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Frank janasek from alvinston Ontario who Hopes to woo the dragons with his love Gone bad board game [Music] And remember the rules of the den you Must get all the money you ask for or You walk away with nothing Hello dragons my name is Frank janasek And I'm from alvinston Ontario Today I'm asking for 150 000 investment In exchange for ten percent of my Business in my new board game called Take me to the cleaners I hope it Doesn't suck because it's telling me It's worth 1.5 million dollars are we Trying to take us to the cleaners I'm going to justify my numbers to you Hopefully here in a second How does the game work Frank okay the Game is all about what guys do wrong in Relationships at least according to the Women and what women do wrong in Relationships at least according to the Guys there's a lot of material to work There's there's a lot of material Why I thought of the game is because of Alexander who is my girlfriend and my Mate my main partner and Main Shareholder in the company along with Myself this game is totally unique we Have something that no other board game In the industry has and that this Subject matter and this topic is Universal relationships are Universal

The other thing that differentiates us From other board games is that there's a Real life consequences To play in this game what are they it's Called houses and cash At the end of the game the the winner of The game gets to pick three things to to Make their spouse do the following week And these are all fun and lighthearted Come on let's play with a toss of the Dice the game exposes the strengths and Weaknesses of a couple's relationship You've been accused of being inactive When you have sex I know I've been Telling her this all the time you gotta Spice it up Harley losers must perform a List of chores and tasks compiled by the Winner the consequence for this offense Will be to take out the garbage for the Week Not a bad game Frank I will tell you this in the four Years we've been here you're the only One that's come out with a fun board Game true it's true that would be a fun Game to play thank you have you sold any Outlet no [Music] We don't have any to sell right now Because this is our final prototype I Just had the Prototype ready in time for The Toronto Toy Show what happened at The trade show we had an overwhelming Response by whom by Distributors we have

Distributors right now we could have Sold games we didn't have any games Printed the money that I'm asking for is Not for distribution it's actually for Manufacturing and marketing of the game Why you don't have any orders yet Correct Frank wants money to manufacture Thousands of games but that's not how Robert and Kevin play I have another scenario Kevin you'll be The buyer okay hi Kevin I've invented a Great game pretend you love it because You saw two people playing you know I Really don't care but if I can sell some I'd love to get involved Kevin here's What I like to do I like to license you This game because you have all the Distribution you already have games in Every single store in the world and if We try it and we like it in our lab I Will give you an advance hundred Thousand dollars and three percent of Everything we sell I'll probably want to get four percent But I like the idea three and a half Percent deals done done great it's over See you later Frank and I never have to Make a single board I can make more Money than you just made Good answer I can make more money than You just by simply getting some backing Making the product and selling it for my Wholesale that you have to find an

Investor that wants to build inventory That's why I'm just making money and That's a good idea that's a good idea Every guy you've ever heard of that Became wealthy from a game which is all I'm interested in I really love money And I'd like you to get infected with The same disease I have all right here's How it works you want to get rich you Need a major toy company to endorse this Thing but I don't want to do that I want To make it ourselves why aren't you Listening to me what's the matter with You Obviously I respect what's the matter With him you know him well you're dating What's the matter listening because I Believe that with anyone's help here That we can make more money than just Licensing it to someone arguing his Business model with him he has a viable Business model Arlene how is it viable it's a different One they don't like your business plan I Do have a business plan that is very In-depth counselor I'm trying to keep You guys together [Music] Frank I want to cry for you the path to Me seems unbelievably obvious You don't want to take it I'm out Frank what have you got invested in this Forty thousand dollars invested to date

And some Sweat Equity let's give you Another Year's worth of work 60 Grand Maybe two years that's 120 Grand on the 40. that's 160. You're not worth a million and a half Bucks There's no mathematics that I have not Come in here with sales but but even I Understand how I wouldn't invest if There wasn't potential so don't tell me There's potential I believe the Marketing opportunities with this game Are almost endless I'm out Foreign I don't even know what to say Frank it's Just the dollars that you came in here Are unfathomable and so it's impossible To have a conversation about it So I'm out The theme is out there everywhere it's Almost like people can't see the forest For the trees and there's no other game Out there that takes advantage of this Frankly there's lots of potential we're Going to give you okay no one's Disagreeing we don't like the Game Stop Talking about how good the game is Everybody likes the game right now I'm Sorry evaluation is the only thing you Have a problem with right now I like the Game I think it's a great game but at The value you've got it's not going to Go anywhere and for that reason I'm out You got a game that is actually probably

Going to work but you will never realize Its potential and To me you're dead I can't give you any money I'm out It's fine It's fine now I don't know when it's Gonna be fine later when we leave here Though we'll see what happens

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