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Foreign [Music] Ly read the expectation effect by David Robson In World War II morphine was running low So many soldiers undergoing surgery were Injected with a saline solution and told It was morphine The placebo turned out to be 90 as Effective as the actual drug In an antidepressant drug trial in Minnesota a man took all 29 of the pills He'd received and was immediately rushed To the hospital When he arrived he was pale drowsy and Shaking and he had extremely low blood Pressure Doctors spent four hours trying to Improve his condition but couldn't Then the doctor from the clinical trial Arrived on the scene and told the man That he hadn't taken the active drug and Was overdosing on dummy pills Upon hearing the news the man made a Full recovery In 2011 psychologist Dan ariely handed Out identical sunglasses to study Participants and asked them to read Words under the glare of bright light The group who were told they were Wearing expensive Ray-Ban sunglasses Read twice as many words correctly Compared to the group who thought they Were wearing mid-market brand sunglasses

In a similar study people who thought They were wearing expensive headphones Process more distorted words than people Who thought they were wearing cheap Headphones These findings are all examples of what Scientists now call the expectation Effect If you happen to love coffee and Associate coffee with higher mental Acuity simply Smelling Coffee will lead To immediate improvements in mental Performance because your mind and body Expect caffeine to be coursing through Your veins soon When your mind expects to experience Less pain more pain better eyesight Worse hearing or stronger mental acuity A kick-starts a biological response in Your body and tries to get your felt Experience to match your expectations Henry Ford was onto something when he Said whether you think you can or you Think you can't you're right In the book the expectation effect Author David Robson provides practical Ways we can leverage the expectation Effect in our lives to improve our daily Performance and experience Limitless Willpower The first way to leverage the Expectation effect is to believe in the Power of rituals Serena Williams bounced the ball exactly

Five times before her first serve Rafael Nadal always took a cold shower before His matches If you think these rituals are a waste Of time think again Empirical research Shows that rituals are powerful Performance enhancing tools a study in The Journal of sports Sciences found That Elite basketball players are 12.4 Percent more likely to make a free throw If they execute their personal pre-shot Ritual then if they deviate from it In a Harvard psychological study Participants were asked to Sing Don't Stop Believing by Journey and were given Five dollars if they achieved a perfect Pitch score on a karaoke software Program Prior to the test half the participants Were asked to perform the following Ritual Draw a picture of how you're feeling Right now Sprinkle salt on your drawing count to Five out loud crinkle up your paper and Then throw your paper in the trash Those who perform that bizarre ritual Improve their karaoke pitch score by More than 13 points compared to the Control group who did not perform the Ritual When the study was altered So the Instructions were labeled as random Behaviors instead of a ritual the

Performance boost vanished The word ritual has a powerful effect on The human mind and a profound effect on Our subsequent performance Rituals seem to work because executing a Series of deliberate actions generates a Sense of self-control and concentration Which establishes an expectation of Continued self-control and concentration After discovering the power of ritual Author David Robson started counting his Coffee beans before making coffee for His writing sessions he says it imbues My drink with a sense of significance And primes my mind for focused Concentration Before any activity that requires your Full concentration perform a ritual any Ritual that you believe could boost your Performance Maybe it's repeating your favorite quote Or saying a prayer maybe it's doing a Breathing exercise like three deep Diaphragmic breaths Or maybe it's listening to the same Soundtrack song on repeat If that soundtrack song gets you to feel Like a character in a movie who has Heightened abilities then you tapped Into the second way the expectation Effect can boost your daily performance When a group of cadets in officer Training were given a standard eye test And then asked to go into a flight

Simulator and told to take the Simulation seriously like a pilot would They were able to read serial numbers on Approaching planes in the simulation That were much smaller than the text on The standard eye test that they had been Unable to read Why could the cadets see better after Imagining they were pilots The cadets expected Pilots to have Excellent Vision so their minds and Bodies did what they could to improve Eyesight You can use this finding by visualizing Demanding situations to enhance your Abilities Whatever activity you're about to do Imagine an extreme version of that Activity that demands your best self to Show up If you're about to play a chess game With a friend close your eyes and Imagine you're sitting across from world Champion Magnus Carlson and you need Extreme levels of concentration and Mental acuity Before pickup basketball game with Friends imagine playing one-on-one with LeBron James and needing the quickness To defend against James's Drive When you go to start the game with your Friends you might play the best Basketball of your life Now the final way to leverage the

Expectation effect in daily life is to Believe that willpower is Limitless Think of a time you've finished working On a strenuous mental task and felt Energized enough to immediately get to Work on the next strenuous task or think Of a time you resisted a strong Temptation felt strengthened and found It easier to withstand additional Temptation By recalling the time that work Replenished your mental stamina and Using your willpower strengthened your Willpower you could dramatically Increase your ability to focus and Resist distraction In one study participants were primed With different willpower beliefs and Then asked to complete a Stroop Concentration test That's the game in which you see a word Of a color that's in a different color Like the word red colored yellow and you Must select the color you see not the Color you read Those primed to believe willpower Increased with use were twice as Accurate as those primed to think that Willpower is depleted with use In study after study psychologists have Found that those who adopt a non-limited View of the mind's resources recover Faster after a long and tiring day and Achieve greater productivity the

Following day In fact people with a non-limited view Of willpower are more productive after Demanding days Believing that willpower is Limitless Should not give you the green light to Work until you collapse The Mind does have a limit but that Limit is much further away than you Think and your ability to recover from An intense Focus session it's going to Happen much faster than you believe A great way to start experimenting and Leveraging The Willpower is Limitless Expectation effect is to adopt the two Then quit ritual I first learned about this ritual in the Book superhuman by habit Here's how it works When you're working on a task and you Believe you're getting to the end of Your willpower limit because you're Getting distracted and tired remind Yourself that will power strengthens With use and push yourself for one more Sprint Then when distraction and mental fatigue Return push yourself one more time and Then quit You'll be pleasantly surprised how much You can get done and how much mental Stamina you have in the tank In the end David Robinson says it is Possible to push the limits of what we

Can achieve through a simple change of Mindset Put the expectation effect to work in Your life and tap into your full Potential by expecting rituals to Improve your performance expecting Mental simulations to enhance your Abilities and expecting your willpower And concentration to improve with use That was the core message that I Gathered from the expectation effect by David Robson This book is both fascinating and Practical I highly recommend it If you like a one-page PDF summary of Insights that I gathered from this book Just click the link below and be happy To email to you If you already subscribed to the free Productivity game email newsletter this PDF is sitting in your inbox If you like this video please share it And as always thanks for watching and Have yourself a productive week

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