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Foreign Entrepreneur The dentist office when I was 10 I never Imagined I'd be here but look at this And Edward Holland has had a business Brain wave that he's determined to make A success of Got a vision I want to make my mark on The world [Applause] [Music] Good morning Dragons I'm Edward Hollins The young entrepreneur behind driven Media a business that takes us an Overlooked space that's been staring you In your face and your way here today Uh I would have brought one of our Adverts along today but I doubt it to Fit into the left let alone be allowed Into the den I'm looking to give you a 10 Equity Stake in return for a 30 000 pound Investment Driven media turns commercial trucks Traveling across the country into Mobile Billboards I want to run through a few Reasons why truck advertising is a great Media space Firstly while you're driving or being Driven around you're incredibly Receptive to advertising Secondly each trailer is seen on average By 55 000 people on a daily basis this Puts our average cost per thousand at 75

P making truck advertising the most cost Effective advertising platform in the UK Today I'm going to give you a model with You how you might look on our Billboards Thank you Edward it's not a new idea A New Concept Trucks have been putting this type of Fascias on their trailers for many years What's different about your business and Your idea in recent years with Technology you've been able to put GPS Trackers on the trailers All of our hauliers have a contract Where they've got to do a minimum of Five hours a day driving time five days A week and it's using these GPS trackers That we can monitor them to make sure They're not stuck in their yard for Three months okay and if you set the Business up yes it's been trading for 20 Months you've been trading for 20 months Well have you been doing this whilst at School Um I've I've graduated from the University of Derby uh three months Before I set this up you've graduated I'm 22. you're not 22. are you I am yes I've got my passport if you need to Sleep You're 22. wow you Lucky Devil okay You've been going 20 months yeah Um and how many Trucks have you signed up four tracks But we've got over a thousand trailers

We can access uh within 24 hours okay What have you turned over in the last 12 Months 18 000 pounds and out of that 18 000 what's the profit how do you how do You make money so an Advertiser would Buy a package for one Lorry for a 12 Month period for 7 800 pounds plus that And then it cost me about five and a Half thousand pounds for production and Whatever's left over is the profit for The business so you make two thousand Pounds for every contract you sign yeah Really good okay The baby-faced entrepreneur reveals a Sophisticated business model with the Potential for some very grown-up returns But textiles expert Tuka Suleiman has Some concerns about the costs involved Edward You're seven thousand eight hundred Pounds for a big haulage is quite Expensive Um a Luton van is less than a trailer What's a pollutant ban it'd be five Thousand pounds plus fat feel expensive Is that because of the cost Of the printing yeah exactly what does That cost you let's say producing that Would cost me about one and a half Thousand pounds for fully wrap okay if You focus on that you could probably Reduce the cost dramatically I print Fabric in Turkey they charge me two Dollars a meter

Right yeah on what material is it Printed on weather resistant vinyl so if You Source the raw material If you go to a printer who's got a Printer of that size let me just say Print it yeah I like that idea you like The idea yeah good good you talked about Having a thousand trailers within 24 Hours yeah but you've only been trading On four lorries yes now what's missing What's getting in the way of you finding The adverts to put on the thousand Lorries you can Source tomorrow it is The lack of awareness with the Advertisers yes exactly What adverts would you see are the ones That you'd really like to go for Um so Insurance where there's no not a Physical product so especially car Insurance because you're they're going To be right in front of their potential Order okay have you ever got in front of An insurance company I have yes and Um who was it uh B wiser and car finance 24 7. okay and what do they say uh so Car Finance are considering it for next Year and be wiser have said it come back To me in September because we're very Open to this idea Okay I like that and you'll always find With finance companies insurance Companies all those in that industry From which I come from that they're in Budget Cycles okay so there's a timing

