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[Music] Foreign First into the den a husband and wife Joel and Nikki Buckley hi my name is John the dream of painting a Greener Picture in the world of DIY we really Care about what we do okay The mission that we're on is honest ah That looks like environmentally friendly Decorating interesting and they know Exactly who they want to marry up to in Their sustainable Enterprise So Dream Team would be Deborah and Stevie yep but Sarah could be quite Interesting for us oh we did say so I Didn't we yeah yeah yeah but we'll see Sorry two computer all right [Music] Hello my name's Joel my name is Nikki And we're from Eco Union limited we sell A range of sustainable decorating tools To the trade and DIY and so we'd like to Invite offers of 85 000 pounds for 10 of The company we purchased our business in 2019 and we're pleased to say that in The last two months we've turned over 149 000 so we sell a whole range of Decorating products but we want to tell You today about paint trays I'm sure all of you've got these Somewhere in a shed or a garage but Unless you meticulously cleaned it last Time you used it you're going to get

Spots of paint in there and then what's Going to happen is you're going to put The new paint over the top you're going To roll up and down the wall and it's Going to leave spots and splodges Everywhere so we want to tell you about Our Eco tray this is made of sugar cane Gas and it's certified carbon neutral And unlike your plastic paint tray where You have to then go and wash it out Putting the paint down the sink which is Bad for the environment with these you Simply leave the paint in the bottom of It and then when you come to use it Again the paint's in there and it's got No flaking like you might have with the Plastic one and you can use them again And again but if you decide you want to Get rid of it you can just crush it [Applause] And then it can just go into the dust Bin There's a sample of some of our products In your boxes and if anybody feels like Having a go at painting we've got aprons Don't worry I'd love to yes [Music] Sustainable decorating tools is the Business Journal and Nikki Buckley a Pitching to the dragons Look at that So there's no flaking at all that Paint's not going to mix in any way with Blue they're asking for 85 000 pounds in

Return for a 10 stake in their company And how many times do you recommend People to use it before they will Dispose of it you can use it as many Times as you need to or want to crafting Guru Sarah Davies has had her creative Fix Thanks Sarah that's great painting by The way great job but two casulliman is The first to brush up on the business Joe and Nikki yes hi very impressive Pitch thank you thank you gonna Focus Initially on how you got around to Purchasing this business so we've bought And sold various businesses as well as Done startups from from Grassroots and We've done sustainable businesses before We knew we wanted to buy another Sustainable business and this business The one we found it it hits all those Criteria and what what have you done to It since you bought it We have got a background in marketing so We wanted to Rebrand and so that's one Of the main things that we did and we've Added some skus and we've also looked at How we can get a better profit margin Across the product range right what are You forecasting for the next 12 months So we are on the edge of signing up a Couple of Um large retailers dunnell Mill and Jewson's partnership Solutions so we're Expecting with this 12 months

Um 1.5 million So you're really gonna Go for it and where you wear your base In Exeter yep can I can I I'm going to Cut in Joel and Nikki I really like what You've done but I'm already up against It I think because so you've gone DIY You've gone Eco and now you've gone Devon [Laughter] Do you mind I'm doing a poker face here Do you mind So I'm gonna have to up my game Sustainably driven Duo appear to be Ticking several of Deborah maiden's Boxes But the dens environmental Trailblazer Now wants to find out just how Planet-friendly the pears paint tray Really is [Music] Can we talk about the product for a Moment yes why is the tray carbon Neutral because we've made it carbon Neutral but how um Offset and we've gone through every Single aspect from the farm to the Stores okay when you finish with it do You can't compost it because it's got Paint in it yeah The difficulty is we can't say what type Of paint is going to go on the tray from The end user so we are saying it's Probably better you put it in your

Landfill where it will naturally degrade And then the layer of paint will just be Left over don't buy degradable products Cause a problem in landfill this is like A paper product so it's just going to Naturally Mulch and just leave the paint Behind yeah okay and what about the Other products which bits aren't you Happy with because there will be bits in Here is the print Yes Okay I'll keep trying to catch you out Even keep going what about the plastic Dust sheet so that's an oxy Biodegradable dust sheets so that will Be considerably better than any kind of Version or just plain biodegradable dust Sheet okay where is it mate the trays Are made in China the big ass comes from Thailand have you explored the option to Move the manufacturing to the UK one of The first things we did was took the Manufacturing of of our main brush Product to the UK yeah that was us that We would love to bring all of our Manufacturers I don't know if you know but the um Those black plastic paint trays the Factory that I own we make the majority Of the UK bulk production right and also The sales team that's that I'm Day-to-day involved with that look after All of the accounts I can go to the same Account and say don't buy the plastic

