Steven Bartlett Is Our Newest & Youngest Dragon | Dragons’ Den #shorts

This time the fire-breathing investors Joined by a new kid on the Block Founder of a marketing Empire that's Become one of the world's most Influential social media companies is The Den's youngest ever Dragon Stephen Bartlett I'm a single 28 year old guy Trying to find a girlfriend my Daughter's out the back We may be looking for love but he's also Ready to go to war don't worry about People don't worry about pizza one at a Time the new upstart come on give me a Break what do you know about business What do I know about business come on Please I built a 300 million pound Business at 28 years old yeah little So-and-saw Steven welcome to the den Honestly thank you it's a it's a Privilege and honor and I couldn't be More excited Stephen I have to say you Already look at home in that chair it Suits me doesn't it it does it does Let's do it

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