Thing going on here with that industry So who's in the business at the moment Is it you uh there is just me at the Minute yeah we've got two investors About a similar age to myself who are Investing 5 000 pounds each for a 10 Stake each okay but other than that it's You just me okay Going forward as the business grows can You just talk about Your projections so this year we're Aiming to turn over a quarter of a Million pounds okay so you turn over You're Expecting 250 000 gross profit Would be 120 000. That way okay So what does the net profit look like in Year one a offer 2000 of the 250 000. uh I'm just trying to get that row of Numbers that starts with 250 000 at the Top goes to 120 000 gross profit Net profit Sorry Um 80 000 pounds When you're in business you don't need To know a lot of numbers But you do need to know the three Numbers that are really going to make Your business tick you need to know your Turnover your margins your net profit That's what you need to know [Music] Edward's inability to give Deborah

Meaden some basic business figures is Threatening to stall his pitch And now Peter Jones wants to take issue With the valuation he's placed on his Company Edward Um You are asking for thirty thousand per Ten percent yeah so you're valuing your Business at 300 000. And yet you're valuing the company to Your friends at fifty thousand because You've just said they invest five Thousand and they get ten percent of the Company is that just because you think I've got more money than then Uh no it was because of their their Experience they've actually come through Your program have they yes both of them So they're from the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy yes okay well then I Understand why they are worth a lot more Than any dragon But whilst it's lovely to hear that and I think that's really great why would You value your business with me at three Hundred thousand and fifty thousand to Them I thought they'd be able to Contribute to the business for a lot a Lot longer you know because obviously They've set my age so they're going to Be working okay 50 60 years the worst case towards the Eventual goal are you suggesting it's

Because I'm old that you don't want to Give me too much of your company No I think it was the stage of the Business do you know when you have that Term where you like dig a hole Yeah I've got to stop I like this concept I think that this is A concept for the future I think if you've got really on top of Your numbers and come in here with a Really concise plan It could have gone really well for you But it's too early stage at the moment For me to to take you on that journey And invest in you So I'm going to say that I'm out But I wish you every best of luck Because I think You are an entrepreneur waiting in and You're going to make it happen thank you Edward my job I feel as an investor is To take this seed of this idea and to Really make that business work Not to become a mentor a daily Mentor Running a business and I think you're Still in that phase So I'm really sorry Edward but I won't Be investing I'm out Deborah meaden is unconvinced and steers Clear of the advertising offering Tuka Suleiman has already dished out Some business advice will he now go one Step further and dish out some Dosh Edward where do you live I live in Derby

Derby Ah that's North I know where it is I am excited for you and I think you Will succeed but you need intense Mentoring And it's a disappointing you live in Derby Because I would have liked you in my Office every day working with us you Know I would have liked to be your Mentor It's not going to be possible today I'm not getting invest it and I'm out To casullymon keeps his pounds in his Pocket and becomes the Fourth Dragon to Walk away from a deal Jenny Campbell is the youthful Entrepreneur's last chance of investment Will she take his business to the next Level Or sent him away with nothing [Music] Edward how are you feeling Uh still a bit nervous presumably you're Nervous about walking out without an Investment because that's what you came For today yeah So look this is where I am I sold my business last year Um having built it from a very poorly Business to a very successful business And I had a fleet of 4 000 ATMs in the UK and a thousand in Europe the metal Boxes I know how to wrap metal boxes You are highly investable

[Music] I am going to make you an offer I'm going to offer you all of the money But for my investment in you I would Want 20 of your business I'd be very happy with that Well that was a quick response I need to Teach you some of that stuff but anyway For now In one of the quickest deliberations Ever seen in the den the entrepreneur Accepts Jenny Campbell's terms Congratulations and drives off into a Lucrative future with a dragon on board And I love the fact that you live in Derby I'm a northern girl thank you very Much 20 it's absolutely perfect so that's how I went yeah I'm taking that now before You take it away I love the fact that he accepted your Offer before you finished Bless him he knows a good offer when he Sees one I think me and Jenny could be the Northern Powerhouse the potential's There I'm just really excited and I Can't wait to get to get going

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