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Hoping to have more success satisfying The dragon's thirst for investment is Glasgow mum Victoria Fullerton where the Creation she believes is a game changer For new parents I think we've got something special here It's a good product and it fills the Last Gap in the market this looks Interesting Tika you've got some baby Products haven't you it's gonna be right Up your street uh I'll have you know I'm In the baby space as well now this is Basically Tuka versus it absolutely Isn't oh Deborah's throwing a hat in the Ring as well it's heating up already The entrepreneur has had a willing Assistant at home helping to put the Product through its Paces my daughter Has been a big part of it and due to the Nature of the product she has been Number one tester for it as well When I left the house she just said Bring back a dragon [Music] Hi dragons my name is Victoria Fullerton And I'm the owner and creator of the Total we're a pre-trading company Seeking investment and I'm here today to Ask for a hundred and fifty thousand Pounds in exchange for 20 equity in the Total sleep company Research shows lots of parents are Perpetually tired as their children Don't sleep properly

The total is a wearable device that I Have created for infants that will give Parents and caregivers the upper hand When it comes to bedtime The total is worn on the child's rest And uses their own unique Biometrics it Then runs our patent pending technology And this suggests times when the child Is tired and will be best suited for Them to start their bedtime routine And here we have the total sleep app Which we input some of our users Information and our childhood Information and then all we have to do Is sync up our phone and wait for our Notifications And this greatly optimizes your chances At a successful bedtime So dragons are you ready to get parents A total night's sleep there's um some Devices in your boxes for you to take a Look at and I'm ready for any questions That you might have A wearable device which predicts infant Sleep patterns is the offering from Victoria Fullerton who's seeking a Hundred and fifty thousand pounds for 20 Of her company dad of two Tuka Suleiman Wants to know how Victoria dreamed up Her idea Well every parent wants to put their Baby to bed in peace yes I will believe In my days when I had babies routine It's all about routine routine is

Routine is very important now you've Come up with a app So I want to know how did you actually Develop the product so my background is Actually psychology and Child Development right and on my sleep Training Journey with my own daughter I Came up with a hypothesis that there are Certain Biometrics that actually tell You the exact time when that child is Susceptible to going to sleep some other Monitors and we take their heart rate And things like that but our technology Has pinpointed the exact moment that That child is tired how does it do that Track in their Biometrics and what are Those biometrics That one's patent pending and is Protected I'm quite nervous about just telling you The particular algorithm But as an investor I have to make my Decision today whether I'm going to Invest in your business so I have to Understand what is unique and Proprietary about this business and from What I'm understanding you're saying you Can't tell me I could say you're just visit late to Disclose that so if you're Pat pending You can speak yeah well you can speak Because your application's in the Application is in it's definitely Everyone then you can talk about it

Do you understand how it might be hard Yes I do that's the bit of magic that You can't tell me about makes it really Quite hard for me to get excited I'm Quite happy to speak kind of privately One to one It's just because it is protected over Tape for a bigger company to come in and Swish so what we're looking to Understand is what is the inventive step What is the technology that you've Patented what does it do that's all I'm Asking she could explain what it does But you're worried about explaining the Technical algorithm I'm not asking that Couldn't be less interested what does it Do So it's taken particular Biometrics and It is tracking the pattern so it's Activity and race periods think along The lines of auction rates or heart Rates things that your Fitbit would do But there's a particular one that has Not been connected just yet that I have Victoria narrowly avoid Disaster by Relenting on keeping mum about her top Secret tick Stephen Bartlett wants to find out a bit More about the team that's building her App foreign To get a product like this to market the Development costs are huge right are you Developing this in-house at Outsourcing It

That always strikes me as a risk The problem is I'm investing in not just The concept but the team of people that Have written the code but they're not Even in the same building It's okay we work very closely with the Guys although it's outsourced because I Don't I don't write apps What code are they developing in Um so there's a few different ones that They're doing because obviously they're Working with iOS and they're working With Android as well I'm sorry I'm not Technical and we know a little bit of it You don't have to be technical but I Want someone stood next to you that is This isn't a baby psychology business This is a tech company obviously I would Love to be employed one team and that's Why I'm here and hope to expand but for Now this is how I'm keeping costs down Their salary I think it comes back to Bite you in the bum When you invest in a tech company you're Investing in a set of talented Developers that are building the code And that's not we're investing in here We've got an entrepreneur who's found Someone to build something they're not Part of the business so I'm asking Myself where the value is A lack of In-House developers is a major Red flag the tech savvy Stephen Bartlett And it appears Victoria's Hardware isn't

Faring too well under repeated Jones Examination Look I think it's an interesting concept I mean when you first get the package I Could see without the manual and Everything and then when you take it Apart I realize that it isn't you've Been fiddling with it have you I have Been fiddling with it I have too it's Not hard though in fact in my fellow Part when the silica and I think I mean What's interesting is that you are quite A long way aren't you I appreciate now This is just a prototype so for concept And I do agree with the wearable piece There's no question but I think the Hardest component part to what you're Doing is the software One of the big concerns is the fact that I don't know what the code is I would like you to have shared that It's something I'd be able to come back To you with we've got this moment There's one opportunity in the den and Sadly you know it's here and now sorry Peter It's not something I'm going to invest In so sadly I'm out [Music] As Peter Jones puts the sleeping aid to Bed Has Tuka Suleiman been convinced by Victoria's vision for baby bedtime I honestly believe that parents are not

Going to pay just to monitor sleep Parents are now finding there's too much Tech Too many add-ons that I think it's more Of a generational thing these days as Well burn No that's not what I meant to curse Order and it's definitely a millennial Thing they want their Fitbit they want Their watch they want everything now you Know the self-gratification yeah maybe But I think the application that you're You're going towards is going to be Difficult And you're going to need minimum a Million pounds to make this a proper Proper business So for that reason It's not investable and I'm out [Music] Um Victoria I worry that you don't know How far you are technically because it's A tech based business that's what it is But it's that Tech base that is going to Make it happen or not My worry is that you don't know how far You are from that So I won't be investing I'm out Um Victoria it's just a huge risk I've been there I've worked developing Apps in Silicon Valley myself Super expensive and so you know if I Were to invest in this company I'd Basically need more than 100

Mathematically and obviously that's not Possible so as much as I applaud your Ambition this is a mountain to to hide To climb And so for that reason I'm out [Music] Ambition Dragon to depart The entrepreneur's hopes of investment Now rely on the product resonating with Sarah Davies [Music] I'm not the tech one I am the mother who Understands the problem it's when I was A new mother it was like a dark art so I I think it's absolutely genius I do however appreciate the challenges That the other dragons talked about yes And I'm not the tech expert so I don't Know and understand at what level you Are through that development of the tech We're ready to go I'm going to trust That you are there So from my point of view I think you're On a great mission to want to help and I Just hope it's a mission that we can Make a lot of money at along the way so I would like to make you an offer However high risk High reward So I will offer you all of the money But I would want 35 of the business [Music] I would be quite happy with that Sarah We've got a deal we've got a deal thank

You so much Sarah thank you thank you Bye It's a no-brainer for Victoria who Wastes no time in accepting Sarah Davey's offer the baby entrepreneur Leaves the den with the mother of all Investors as her new bed fellow in Business She knew exactly where I was coming from So I'm really glad that she loves the Product and she wants to come aboard With me that was Brave not one person in Your team can write one line of code That feels like a challenge but that's Fine Thank you

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