The Cockiest Entrepreneurs In The Tank ๐Ÿ˜… #Shorts | Shark Tank AUS | Shark Tank Global

We can't really lose we either get a Deal or we get really good publicity and I'll be able to use it on my Tinder Profile and again deals left right and Center with this sharks we've already Had investors that are looking to buy in But we believe the right investor and The right fit for us is in this room Today Oh thank you over to you guys Over to us so great ideal situation You'll give us 100k Five percent each Yeah I'm gonna give you nothing mate [Music] So how do you go coaching you know the Average 50 year old that that wants to Touch their toes Just say something more denigrating That's the generally they just want to Move a little bit better feel a little Bit better what do you do oh I pick up My grandchilds which not a 50. at this Position 56 year old whatever so

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