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Next up is a solution for one of the Biggest dangers in a home Hello sharks my name is Eric Hartsfield And I'm Brett Russell together we are Rescue ready from Norfolk Virginia we Are here seeking 75 000 for 15 of our Company As firefighters sadly we see the tragic Fates of families that don't have a Quick and safe way to escape a fire in Their own home sharks we are here to Tell you it is not like you see on TV When you're trapped in a real house fire There's scorching Flames dark smoke and Toxic gases that are very likely to Block your doors and hallways leaving Windows as the only Pathway to safety For you and your family we've seen first Hand how the increased use of synthetics In building materials and products means Fires are burning hotter and faster than Ever before three minutes to escape Think about that that is why we created Rescue ready rescue ready is an Emergency escape ladder system that is Fully integrated into the frame of the Window and anchored to the structural Components of your home to use rescue Ready simply raise the window Remove the cover Take out our ladder remove the strap And throw within seconds even a child Can begin evacuation People need a practical means of Escape

One that is already connected exactly Where you want it when you need it most Okay sharks who's ready to be rescue Ready you will be burned on this deal oh Nice barbra's in let's have some fun we Want to do a demonstration I need two Volunteers I'll volunteer awesome come On up we can make them work okay what Are you sleep in high heels no she does We're gonna have you use the ladder that Everybody's familiar with it's the one That's sold in the big box stores it's The one the manufacturer tells you keep It in the closet or keep it under the Bed Um we're gonna have you use that for the Demonstration okay yes the goggles Eric's passing out they're very similar To the way we train in the fire Department we've placed a cover over the Lens it simulates a smoky room and Enables us to really practice with Limited visibility when you all hear the Alarm you're gonna sit up you're going To put your goggles on and you're going To make your way to the windows Mr Rosie You're going to make your way directly To the rescue ready window got it okay Once you get that ladder out and in your Hand we're going to stop and tell you to Remove your goggles miss Corbin just Remember you've got to go under the bed To get yours okay but she's got a dress On you might want it okay let's switch

Let's switch oh great all right you shot Them right in there buddy I go suck it In here now you have to go into the bed And get the ladder better okay all right So the manufacturer recommends that We're gonna put it right here all right All right go ahead and lay back don't Put your Zone yet all right let's get Ready to go okay something's not right Something's not right fires never happen The same day that the dad goes and buys The ladder you're right gives it to the Kid explains it and shows them where They put it all right so what do we got To do I think it's safe to say this is Way too neat all right come on let's Let's mess it up shoes what is this toys Ready ready to go you're ready game time Oh messed my hair up High heels and all that's the bed all Right Okay fine damn it All right so a couple things that Mr Oz is not having to deal with right Now right there's no heat great job Miss Corcoran there's no heat right now ready To go oh cool you found some shoes There's no heat all we're asking him to Do is get this simple Contraption right Over to that window and attached Properly Dead he's dead I think we demonstrated really clearly Wow how difficult the existing ladders

Are to use in a real stressful Environment they're just really Unrealistic have you started selling These yet so we are a licensing play Okay so no we have not okay so we're Gearing this the most optimal situation Is for new construction take the side of The window manufacturer for a second so I'm the giant window guy you come to me With this patent and you show it to me And I say to myself okay that's going to Increase my costs But 200 bucks 100 bucks how much 90 90 Per window spaced out over a 30-year Mortgage 28 cents so you're not gonna Just do it for one window you don't have The one one in every second floor Bedroom the problem with that is is it's The consumer and the person living in The home that worries about it and cares About it the Builder is just trying to Put up a home at the cheapest amount That he can correct that's where I see The challenge could you upsell this so When people are picking out things out There they pick out their carpet they Pick out their painkillers for you guys To make money on this yes sir you're Looking for a light like every time they Used one what do you expect them to pay You 10 bucks was a scenario Well we'd go After a very moderate six percent Royalty six percent royalty yeah for Them to put this and change it into

Their tooling so are you confident that For 90 they can do that because they've Got to change a bunch of tooling to put This in They do but it's going to pay off Because if they if they advertise Properly they're going to have moms and Dads that want these windows and you Haven't approached any home builder or Window company and said hey guys like Have you got any sort of test feedback From that we have been scared to death Being new to this about doing that until About you know three weeks ago because Of the pets I mean we're just we're new To this look we're firefighters no I Respect that We're so new to this and it's our baby And we don't want anybody to steal it And we've been so hesitant smart to you You got to know going in this is a five To ten year haul Industries particularly residential Construction have been doing the the Same way for eons it's going to be a Long slog I'm just not the residential Construction Guru that some of these Folks are so for those Reasons I'm out But congrats all right thank you that's A great idea yeah thanks for the thanks For the time what I see here is a large Fly in the ointment and the Fly is You've got a pitch to a window Manufacturer that they should change

Their formula for success with no upside To them they're excited about their Bottom line and this is a disruption to Their bottom line so I would suggest you Have to take your wonderful box and Think of another place to house it I Would take that same beautiful box that If it were lower below the window and Screwed into the floor it would almost Look like a slim air conditioner that Wouldn't really bother people it would Accomplish for you what you want which Is to have it in its place when it's Needed but you wouldn't have to partner With a window company because I don't Think that's ever going to happen So to the to the point of no upside for The window company There'll be a 90 to 100 increase in the Price of the window that did sell and Plus if they Market this right they're Going to sell houses full of Windows if They Market it right if they change a Catalog if they change your Manufacturing what about Barbara's idea I think what Barbara's trying to say you Always want to control your own destiny I'm afraid I'm out I just don't think it Will fly I wish you a great success because this Does save lives I get it but it's a Journey I can't go with you on I'm out Yeah Okay appreciate it

Um Listen everybody that watches Shark Tank Knows I have a soft spot for firemen I Hate everyday Heroes and it kills me to Not give you an offer But I just don't feel it's investable For me so I'm out You guys are truly quality people Thank you but you're running uphill with A backpack full of rocks because you're Having a guy's retool stuff that's been Hundreds of millions of dollars building On limes for to get efficient as heck Well thanks very much just to touch on a Couple things you said it's a whole lot To ask these companies To change the way they've done business For years the good thing about that is There's hundreds of window companies so We don't land a deal with one through Ten no big deal there's a hungry window Company out there that's going to take This flyer and they're going to take the Flyer because parents are going to want This in their house I agree I just we Should come in with one of those hungry Window companies So unfortunately I'm out Thank you very much for your time good Luck good luck guys you'll figure it out Gentlemen Foreign Maybe I'm just naive I just don't think It's that big of an ask to have window

Companies out there at least consider it So America you need this product we want To get it to any American that wants it And and there's a window company out There that's going to step up and help Us do that I'm gonna do the right thing Wait you're not subscribed to the Shark Tank Youtube channel well then for that Reason I'm out

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