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[Music] Foreign [Music] ER who solved the problem he had with His favorite hobby [Music] Sharks my name is Carson cropful I'm 11 Year old inventor skater and Surfer this Is my friend Sierra hi sharks hi Sarah Hi Sarah I'm his mom Carrie and we're From San Clemente California I'm seeking Sixty thousand dollars for 15 of my Company you just saw my first invention It's called Street tubes it lets Rya Surf anywhere anytime because it looks And feels like you're totally gangtubed My second invention was when I first Started middle school and it was the First time I ever had a locker my locker Was decked out and awesome but none of My skateboards would fit in it so I Decided what the heck why not just make One my own this is a locker board Locker Boards are handmade and reshaped from Recycled skateboard decks at only 16 Inches long they fit easily inside of Backpacks and lockers and they're good For the planet thanks Mom let's pass out Some samples Robert get on the board trying to get on The board thank you Great thank you thank you oh Carson love The hair thank you very cool thank you Sharks bye bye good job Sierra bye CeCe

Great job oh that's cool Sharks the benefit of you investing in My company is that you'll be a part of Something that has been inspiring people All over the world I've been surfing With sharks since I was five years old So go ahead hit me with some questions So many Escape boards this big is it or Uh yes is this the first time anyone's Ever cut it down to size it's the only Skateboard that fits inside a backpack But I've seen small ones before what's Unique about it uh they're good for the Planet easy to take anywhere and they're Super fun to ride and also the square Shape lets you still do tricks because Of the corners and your feet can stay on It and it won't be too wobbly where are You getting the old boards from uh van Skateboards has a monthly recycling Program for me at two of their skate Parks and I get about 50 boards a month From them and they give them to you or Right now you you're buying them give Them to me are you selling any today for Nine months I have been selling all over The country how are you selling it Across the country online social media Really he's made ten thousand dollars in Revenue since uh he started so Sierra Your girlfriend [Music] [Applause] Do with the money if somebody puts it up

Manufacturing upgrading my website Buying uh tricks and wheels hardware and Bulk how many skateboards have you sold I have sold 231 what does it cost you to Make one so the deck cost me three Dollars but now Vance put me in touch With their manufacturer Madrid Skateboards so that cost thirteen Dollars and I'm now selling them for Fifty two dollars wholesale wow Wholesale wholesale retail what's the Price Um 99 where do you make it now my Husband set up a shop for him and he's Been making them in the backyard I mean I remember when I started in business my Headmaster called me into the study and Said look you either leave school and You run your business or you stay at School and you don't run your business I Was 15 I said okay I'm both I dropped Out high school when I was 16. so I Waited an extra year did you really drop Out of school yeah yeah I was a high School dropout did you go to college Yeah I was 16 dropped out of high school Started taking graduate level classes And got my MBA by the time I was 19 Transferred those back to high school so I could graduate from high school I'm Here Richard what was your first Sort of was the start of magazine to Campaign against the Vietnamese War that Was going on so it became a national

Magazine for young people and that was My education but look this is great but You're going to stay at school so you're Going to have to learn to delegate Because too many people think they can Do it all themselves so Carson you said That you had gotten some help to make These because you can't make them Anymore What's your deal with them Madrid skateboards and they are Manufacturing my boards doing everything And then I just put the trucks and Wheels on how do I know there's in a Carson in New Jersey doing the same Thing the main reason skaters by product Is from Brand loyalty when they so when They go to buy a locker board they're Going to want a locker board not some Fake two they're really hard to make you Have to have all the right equipment all The right Hardware in three I'm in Patent-pending status you kill it [Applause] Listen you're amazing but I'm not going to invest in the company I'm out Thank you Carson where do you want to be A year from now two years from now five Years from now I want to be Everywhere That's a lot of places Um so it sounds like one of us what's What's been amazing online's great Because he has much higher profit

Margins but he'd also like to be in Retailers because it does give him a lot Of credibility right now he's in a Southern California retailer Jack Surfboards he's in two of their stores You know here's what I think you know I Would not invest in your company now Because I think that you have so much Growth in giving up 15 or 20 of your Company right now Absolutely absurd you have a lot of room To grow and I think you'll do it without Us so I'm out Carson I love what you're doing I want to make you an offer Okay I'll give you the sixty thousand Dollars but I want twenty percent and my Plan is not just to help you manufacture Because you have Madrid to do that that Part's all taken care of but to really Help you build up your YouTube help you Build up your Instagram so if you want To be my partner I'm happy to make the Investment wow what do you say Before he answers I I was going to Suggest that I was going to suggest that I was going to suggest that you and I Work together on it nope no no all right So what do you think you and I work Together Foreign I'll offer you sixty five thousand Dollars for twenty percent For twenty percent so Carson I'm Robert

I love things that are cool and fun I Really don't think you should sell any Of your business at this point because It's just too soon I don't want any of The equity what I'll do is I'll give you The sixty thousand dollars as a loan What interest rate Robert whatever eight Percent give or take right I'm offering Sixty thousand dollars for twenty Percent and Sir Richard Branson is Offering sixty five thousand dollars for Twenty percent what would you like to do Uh Richard if you're gonna invest uh how Would you help my company Oh you're going to interview [Applause] You've got guts guys wow when you said You wanted to do everything I remember I Had this magazine and somebody wanted to Buy it went to lunch to sell the could Sell the company so I said I'm going to Start student Airlines I'm going to Start Um you know student record Shot student This they got completely panicked and so When you said you wanted to do Everything I remembered that moment when I wanted to do everything Let me be honest I see a young Richard Branson in you you've got a wonderful Story to tell you're very articulate the Product itself is great we'd love you to Give it a shot with us [Music]

It's a deal All right Great thank you thank you so much great Thank you good job good job Carson good Job thank you so much You know wanting to do everything that Really hits home I think with all of us It's contradictory to of course what Everyone's taught I mean think about When we started the show nine years ago That's the biggest changes that go Around the country yeah half the people That come up to me are killed the kids Yeah Richard Branson Fur and I felt like make a little bit More Before you go don't forget to subscribe To the Shark Tank Youtube channel and Click on that notification Bell to keep Up with everything that's bubbling in The tank

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