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It is still all day in the sense that It's my one big chance with this product Because it is so unique there's nothing Like it out there It's a stage on this bad boy Oh you'll Smash It Peter's sort of The Golden Boy and most People want like your Simon Cowell of Dragon's Den but I'm going to try and Ignore that and go with whoever gives me The best deal Hello Dragons I'm Matthew I'm the Inventor of the UMP The UMP is currently the fastest in-cop Coffee brewer in the world It produces a coffee In between one to two minutes And that's three times faster than a Standard cafeteria Not only is the UMP fast but it also Produces a better cup of coffee it Brews Under Pressure similar to an expensive Coffee machine where you'd get a coffee When you're out and about The oomph once it's made you can drink From it take it with you and use it as You would do a travel mug or you can Just pour from it into a cup and enjoy It at home The UMP launched on Kickstarter last Year it achieved against a target of 24 000 it achieved sixty one thousand Making it officially the most successful Crowdfunded coffee Gadget from the UK

We're looking for an investment of forty Thousand pound In exchange for a five percent stake in The business we envisage that will be Worth double that investment in year one And four times that investment in year Two Now if I haven't said this any faster Than the other hundred times I've said It in the mirror then your coffee should Be ready to try and I'd be happy to take Any questions you may have on the oomph Or the business itself thanks for Listening A smooth pitch from Matthew DZ who wants 40 000 pounds for five percent of his Portable coffee maker company First to question the entrepreneur is Fellow coffee connoisseur tej Lao Vani Who thinks Matthew may have missed a Trick in his demo Right well I'm I'm a I'm a coffee lover In fact we've got coffee plantations in India we make our own grow our own Coffee out there so uh it's an Interesting product but what you should Have done really coming in here is got Us a sample from a standard cafeteria And shown your product compared to that So we can see really the difference in The high pressure what it causes I mean I've got reviews from like World Barista Championship judges and things like that Yeah but I mean but this is this is our

Opinion Can you tell me Um your main USP you said that it does The pressurization Better than other products and it is Portable and you can take it with you is That yeah it's the only one that you can Re-broke so you can re-brew and put it Into a cup yeah so there's no other Product that can re-brew at the moment No nothing there's nothing that does That tell me what your forecast energy Year one number is because you're very Boldly said that you would double that Investment okay within year one so this Year we're looking at getting uh to 1.1 Million in terms of sales so units no For pounds 1.1 million for how many Units Um I haven't done the actual figures on the Actual units Because it's a mix it's a blend so so if I explain this month so far this month We've done 20 000 pounds at 11 000 pound GP but you still know how many units You've sold you don't know how many Physically of these have gone out Physically of those I know total yeah The four thousand four thousand four Hundred units have gone out in total to Date Yeah sorry let me just take you back Because I was trying to get to year one

Numbers and and then you tried to Explain that last month you did 20 000 Pounds of sales last month yeah so how Many units was that 20th this month this month current now So of course half of the way through the Month that's that's what we're up to Um so units wise that's a mixture Between Distributors yeah and selling Direct online so I know it's a mixture As to where they've all gone but it's Still a certain number of units isn't it Yeah It doesn't matter where they've landed I Know the splits financially but I don't Know the splits in terms of units Matthews that's frustrating so if you Say is it 80 distribution if you can I Kind of break it down I'm a mathematical modeling I've done One thousand five I've done it on what I've run the business I've drilled it Down in terms of an Excel especially and I've put if you answer the question Please what sorry is it 80 of your Business Distribution in your model [Music] No I would say it's less than that I Would say it's around 60 60 to 70 Percent I would say Matthew I have to say this is this just Isn't good enough actually which bit All of it you say it's the best coffee

Right yeah It is terrible look at it Taste it you tell me if that's good Coffee [Music] It's under extracted it's not a fur test Really the water isn't at the right Temperature on here so you're not going To get the same Brewing as if I'd done It directly from a kettle that might be Why it tastes under extracted whatever It is you're coming on the den your Numbers don't add up let me tell you why So in the last 12 months what have you Turned over I had a product until the End of January the product didn't come Into okay from January to June six Months what will you turn over be January to June yeah this well what You've already started selling to Distributors this month I've done 20 000 Pound in total all channels this month's Sales of that I've got 11 000 pound Profit GP and the net profit took Currently this month taken into Consideration all of my costs for this Month is four and a half thousand okay Twenty thousand pound this month if you Add it all up it'll come to 240 000 Pounds for the year So how do you get a million one well We're only halfway through the month so I've allowed 40 000 pound in my second Year

