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Some might say that the products Cairo Kemp is selling is a relic of the past But from her Killarney base Carol has Already managed to exploit its iconic Status and is hoping an investment would Bring even more success hello trackins My name's Carol Kemp and the name of my Business is Tag the Celtic tiger Memorabilia And the first thing I'd like to do is Introduce you to somebody who I know You've all heard of there's a rumor Going around at the moment that is dead Or that he never did exist But ladies and gentlemen I'd like to Introduce you to the Celtic tiger [Laughter] Alive and well Like every Big Cat he has nine lives and He's come back and he's bringing the Good times back with him So my business what I do Um in 2006 I opened a small gift shop in Killarney and sold mainly to the tourist Market and at the time everybody was Talking about the Celtic tiger And I just saw an opportunity for a Brand or a character That everybody knew about that could you Could just do anything with I thought It'd be great for the tourist market so First of all I thought I had to write a Story to go behind him So I wrote the first book in a series of

What's going to be 10 books all about The Celtic tiger and his adventures the Celtic tiger was born in Tom Duffy's Circus while they were on tour in Killarney so I took the book to Dr Duffy Circus they were delighted they want to Use him as a mascot and and for him to Promote the circus and so I'm looking For an investment of 70 000 Euro for a 20 Equity thank you All our dragons will have pretty fond Memories of the mythical Beast Carol is Celebrating but as we know sentiment is Usually in pretty short supply in the Den and it isn't long before Gavin Duffy Is getting down to business hi Carol uh Thank you for your presentation uh my Name's Gavin just to explain to us what You need the 70 000 Euro for uh well Mostly Um I want 35 000 Euro To um for marketing and advertising yeah And the rest and the rest would be Unstuck of the books and the beingness So I'd like to be able to get to so the Trade shows or to to sell into the main Tourist tourism shops hi Carl how are You I'm Sean hi Sean Tell me who is Carl Kemp how did you how Did you end up getting into this Business Um well I was a hairdresser for years And years and there came a time where I

Said that's enough for me and I'm I have Five kids so I've always read books and Stories to children and I love Children's books and children's films And children's characters and um just Just I just love creating things And um this is what came this is what's Come out of it Sean doesn't seem to know what to make Of tiger and nor do his fellow dragons But eventually Nile asks a pretty Obvious question How do you intend getting a return For the investor What sort of Projections do you have in terms of an Actual business plan and financial Projections for the first year within 12 Months I could sell Um I was thinking 5 000 books and ten Thousand let's go through the figures Could you just give us the things the Tigers right so with the books and Tigers in the first year I would um the Turnover would be 75 000 Euro And the net profit would be 45 000. are these figures worked out on Anything or are they just probably may Call a guesstimate Um I think on on the sales I've had so Far and and the um interest I've had That myself in since June I've sold 500

Books By cold calling Hello Carol my name is Bobby hi Bobby How much does the beanie sell for Um he was sell for 9.99 9.99 yeah so how much is the book sell For uh currently that sells for the same Price they're both 9.99 so how much does The book cost the book at the moment Cost me 4.75. And the beanie cost me two euros To Euro so there's a better margin on Beanies yeah you don't have to write Hunting either no no Well done Bobby Bobby's love of the creative arts may Not be profound but the only writing Carol wants to see is in a dragon's Checkbook it probably won't be in Sarah Newman's one though I'm gonna be really Honest I hate everything at the airport That is for sale all that Paddy whackery Rubbish However A lot of people buy The Paddy whackery rubbish personally I just think it's an insult to Ireland Okay so I am going to declare myself Very much out because this is not Something that I think I can help you With okay thanks Sarah So Sarah bows out she had a hard time With tag stage Irish appearance but

Gavin is more concerned that he might be Something of an anachronism Carol Um one of the problems you have in Business is when The world changes sometimes people hold On to their old business ideas and they Invest all of their time and energy and Dedication to Um no longer a tiger but a dead horse That's now been flogged if you'd come in With the Nama llama or something that Was topical Anew I might invest in it I Love the look of tiger I love circuses By the way so I'd like to wish you well But it's not an investment for me uh the Celtic tiger is dead and gone away to Leary in the grave I'm looking forward to the recovery I Want to be part of that recovery but I Do not want to invest in the tiger I'm Out okay thanks Kevin thank you can I Just come in there a second the Celtic Tiger has been dismissed too easily in The book is about the fact that everyone Thinks he's dead but he actually is Still around and have a bit of Hope and A bit of belief and at the end of the Day a wounded tiger can be a very Dangerous animal Yes thank you tyke thank you thank you Tag for sharing that your words of Wisdom from the feline species Carol um I like what you're doing with

This animal I don't like the fact of the Celtic tiger Um brand but I think there could be a Market for a range of animals that could Sell to kids you know I think there's a Market there not one that I could add a Lot of value to or that I'm interested In investing in so I'm going to declare Myself out thank you Three Dragons out and suddenly Carol's Dreams are starting to look shakier than City Center property prices next up a Philosophical nilo Farrell Carl Or people of different Memories of the Celtic tiger Some great Some wish should never happen some People didn't get out in time there's All sorts of emotions about it And I don't really see the correlation Between that the Celtic tiger of Business and then the storybook here Which is very much around the circus And maybe that's what not a Celtic tiger Was But um I can't make sense of your figures and I Just don't see the actual Projected the discipline Of when there would be of of a p l Account and a balance sheet and return Um so for those reasons Draw it looks like the party may be

Almost over for the Celtic tiger in the End it's left to Bobby care to turn out The lights Foreign I like the circus as well like Gavin and I feel like running off and joining the Circus after listening to this but good Luck to you but it's not for me I'm out Thank you thank you thank you thanks Kyle thank you very much thanks tag yes Very much you'll see me again yeah Absolutely you do a little dance on your Way out That's it that's it and keep going Goodbye Carl bye-bye So Carol and Tig didn't win their Investment but they don't seem too Despondent about how things worked out

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