REJECTION PROOF by Jia Jiang | Core Message

Foreign [Music] Was a Chinese immigrant To America with Big entrepreneurial aspirations but Failed to pursue his dreams for fear of Rejection so he embarked on a quest to Conquer his fear of rejection that he Called 100 days of rejection Every day for 100 days he suppressed his Need for approval and asked people for Odd favors like asking a worker at Krispy Kreme Donuts to make him an Olympic donut or Knocking On A Stranger's door and asking a large Intimidating man he could play soccer in His backyard Or going to random Office Buildings and Asking for a one-day job As he progressed through his hundred Days of rejection he learned a few Universal truths about rejection that Made rejection seem harmless What he learned is extremely valuable to You and I because it gives us more Freedom to ask for what we want and what We need If you and I internalize the lessons in This book we are more likely to ask for The job we want the Rays we deserve the Help we need the discount we'd like and The financial support we require in Times of need Reducing the fear of rejection and Experiencing the freedom to ask for what

We want and what we need starts by Understanding that rejection is just an Opinion If I offered you what many people Thought was the best mint ice cream in The world but you hated the taste of Mint you're going to reject my ice cream It's not personal it's just your Preference The same is true for most rejections People say no because of their prior Experiences or particular tastes That's why Zhang says a rejection says More about the rejector than the Rejectee When the Grammy award-winning violinist Joshua Bell dressed in jeans and a Baseball cap and played as violin in a Busy DC Metro station only 7 out of 1097 People stopped to listen to him Bell's performances typically got Standing ovations and prestigious Concert Halls like the John F Kennedy Center but on that day in the DC Metro Station he was playing to the wrong Audience at the wrong time the people Passing by either didn't value musical Talent didn't like the violin or didn't Have time to stop and enjoy his music When you request things from the wrong People or at the wrong time that Rejection shouldn't sting because again It's not personal If you happen to love ice cream and mint

Was your favorite flavor but I offered You mint ice cream during a three-day Fast I just happened to get unlucky and Catch you at a bad time Asking someone why they rejected your Request can help you see that the Rejection isn't personal and can create Unexpected opportunities When Zhang asked a flight attendant on a Southwest flight if he could give the Safety speech to the passengers he got Rejected but when he plately asked okay But may I ask why the flight attendant Explained that the airline had a policy All passengers must be seated during the Safety speech and Zhang was a passenger But then the flight attendant thought of Another way that Zhang could get his Wish and asking if he wanted to give the Welcome speech after the safety talk That counteroffer was actually much Better than jang's original request Because it allowed him to say what he Wanted and not follow a script Weeks after the Southwest flight Zhang Asked a Costco manager if he could go on Their intercom and praise the store for Its great service the manager rejected Him When Zhang asked why the manager Couldn't come up with a good reason and Felt bad so he asked Zhang if he could Buy him and his family dinner at the Costco food court

Zhang's hot dog and slice of pizza was a Good consolation prize When someone explains why they can't Satisfy your request they typically Leave clues that you can use to craft a Smaller request Robert cialdini psychologist and author Of influence has discovered that people Are very receptive to small second Requests because they don't want to come Across as a jerk When Zhang asked a McDonald's worker if He could have the McGriddle breakfast Sandwich at 2PM two hours after the Breakfast ends at McDonald's he was Given a quick no When he asked why not the worker Explained that the machine that made the Eggs and sausage was already clean So Jing asked if there was something Like a McGriddle the worker could make Without an egg or sausage The new request piqued the worker's Interest and she came up with an Alternative a honey roasted griddle cake With cheese melted on top In the book Zhang says instead of Setting my goals on only the specific Thing that I'd gone in asking for I Reassessed my original request and asked For something less The clerk recognized my concession and Met me Halfway by offering a solution Calls reducing your request retreating

Not running Now oftentimes asking why before saying Goodbye and retreating to a smaller Request can still leave you empty-handed But fear not a flat out rejection can be Beneficial in more ways than one First a rejection boosts your rejection Immunity When you get rejected But realize your Self-worth is intact and you still have Opportunities ahead of you you are Better able to withstand future Rejection And when you know that you'll be fine After rejection you tend to communicate In a more confident friendly and open Manner shank says when I was confident Friendly and open people seemed more Inclined to go along with my request Even if they say no they at least stayed Engaged longer to ask questions Rejection benefit number two a Projection boosts your motivation Because you want to prove the projector Wrong Michael Jordan famously responded to the Rejection by his High School varsity Basketball team with hard workouts and More time on the court That worked out pretty well for him And upside number three rejection offers Clues for improvement As Thomas Edison said I have not failed Ten thousand times I've successfully

Found 10 000 ways that will not work When you step back from a rejection and Strip out the emotion you will likely Discover ways to improve your requests And increase your odds of getting what You want and what you need In the end projection is part of the Human experience but we don't need to Let the fear of rejection stop us from Pursuing Our Big Dreams and goals We can reduce our fear of rejection by Remembering three things First rejection isn't personal it's just An opinion Number two rejection typically isn't Final if we politely say okay but may I Ask why and then craft a smaller request Based on the response And number three rejection can generate Insight boost motivation and make us Immune to Future rejection Zhang says all these years rejection has Scared me like Goliath it stopped me From pursuing my dreams for over a Decade It sometimes stopped me from reaching Out or even saying hi to others for fear Of rejection and judgment but now that I Was studying Goliath and seeing him with New eyes it felt as if I might have him Cornered Without the fog of pain and fear Rejection wasn't the Goliath that I Thought it was

That was the core message that I Gathered from rejection proof by zhajin This is a wonderfully written book that Is extremely entertaining and actionable I highly recommend it If you would like a one-page PDF summary Of insights that I gathered from this Book just click the link below and I'd Be happy to emailed to you if you Already subscribe to the free Productivity game email newsletter this PDF is sitting in your inbox If you like this video please share it And as always thanks for watching and Have yourself a productive week

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