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Foreign [Music] Ly read the creative act by Rick Rubin Work that stands out and stands the test Of time is made in a creative state Seeking a creative state can often be Like turning the dial on an old radio Most of the time you get static but Occasionally you land on a station and Hear music After reading the creative act by Rick Rubin a legendary music producer I Realize there are four states that Consistently lead to creative work Understanding each state is like Programming four go-to stations on your Radio to skip the static and listen to Music You Love The four states form an acronym e c i n The experimental State the Clean Slate State The Inspired State and the novel Approach state In an experimental State you have Boundless curiosity as you let your Inner child play without intervening Enter an experimental state by asking as Many what-if questions as you can think Of and be on the lookout for surprises The lead guitarist for Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave Tom Morello asked What if I could replicate The Sounds Outside my window on my electric guitar As you try to replicate helicopter Sounds and police sirens he discovered

New guitar techniques and a signature Sound Jerome Robbins created one of the best Broadway shows ever by asking what if Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet was set In 1950s New York and based on two Teenage Street gains of different ethnic Backgrounds What followed was West Side Story Paradoxically asking what-if questions That include constraints tend to open up Creative Avenues When you give AI chat Bots creative Constraints like rewrite this paragraph In fewer than 40 words or rewrite the Sentence with the word spontaneous you Usually get interesting results When I write I like to ask myself what If I had to create a draft in five Minutes or what if I had to explain this Book in one sentence Author Rick Rubin says George pereck Wrote an entire book without using the Most common letter in the French Alphabet e it went on to become one of The most celebrated experimental Works In modern literature The painter Eve Klein decided to limit His palette to one color this led him to Discover a shade of blue no one had ever Seen before As you explore various what-ifs stay Opened unexpected outcomes Ancient Chinese Alchemists searching for

Immortality accidentally found that Saltpeter sulfur and charcoal led to a Combustible substance called gunpowder Over the last 120 years chemists Experimenting in their Labs of Unexpectedly invented Penicillin plastic And Post-it notes Reuben says consider how many Innovations that might have changed the World have been lost because someone was So focused on their goal they missed the Revelation right in front of them The next state that leads to more Creativity is the cling slate stain When you work on something for too long You become blind to the ways you can Make it better but if you step away and Return to your work a week later you'll See new ways to iterate your work that You failed to spot before Thankfully we don't need to step away From our work for a week to clean our Mental slate and adopt a fresh Perspective If we can cultivate a sense of awe During everyday experiences and spot Things that people Overlook we will go Into every work session with a clean Slate When you walk through your neighborhood Actively notice things you've been Overlooking like the design of a house Or different leaves on a tree When you listen to a familiar song

Pretend like you're hearing it for the First time and listen for lyrics or Instrumentals you've never noticed The beauty of trying to see things for The first time is that you stop telling Yourself stories about the way things Are or should be and open yourself up to New experiences The next state we must practice is the Inspired state Enter an inspired state by imitating Work you admire Imitating is a creative act because as You imitate people's work you put it Through your filter of unique Experiences and create work that only You could make Reuben says the Beatles were inspired by American rock and roll artists like Chuck Berry and The Shirelles But when they played it was different It wasn't different because they wanted It to be so it was different because They were different In Malcolm gladwell's latest book he Imitated Michael Lewis's character Development technique and brought his Writing to a new level I read Global's book never once thought That he sounded like Michael Lewis even If Gladwell fear he might have Imagine that every piece of work that Inspires you is challenging you to Elevate your game and inviting you to

Use it as a launch pad to make your next Creation Now the more distant your Inspirations The better A classical musician inspired by a heavy Metal band will be more likely to Produce something original than a Classical musician inspired by another Classical musician Now the final State we must routinely Tap into is the novel approach state If you're stuck on a creative project Don't try harder and beat your head Against the wall instead switch it up Think of switching it up like a Fisherman changing his bait or moving to Another part of the lake to catch a fish Here are a few switch-ups that may Produce creative insight effortlessly Try lowering the stakes Make your work smaller and less Significant Reuben likes to tell stock songwriters To come back into the studio tomorrow With just one new line If you're struggling to think of a good Business idea generate 10 bad business Ideas Soon you'll have idea momentum and you Can turn your focus back to producing Good ideas Try changing the environment go to a Noisy coffee shop or work on a park Bench or go home to a quiet office to

See what new insights come your way Andy Warhol allegedly painted his best Work with a television radio and record Player playing simultaneously in the Background Reuben has found that turning off the Lights in a studio well bands are Playing often leads to creative Breakthroughs Another way to switch it up is to inject New imagery Imagine someone you love or imagine a Scene from your favorite movie while you Work the secret Sparks creativity Reuben once told a struggling Keyboardist imagine there's a beautiful Green Hill Covered in trees and Flora And a battle has just ended smoke drifts Off the hill and reveals wounded Soldiers scattered along it waiting for Help to arrive Play your solo like that The music that followed was beautiful In the end tune into a creative state by Cycling between four states the Experimental State the Clean Slate State The Inspired State and the novel Approach state The more often you live in a creative State the more likely you are to produce Creative work that stands out and stands The test of time Rick Rubin says as human beings we come And go quickly and we get to make works

That stand as monuments to our time here Michelangelo's David the first K Paintings a child's fingerpaint Landscapes they all Echo the same human Cry like graffiti scrolled in a bathroom Stall I was here That was the core message that I gather From the creative act by Rick Rubin This is a book you can turn to time and Time again for inspiration and insight I Highly recommend it If you would like a one-page PDF summary Of insights that I gathered from this Book just click the link below and I'll Be happy emailed to you if you already Subscribed to the free productivity game Email newsletter this PDF is sitting in Your inbox If you like this video please share it And as always thanks for watching and Have yourself a productive week

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