The Business With A 100 Year Family History Of Making Chocolate | Dragons’ Den #shorts

Good start to the pitch and you get Chocolate I'm I was particularly hit When you said gels you have a hundred Year family history in chocolate yes my Grandfather began a chocolate business In 1921. he worked on the first chalk Ice in the UK in 1927. my dad carried on But he's he's very much retired now Although he's fascinated with what we're Up to yeah when you spoke to your father About setting up a chocolate business What did he say to you I mean his Initial reaction was you're nuts to be Honest because you know why would you Step away from a from a big corporate Career and do something that's much Riskier yeah and what was the corporate Career I spent 14 years at Cadbury and I Was marketing director of uh of a 500 Million pound chocolate business in Brazil Wow

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