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[Music] First up tonight is Emma Thornton from Berkshire who it's fair to say is Feeling more than a little nervous at The prospect of pitching her products This is something that is completely out Of my comfort zone and I'm not really a Showman but I love the industry and I Love my brand so hopefully that will Come through Strike a chord with the dragons I have a Huge passion for everything that's Organic both from an environmental Perspective but also what it can do for Our bodies Essential oils of some sort I think it Looks like oils But will Emma's offering have what it Takes to win an investment Hi my name is Emma Thornton and I'm the Founder and owner of true skincare I'm here today seeking 75 000 pounds in Exchange for five percent equity in my Business My background has been centered around The premium beauty industry it was this Experience which gave me an insight into How much it actually cost to make these Products and how much water was going Into them everything within the true Skincare range is certified organic Vegan friendly natural made in the UK Leaping bunny approved by cruelty free International and waterless in

Formulation at present we have six core Products on the market which range from 12 pounds to 17 pounds the range quickly Launched with Holland and Barrett in May 2018 followed by ocado Birchbox and Boots online The brand is now in Prime position to Expand and I'd love to have a dragon Join me on this journey Waterless skin care is the organic Offering from Emma Thornton I Source all Of the ingredients and all of the Packaging myself so I know exactly where It's coming from she's looking for 75 000 pounds in return for a five percent Share in her company First to question the Eco entrepreneur Is the Den's very own green Queen Deborah meaden So first of all congratulations on Covering all of the angles in terms of Water and making it available to the General market because that is a real Bug bearer of mine saving the planet Shouldn't cost the Earth So what's your credentials to be able to Formulate and come up with these Products sure so I used to lead the Marketing for some quite well-known Brands so I've worked for LMS Geno and Then my last role was with a brand Called qms many cosmetics How much have you turned over from your Start so first year was um 27 000

And then 85 last year and then this year On track to do 250 000 in turnover Emma's Revelation that her company has Grown year on year has made a good first Impression on Deborah meaden and at less Than 20 pounds a pop Sarah Davies wanted To delve deeper into the cost of these Cosmetics Emma hi great product thank you the Packaging The Branding the user Experience is fantastic thank you but my Concern and I'm hoping you can massively Alleviate it because you are a marketing Specialist is that the price point feels So cheap That would put me off as a consumer I would assume that the product must be Inferior I would find it really difficult to jump From the price I spend on this sort of Product to jump to this price or is that Not the consumer you're trying to get The people who usually spend a lot of Money on there I think with the covert situation a lot Of people are looking to switch over to More affordable skin care people are Starting to look at ways that they can Adjust to their new budgets but also as Soon as people try the product they Absolutely love it I don't necessarily Agree with Sarah about the product being A low price Brands like boots have disrupted the

Market with serums Anti-aging products At very low prices protect and perfect Some of those Brands and they've gone Mass market so I do think there's a Market for it Have boots indicated that if the rate of Sale is good online will they put it in Store uh that is the intention yes who Else would you want to Target to get Into in the UK Marks and Spencers uh Waitrose Superdrug the price point is Very good for super trucks yeah your Product does feel very luxurious and the Consumer would feel they're getting Really good value for money Praise for Emma from Healthcare boss Tage lalvani who appears to share her Vision for the businesses strategy for Growth will retail giant Tuka Suleiman See a beautiful future for the skin care Entrepreneur [Music] So to round up you're organic yes Waterless yes well priced yes and you're Ambitious yeah how's that yes perfect Right yeah you should be my salesperson I should be your sales person look I Have to be totally honest I disagree With where you've positioned I think you Might be too expensive Because not everybody has got the buying Power that Sarah here has got buying the Big brands And to me there's two ways to make money

You either put your stake and say we are A luxury brand Or we're going to cater for a wider Consumer Make it more accessible to those kids Who haven't got 50 pounds to spend on on A serum but they've got 10 pounds or Eight pounds But I think you're banging the middle And you'll struggle For that reason I'm out Tuka Suleiman takes issue with the Product's price point and becomes the First dragon out Can skin care savite pour oil on the Troubled waters of Emma's pitch Emma what is your net profit on the 250 000 pounds that you anticipate this year And what was it last year so we're Looking at a profit of 10 000 this year Last year we made a loss of about forty Thousand And are you managing to take a salary And a living how much are you taking at Home I take thirty thousand Yeah because the only thing I'd say I Mean to grow the business even if you Were to go to four to five hundred Thousand you'd generate probably about a Hundred thousand in net profit and You're still paying yourself thirty Thousand a year but when you grow this Business you're gonna have to bring in Another couple of people and we've

Experienced it recently with Hannah Yes on skin care investment that I've Got with tej You think you're going to make more Money but those costs just get absorbed Yeah But that's not a bad thing because You're looking for returns in years Three four five and you're growing a Business And if you tried the product yeah it's Lovely really like it No I think what you've done is really Great and I think the potential for such A brand Is definitely out there to build this Really global I think there's a lot of value I can add Here So I've got a great relation with super Drug now you want to get in there so I am going to make you an offer I'm willing to offer you all the money For 20 percent But since I've also got the same Business hallucillito with Peter and We've grown that very well I'm happy to Share with Peter 10 or half the money thank you very much Really interesting complimentary set of Skills you get with tejanai so my offer Would be the same It's a share so you'd end up with two Dragons

For 75 000 for 20 percent Thank you very much Tej lalvani and Peter Jones combined Forces to propose a double dragon deal But for four times the equity the Entrepreneur was willing to give away But Deborah meaden clearly has a feel For Emma's products and it appears she's Not going to let the dragons to her left Have it all their own way [Music] I think you present this brand perfectly You talk about it with heart So I'm going to make you an offer So I'm going to offer you all of the Money and I'm going to make it Competitive for these two guys I want 15 of the business Thank you very much thank you Emma hi the thing I believe that I can Help you with which nobody else here Will be able to is how do you tell your Story out there To a consumer who is right at this price Point Through the TV shopping channels Globally you are perfectly primed to Achieve that with So for that reason I would also be Prepared to offer you all of the money For 15 of the business Thank you very much thank you Do you mind if I yeah

[Music] Sarah Davies matches Deborah meaden's Offer of the 75 000 pounds Emma is Seeking for 15 Throwing in her TV shopping expertise as Part of the deal With tej lauvani and Peter Jones wanting To split a 20 chunk of her business all Three offers are a long way from the Five percent slice Emma wanted to give Away I really appreciate all of your offers But is there any chance that any of you Could go any lower [Music] So what are you looking for I would really need it to be as close to Five percent as possible Um Honestly from from my perspective I'm Going to stick with where I'm at I understand what you're trying to do And I'd be willing to drop my half down To seven and a half percent so it'll be 15 percent But the only if tej would be happy with That Yeah but I'm willing to to match what Peter said when you've got both of us to Help you in the different areas that we Can add value I really appreciate it Um About

I will improve my offer It isn't going to match your what you're Asking for But I would love to go on this journey With you so I am prepared to Um Reconsider my offer and offer you all of The money for 12 and a half percent Thank you so so much I really appreciate Um all of your help Deborah I would love to accept your Offer Athletics Good I am so pleased me too yeah Thank you thank you thank you It's Deborah meaden who triumphs in the Den for she lands a 12 and a half Percent stake in this organic skin care Company And Emma walks away with the 75 000 Pounds she was looking for Deborah that's a great investment she's A good girl that's a great business I'm over the moon to have Deborah on Board she just completely got what I was Trying to achieve I just felt like we Were on the same wavelength it was the Pleasure of investing in something great It was and also taking us down yeah and Taking yes We'll enjoy it

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