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There are 83 million mobile phone Subscriptions in the UK that’s more than One for each person and it certainly Means that one Hazard of Modern Life is That of damaging a mobile handset Accidentally well our next entrepreneur Believes he has a solution [Music] [Music] This is Hi my name is Oliver Murphy and I’m here Today looking for an investment of 50 000 pounds for a 15 extra stake in my Company revive a phone A repair kit for water damaged phones The reason I started the company was After seeing on Twitter there was a post Every minute about someone damaging Their phone with water Losing all of their emails important Contacts and all their personal photos I’ll now show you how easy it is to use The repair kit remove the foam from Water And turn off immediately The quicker you could turn the phone off The more chance you have repairing your Phone Care if you cut the top of the pouch With scissors Place the phone inside with the revive Phone solution For seven minutes seal it up and leave Remove the phone

And dispose of the revived phone Solution Place the phone back into the pouch with The super dry sachet for 24 hours once The 24 hours is up remove the phone From the pouch and power up the device It should be fully restored I so far had a high success rate with The kit selling 1300 the first 10 months Of trading Whether from a 400 pound startup cost I’ve turned over twenty thousand pounds And taken a net profit of three thousand Pounds Thank you for listening I’ll be happy to Answer any questions Intriguing pitch from Oliver Murphy Whose product demonstration certainly Appears to have caught Deborah meaden’s Eye Oliver I look like I feel like I’ve been Watching a magic Show look at that that’s amazing [Laughter] I thought I’d had that about a month ago When I did exactly that thing which was Dropped my phone and I’ve had to Transfer everything like I say it looks Like magic to me but I’m sure it’s not It’s not it’s not as much magic as it Seems I am basically I found I wanted to Fix water damage phones and um I decided that I’d look at investigate a Bit more and see what um what caused

Damage it’s not it’s not actually the The fluid itself that create creates the Damage it’s the the contents of the Water because water water isn’t pure so It’s the minerals attaching themselves To the phone’s components when I was at My villa a couple of months ago and I Jumped in the pool with my phone in my Pocket yeah and I got out of the pool at This point with my phone and left it and I said to drain the Sun was that a Stupid thing to do if it didn’t work at All there’s a chance it would have short Circuited by trying to um you obviously Tried to turn it on afterwards came back Home but it just did silly things yeah Yeah yeah those those connect like I Said those connections need to be Cleared but you’re putting it in another Fluid is that right yes that is right so You are literally that solution is Literally washing away it cleans away The the minerals and excess whatever’s In the water So I saw your the back of your package And lots of warning signs and yellow Triangles and skulls and bones it is Highly flammable I just said to myself In my head this is what I would buy at An airport to take on holiday but you Couldn’t No it’s a massive floor I’m really upset about that Oliver’s product might not be joining

The travel plug or the inflatable pillow As an airside essential But the dragons still want to discover More about the young entrepreneur behind Revive a phone Oliver what else have you done Um I’m not suggesting that you can’t Have done a lot if you’ve only left School two years ago but what else have You done In terms of What why like business-wise or yeah What have you done you’re hating Something I’m not asking if you’ve been naughty I’m asking whether you’ve you know what Else have you done in terms of business Any other ideas when I was younger I Used to I used to buy um wholesale items And then sell them on that’s that was a Little thing I did then with the phones I used to buy them broken and then sell Them sell them on eBay so how did you Fix them I’d buy the parts in and how Did you know how to fix them Uh trial and error pretty much How big is your Market how many people Are dropping phones in the toilet or Jumping into the pool at Duncan likes to Do there are lots of there’s lots of Facts around saying ten percent of People damage their foam water and they Say in the UK there’s been 860 000 a Drop down the loo a year and for

Instance on Twitter there’s a there’s Constant posts about people damaging Their phones with water or iPods with Water I think you’ve created a a great product Thanks and I’d respectfully ask that all Four dragons immediately say that They’re out so that I can continue Negotiation absolutely not Is that because you’re trying to get it Cheaper Peter Jones isn’t the only one in the Den with a sharp eye for a deal The generous margin on Oliver’s phone Repair kits has made the dragons eager To find out more about their manufacture Where are you getting them made I’m Making myself own it right So you’re home in your in a room Somewhere of a big bucket full of Chemicals and these pouches yeah to get In there in plastic gloves in my mum’s Utility room so If you went into a proper Premises manufactured this properly yeah You’ve got a very nice margin now but You won’t be able to maintain that win Larger volumes now If you worked out but if I bought a unit And manufacture it properly at scale Roughly It’s two two pounds oh it’s two pound Thirty right I I find I didn’t I don’t Want to give you a figure no that’s fine

The answer is I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know Is there a whole world out there who who Repair water damage phones there are There are um say repair services that Can repair phones but it’s a bit more Inconvenient going to The repair store and you need you need To you need to trust them obviously with Your expensive phone if you’re a phone Repairer yeah it’s your business do you Know is this how they fix they met yes Yes so you made a consumer a consumer Product yes so this process is used you Can’t protect it anywhere no this is Used in lots of big repair Resorts yes My view is you know the product itself I’m entirely convinced by because it Could be replicated This is a bit too sort of Early stage not entirely sure the next Step is Good luck with it but I’m out Back for the young entrepreneur as a First dragon declares himself out Will Deborah meaden be any more willing To strike a deal I think you will make some money out of This and I suspect this will be a Stepping stone to your next big product But right now my instinct is saying this Isn’t the big one So I’m afraid Oliver I’m out Thank you very much

I believe in you and I think you’re Going to do great Thank you Over 20 years time when I’m in a nursing Home reading the paper was about you Being offer up the rich list But I’m not going to meet you another I don’t really think there’s anything I Can add So for that reason I’ve got to say I’m Sorry but I’m out Thank you very much thanks Despite praise from Duncan bannatyne Oliver’s chances of securing an Investment appear to be slipping away Will telecom’s giant Peter Jones be Prepared to back his initial enthusiasm For the product with an offer of cash Hmm It’s a tough one I love it Lots of people come up with some great Ideas And the ones that succeed they succeed For two reasons one is that They’ve not only got the right idea and They know how to take it to Market Or their idea Is protectable yep This is something that you You need a little bit more In terms of Protectability against your idea and There are including me people out there That could do this at speed

So I’m going to say Oliver sadly I’m out Hi thank you So a change of heart from Peter Jones Spells further disappointment for Oliver His chances of securing 50 000 pounds Now rest with Kelly hoppin alone I take on board everything everybody Said in this room and yes it can be Replicated but you as an entrepreneur You invest in people I think you’re great I think you’ve got Huge potential I might be mad but I’m going to make you An offer For the full amount Um For 25 percent Okay thank you What what could you bring to help I’m Sure that I can get this into big Supermarket chains and other stores Around the world and I can also bring Fantastic PR To the table and get it out there Um And I know I’m asking for more of a Percentage and you might decide today That you just want to go away and you Can do it on your own Today Was about to come down to 20 tall No I think I’d like to accept yeah

So now I’m going to drop my phone down The loo and see if it works Well done thank you So a positive result for Oliver who Leaves the den with 50 000 pounds and a Promise of the backing needed to Potentially crack the High Street I did Think I was going for all of them at one Point and uh I was I was hoping for Peter Jones and I didn’t really I didn’t Really know much about Kelly so I was a Bit am I happy am I not I didn’t really I didn’t really know but yeah no it went Well so I’m very happy He’s a smart great guy to invest in yeah I better get on with that idea quick Then you bloody duh [Music]

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