I know but you're saying this first year You'll do one point I'm sorry not my Second year sorry so it's probably too Good sorry I'm confusing can I ask right Now where do most people buy better go Coffee cups I would guess that e-tail is The biggest in terms of selling the Products so people buying that product You would be mainly sort of Amazons of This world Okay at the moment you could couldn't Tell me how many are sold or what the Main routes to Market are on the to-go Coffee cups It's a good question the only thing is I Would say that there's a real split in Terms of people using it at home a lot They're not just taking it out coffee to Go so you don't you don't have any idea How many the size of the market and much More important the route to Market I Don't I and You really should know your Market And I wholeheartedly agree with Deborah You really need to know everything You need to understand your numbers you Need to come in and deliver it And the next thing is I don't think it's Very well made okay why would you well This doesn't even hold down it it does It does not No that one doesn't so isn't it supposed To hold down shut as well yeah but it Does mine doesn't you know this one

You know if Deborah's doesn't either Close This is really shoddy When you came in and your pitch it looks Well this could be unique this is really Good I really think you could have Something and then The lead yeah I think what I would say In response to that is that I can Obviously return the lids we have Checked them we are remembered it's only The food you can't have checked this one And you can't have checked Debra's I checked every facet apart from opening The lid yeah you're right okay You need to bring in a product that You've at least checked Because 40 of the product doesn't work Your problem with this is for me and This is the most disappointing thing The only reason I could see why that Will ever survive in the marketplace is That the taste is better And without an absolute Champion that Says wow can I put one point forward Okay the one feedback that we've had is That it makes a good cup of coffee it Does have something to do with Extraction if you cut if your hot water Is not hot enough it doesn't extract the Coffee enough and then because the UMP Stops the Brewing process that's it then It's not going to get any better If I could make you another coffee it

Would taste not gout I'm sorry it's just that when you put Your heart and soul into eight years you Don't wanna let go [Music] What is your background what have you Done before this I've got to set a Business up before yeah I set up my Coffee machine business that sells Directly to restaurants cafes Bars offices my wife has ran that for The last year to allow me to to so You've got another business I have yeah Wow What does that turn over 1.5 million You've got another business that turns Out 1.5 million yeah I'm shocked All right yeah how long has that been Going 11 years And how much profit did you make last Year Twenty thousand then we bought our Premises as well I'm going to say Matthew that is amazing Congratulations it's clearly the Pressure of this environment that's Doing you in Injustice because I would Have definitely said that you're Completely naive in terms of business And you're clearly not That might have just saved me from going Out actually find Cabins For That

Matthew you have done the most Uninvestable pitch today In a potentially investable product and Probably an investable entrepreneur Despite the fact that The product broke and your presentation Of numbers was abysmal I still think there is something there And I say that because You must be doing something right and You must know the coffee industry I think you probably are worth and I'll Call it a punt at this stage only Because of what I I'm not trying to I'm Not offending you I hope no but it's Because of what I see at this moment in Time So I am going to make you an offer [Music] But I'll warn you now we're going to Stress test the products we're going to You're going to make me the best coffee I've ever tasted it'll improve it yeah I'm going to offer you all of the money But I'd want 15 of the business 15. A Lifeline as Jenny Campbell spots Potential in Matthew and his coffee Maker but the offer of 40 000 pounds is For three times the equity he wanted to Give away Can he now extract a rival bid from his Old adversary Peter Jones Matthew I Think that you've learned probably a lot By coming in today

Um I've spent most of my life selling Is quite annoying when you fail on a Demonstration Look you've just got the most amazing Offer Um And I think that this is a long way away From being a product that people will Buy and there'll be a lot of work needed To bring this to Market and that's the Reason why I'm not going to invest today And say that I'm out Okay Peter Jones's exit leaves Jenny Campbell As the only dragon with an offer on the Table would you give me one minute to Stop I'll give you a minute thank you But as she wants 15 of his company the Entrepreneur has a tricky decision to Make [Music] That be very happy to accept your offer Jenny right let's fix this product Thank you okay in a remarkable Den turn Around Matthew manages to strike a deal And take away a wealthy investor who's Ready to join him in his coffee Homebrew Revolution It's a lot harder than it looks I think It's the best way to sewing it up I just literally couldn't think the cogs Just wouldn't turn Considering the way the coffee didn't Brew and everything else I was happy

When she came in at the end

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