Peter Jones Mistakes Toilet Product For Something Else ๐Ÿ˜† | Dragons’ Den #shorts

Do you ever feel like toilet paper Doesn't clean you up all the way After all dry doesn't clean you wouldn't Clean your dishes with a dry washcloth And certainly if you had poo on your arm You wouldn't be satisfied with just Wiping it with dry tissue you said that It helps you when you have poo on your Arm so I'm a bit confused I've been Doing it wrong all these years I Wouldn't know about that but some Nationalities it's acceptable to leave Residue on their private parts when Rationally if it was on any other part Of your body on your knee on your elbow On your hand you would not never okay so This is so this is a product for your Bum absolutely not for your arm Absolutely great so in other words You've got to take a gel product put it Onto toilet paper yeah and then wipe Your bottom exactly okay

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