Pantries anymore guys I can sell you the Best alternative right okay The entrepreneur's faultless Presentation and impeccable Eco Credentials spur Sara Davies to reveal She has the potential to produce the Pears product at her fingertips And her big cell hasn't gone unnoticed By Stephen Bartlett When Sarah started telling you about her Paint tray Factory I got the sense that She was um maybe flirting a little bit So I wanted to ask what is it you're Looking for in a dragon you want a Dragon that has obviously Deborah for us She's got the sustainability credibility But actually I think one of the things That's important to us is educating you Know getting the message out and really Working on the digital so you're saying You want me I'm saying that that is definitely an Area that is important to to educating Our customer base I think I think you've Lost the plot because they want me You're making the wrong decisions Already You know you're going to continue Plans hang on what one at a time don't Worry about people it's like don't worry About pizza and it's the new the new Upstart come on give me a break let me Teach you a lesson how it works because This is just noise right noise noise so

Let's get down to business I'm going to Make you an offer And I can guarantee that I can get all Your products into home base tomorrow So I'm going to make an offer for all of The money And I want 25 of the business Vampire Are flashed as the longest serving Dragon and the Den's newest recruit Trade blows leading to an offer from Peter Jones Does preferred investor Deborah meaden Have an interest in entering the frame Guys I love the product but I love why You're doing it You care about it and certainly in this Whole sustainability piece there is a Load of green wash going on there's a Load of people just talking about it but It's the authentic ones that are winning Through because the consumers okay are Very savvy so you won't be a tall Surprised to hear that I too am going to Make you an offer And I'm going to offer you all of the Money I want 20 of the business what thank you Deborah okay Um I'll offer you all the money 20 of The business guys Peter's feeling it today isn't it yeah It's not very often we see this going on

Um right I think you are clearly very Credible business people I think what You really need is specific help in this Sector And I assume you've done your research And you know that my family business is Painting and decorating so I would also like to make you an offer I would like to offer you half of the Money For 10 of the business and just for Total transparency the only dragon I Would be interested in sharing with Would be Deborah Foreign S already on the table Joel and Nikki's Position in the den is strengthening but Couldn't offer from one of their Preferred dragons master of marketing Stephen Bartlett helped Propel their Eco Message to the masses You guys are everything that I'm looking Forward However They really dawned on me when I saw Zara's face that she has way more Passion Than I do for this product I don't do DIY I've not held a Paintbrush since I was a kid and I was Trying to do art badly and that's the Only reason that I begrudgingly have to Say that I'm out yep thank you thank you I love the product I love you guys so

I'm willing to give you all of the money For 20 but I'm also willing Share with Peter to make this really go It beat once I think that's really interesting Um I love when good entrepreneurs come Into the den And I love it when I'm the first to Recognize that and make an offer and Spark the fury because if I'm really Interested in something they're all Interested but take away the bravado When you sum up what this product is You're walking in and you're walking in For Deborah meaden Even I want Deborah meaden because Deborah has done an incredible job with DIY and Eco businesses and they've done So well and continue to do well let me Say what I would like to do I would like You to do the right thing and pick Deborah And I do not want to go forward with it And I've never done this before Because I just feel that everything That's right about your business There's one person that can make that Dream come true And for that reason I'm out Thank you for that Peter yeah thank you Appreciate that Do we go in yeah [Music] It's a den first as Peter Jones steps

Aside leaving the other dragons to fight For the spoils It still leaves Joan and Nikki with Plenty to mull over okay Two casulliman and Deborah meaden are Both seeking a 20 stake Sara Davies will Put up half the cash for 10 if Deborah Meaden will partner the deal But all offers are for double the equity The couple had hoped to part with [Music] So my first question Deborah would you Be prepared to share with Sarah I would love to go into business with Zara But I don't think it's this one And is there any movement on your offer No what you've got to think is that you Need to get value out of me and to get Value out of me I've got to feel like I've got value We feel like we want the dragon that we Go with To um also feel like they were Passionate passionate and getting a good Return themselves oh just put us all out Misery and tell Deborah congratulations We'd like to accept Yeah come on Excellent very much thank you Great Dragon yeah thank you thank you well Done guys And Leave the den with the 85 000 pounds

They were seeking and with the greenest Of dragons now in their Corner they're Off to paint the town an ethical shade Of red what just happened I don't know What just happened I have no idea that's Amazing Oh Maiden that one cut deep I would love To go into business with you but the Truth of the matter is I wanted that one On my own

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