to Actually do it because this is actually Quite scary I um look uh Ralph from Rory that's the

Difference between people who read Something on Wikipedia and sell billions Of smoothies I don't know her background But I'm just guessing that she might Have faced a red bladder or two and Probably copped a lot of regulatory Advice along the way so you need to Listen to that advice Please take a look at everything that's Been highlighted We look good luck and I'm out thank you Very much guys thanks How come A student has gone into a gym which is Now into chocolate we're moving on from Gym so we have to move into Peak Chocolate because uh we love supplements We love everything about it obviously Selling your gyms No we're not um but we should be moving On from them yeah just without Focus so So what's going to happen to the board Gyms when your focus comes over here Well we've actually got a really good Managing and coaching staff now we've Been operating the gyms for about three Years manager got equity sorry no no They don't know so what happens when They leave Well that's the really good thing about Having three gyms is we essentially have Three managers so any manager at the Various gyms is capable of picking up The slack I don't love businesses it's a

Crappy unlucky multitasking the fact That you came up with an idea and now You're pursuing it supported by the fact We've got a good cash flow coming out of Your gym [Music] Ref and Rory I applaud your Ingenuity Great job on running some gyms and Showing that you can sort of manage a Business But for me you're just too early On this one I'm out good thanks the fact That you guys are positioned in the Fitness Market I have no doubt you're Going to sell a whole bunch of units Whether that becomes really commercial And really exciting that's going to be The future and I wish you luck Don't give up your day job I'm out Great business I think you need to Finish your degree Congratulations it's a beautiful looking Product But for this deal I'm out Thanks very much Okay one shark left What I like about you guys is a number Of things one that you've actually Proven record that you actually can run A business I'm a dark chocolate eater I Mean I do I do like it and I understand The benefits of it and you know Certainly the French live a lot longer

Because of their dark chocolate the um I've expressed today some concerns you Cannot make Health claims full stop like Stop it But that can be overcome So I do like it I do like and I think we Can get across all of that I would need to get some some science Behind it So I like it I really like it I really Like to do a deal really Rough is actually co-host of the number One Health and Fitness podcast in Australia raf's essentially got 70 000 Loyal listeners and as soon as he drops This on the podcast straight away we're Going to have a huge demand for Chocolate Do you want to have another Pace to make A decision or The only way you've got three successful Gyms is because you put your heart and Soul in it [Music] And by you having a split Focus that is A fundamental flaw in this being a Success I'm out cool thanks a lot to you guys [Music] You're on your way Why is it the fact that you like the French eating dark chocolate we don't Like when they eat like duck fat and Other bits and pieces French tight's

Amazing yeah you do not bloody hell

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