Shark Tank Global’s Hilarious Encounter: “You Sexist Witch!” Watch Now in #Shorts!

Discover Shark Tank Global’s unforgettable and hilarious encounter in our latest #Shorts video! Witness the intense exchange that unfolds as one contestant exclaims, “You sexist witch!” This moment will have you on the edge of your seat and laughing out loud. Don’t miss out on this must-see clip, exclusively available on our website.

Shark Tank Global’s Hilarious Encounter: “You Sexist Witch!” Watch Now in #Shorts!

Introduction to Shark Tank Global

Shark Tank Global is a series where entrepreneurs get a chance to pitch their dreams to a group of successful businesspeople. These entrepreneurs aim to get investment from one of the “sharks” in exchange for a percentage of their company’s equity. It’s an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs to get exposure and funding for their businesses.

The Encounter

In a recent episode of Shark Tank Global, a female entrepreneur named Barbara presented her business idea to the sharks. She talked about how her product could impact the world, and she was willing to do anything to make it a reality.

The speaker was ready to do a deal and asked for a counteroffer. The deal was for $100,000 with a 25% share. The sharks were intrigued, but one of them, a male, asked some tough questions that made the speaker uncomfortable.

The speaker talked about not having a good experience in business deals with men. She expressed a preference for working with a female, specifically Barbara. The speaker struggled with a difficult decision, not knowing if she could trust the male shark or not.

To finalize the deal, the contingency was dropped, and the sharks were ready to invest. However, the speaker threatened Barbara in a joking manner, calling her a sexist witch. The speaker was met with laughter, and the deal was done.

A Video is Embedded in the Content

If you haven’t seen the encounter yet, you can check out the video here. It’s a hilarious exchange that showcases the dynamics between entrepreneurs and investors.


  1. What is Shark Tank Global?
    Ans: Shark Tank Global is a show where entrepreneurs pitch their businesses to investors for funding.

  2. What was the deal in the encounter?
    Ans: The deal in the encounter was for $100,000 with a 25% share.

  3. Why did the speaker prefer to work with a female?
    Ans: The speaker expressed not having a good experience with business deals with men and thus, preferred to work with a female.

  4. Was the speaker actually threatened in the encounter?
    Ans: No, the speaker was jokingly threatened, and the comment was met with laughter.

  5. Is Shark Tank Global only available on television?
    Ans: No, Shark Tank Global episodes are available online as well for viewers to watch.


Shark Tank Global’s encounter with the female entrepreneur and male shark was undoubtedly hilarious. It showcased how entrepreneurs can sometimes struggle to trust investors and how business deals can be tricky. Nonetheless, the encounter highlights the importance of humor and how it can ease tensions and help seal the deal.

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