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Foreign [Music] They've already done the first hardest Thing right they're here But the reality is that the more Pictures I see the more you've got to Make it stand out And walk into the tank as being honest People tend to tell you what you want to Hear not what the reality is are they Pajamas men or what what are they no They're actual clothes that you're meant To wear in public if you're willing to Yeah we're wanting to create cool Clothing for men like ourselves that's Cool and affordable would you class your Guys as cool they're cool dude yeah yeah Definitely my daughter says if you call Yourself cool you're not I'm out Focused and ready are South Australian Brothers-in-law and best friends for 50 Years who've come up with a solution to A very fishy problem Foreign Hello sharks my name is Rod cross and I'm the inventor of the squid easy tool Hi sharks I'm Harry Bradford I'm the Business manager our pitch is Seeking a Hundred thousand dollars for 32 equity And then help us take this invention to The next level People all over the world enjoy catching And eating squid but when it comes to

Cleaning squid not so yeah slippery Suckers smelly suckers So I developed a set of tools that makes The once owner's job of cleaning squid Much much easier Patented in all of the markets we're Interested in we have manufactured and Sold 12 000 into a market which would be Numbered in the tens of Millions Which is why we're particularly seeking Guidance and expertise to turn potential Into reality Rod and Harry a hundred thousand dollars For thirty two percent so you're valuing Your business at three hundred and Twelve thousands yes Go come up and check it out sure Steve can you have a go it's because Ron's an expert how easy is for the Layman The Craig I've got that much faith in myself I'm Gonna go no April go Steve We're going to time you On your marks get set go all the way in Going through beautiful now your finger In the hole at the top because in the Hole that holds it nice There we go look at you look at that Bloody slime you know it is yeah there's Just nothing like the feeling of The Damp squid isn't it it's revolting now We're going to stand the tool up with The squid in it sever this membrane here

It's like a cooking show now knock Yourself out MasterChef Who's a proud boy well done 38 seconds Welcome very proud [Applause] I found it to be a very useful tool I've Always looked at squid as being an Inconvenience but I've been fishing to Be honest it's a huge benefit to do them In such a short period of time if you've Got a lot of squid to clean good stuff Yeah guys If you were stood there right now and Said I'm making a million dollars profit I still can't get excited about it You've got two guys at the end who Fishermen cleaning squids probably not My thing yeah I just went a bit ill I'm Out Thank you 12 000 have been sold yes where have you Sold them and how much have you sold Them for we Supply to mostly fishing Tackle shops okay Generally they retail for about 25 bucks Have the big chains of the bcfs of the World taking it up or anything like that At all um well not as yet no Have you approached them no Because to do that we would have to Package it more professionally we'd have To barcode it we haven't done that We recognize that we haven't developed This product to make it Market fit yeah

That's where we need help Rod what are you looking for here today Is somebody to commercialize this Product yeah and Um I I've never caught a squid in my Life I'm not a natural fit because I do Need to be really passionate to give me My love and attention in addition to my Money absolutely So for this one I'm out Understandable thank you How much have you uh spent and how long Is this taking you to get to this uh This stage Uh three and a half years 150 000 wow Would you come across 150 gorillas uh I Invested it okay so the equity breakdown Is 50 50. 50 50. okay Aren't you a good brother-in-law we are Brother-in-laws and mates Well done so that the paintings U.S Pending to be granted in the next 12 Months in all other Western countries Including Europe Canada and New Zealand Really [Music] It's good Guys hats off interesting investing I I Like to solve big problems and I'm not Sure I see calamari and Squids is a big Problem I love eating it though I have To say I'm out okay thanks Andrew But you've got a U.S painting yes

That's quite enticing isn't it I do know a bit about retail and supply Chain and have manufacturing links into China I like these eyes I think I could work With you But I'm not passionate about your Product So for that reason I'm out Thanks thanks [Music] Fantastic Innovation invention It's a great thing it's a very useful Thing But it's it's a thing it's not a Business Good luck but I'm out guys Contact me and I'll get in touch with The buyers of BCF I know them quite well So please do that um look I wish you all The best thank you very much guys and if You come up with something for skinning A shark let us know all right good luck To you

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