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Thank you My name is Jeff I'm originally from Canada and now I'm living in beautiful Byron Bay I originally came to Australia as a Backpacker I loved it so much I ended up Staying and just decided to get into Business for myself and started my first Company My brand definitely epitomizes the Byron Bay lifestyle it's energetic it's young It's fashionable the dream for the Business would be to have my product out There all over Australia [Music] Hello sharks my name is Jeff and I come From Byron Bay today to offer you 20 of My company grown wooden eyewear in Exchange for sixty thousand dollars Grown designs and sells bamboo and wood Sunglasses online through our three main Sites which cater to Europe North America and Australia New Zealand Markets all of our products are made Using FSC certified wood and bamboo and All come with UV 400 polarized lenses For every pair purchased in North America or Europe we fully fund site Restoring eye surgery for one person or Diagnostic Eye Exams for 12. similarly In Australia through our new giving Partner wires for every pair sold we Provide the gift of life to an orphaned Or injured Australian animal so what

We're here today to to do is get a Partner that understands our conscious Approach to capitalism and someone that Can open doors for us and get us in Retail shops which we've previously Ignored so what I'd like to do before You have any questions is hand you a Pair that I've hand-picked for you oh Fantastic Thanks Jan You said Byron Bay Jeff but your accent Suggests you're from somewhere else true Yeah I'm from Canada originally right But I've been in Australia for six years They actually look really good on you Yeah good on your Naomi yeah No they just look like something Diamond Averages or something Oh stop mind you you know what the good News is if he thinks that they're Obviously stylish That's good news Absolutely thank you I like them you Look great you look very cool About your online world How many people visit your Australian Website we're hitting about 400 500 a Day and how many How many sell through of about 2.1 Percent so are you selling 10 of these a Day online through the three three Online shops we're selling more than 10 A day There are people they range in price

From 120 to 175. That's actually not too bad Jeff where are you at in the sales cycle Have you started selling these in Australia any of your other locations I Started up in 2010 but our first full Year of sales was 2012. at that time we Did 65 000 in sales and uh did a net Profit of 37 000. 2013 we essentially doubled that's 125. 2014 we took a bit of a hit It's kind of a self-inflicted hit Actually Pulled one of our top selling item off The shelves I didn't want to sell it because I was Not convinced of the sustainability Pulled them off we lost a bit in sales But it gave me the chance to go back get All of our wood suppliers FSC certified Tell us about your grain credentials Because it's obviously important to you I'm just an environmental guy I care About well the impact that I have on the Earth and that's what this business was For it was it was to do something good So how much of your Revenue goes to your Charitable efforts donations range Between 14 and 25 do you work full-time In the business I work I probably Part-time on it what else do you do I Also run another company which is a Winter headwear company That's uh that's going quite well right

Now is it how well is that going Uh we're doing six figures So how much concentration will this Business have Uh well that's another reason I wanted To bring somebody else on also you're Working in this business you actually Will be working yeah okay I'm all right I'm doing uh I'm doing a couple projects That you'll be selling winter headwear And wooden sunglasses uh yeah Um I wish you all the best but I'm out There's really a tension a conflict here For an investor we really want to know That you're on our business whatever That is whereas you could be spending Potentially 90 of your time on the other Business and 10 on this and at which Point we would be suffering I'm devoted to to everything I do 100 or I'll drop a project but but I really Want to see this one grow Th Um the other business is running kind of Self-sufficiently right now but you know No business does that it only takes one Person to leave and you and suddenly you Have to put this on the sideline because This is your cash cow Business runs independently of the Person that loves it lives it and Breathes it You know I don't want to step out of Grown I want to grow grown this is this

Is I want to see this take off more I want to play I really do I really want to go in Business with you I want another excuse To see my beautiful yoga teacher in Byron Bay on a regular basis Um but I love the product I don't like The structure I'd want to get involved the whole Business and then work collectively with You to grow both and we've got both both Seasons sort of sorted Would you re-look at it and talk about Winter head where as as the whole Business Would you reconsider it I didn't expect it I listened to Any offers but It would have to be substantial yeah I Suppose it's probably another long Conversation but I just think if it was A different you know thing where they Were both in there I would have put your Hand off but unfortunately for this Opportunity damn it but I'm out thank You for consideration anyway I did you Look good in them I did look behind Either thank you I love your product I like the look of It I'd be a customer and I like the fact That it's environmentally friendly but You know choosing a partner someone to Invest in you know with respect I find

That there's mixed messages there I'm a Bit confused I'm not sure where your Attention would be and so okay I wish You luck but for all those Reasons I'm Out thanks man So I hear the concerns regarding Um A commitment to the business And I love the business and I love what You stand for so I am going to put you An offer Okay it might not be in an offer you Like But it's the only way that I can make Sure that this business gets the love And attention that it needs So I'm going to offer you the sixty Thousand dollars you've asked for for 51 Of the business [Music] Okay It's a bit of a shock thanks for warning Me I'm wearing Shark Tank Shark Tank Shark Tank just to clarify That's 51 of this eyewear business not Not his not his Northern Hemisphere hat Business Okay can I uh can I just ask what What do you how do you see that going Yeah what would you bring to the table So um red balloon my existing business We're in 7 000 retail outlets I also Bring a great deal of web experience so

If we were to do nothing else I would Really be driving your website And I'll be taking that way under my Wing pretty quickly which is why I won 51 okay Jeff I'll make you an offer First and foremost because I really like You thanks mate I think you're a good Guy thank you I love the fact that you Pulled your top selling line because You're concerned about the Sustainability of the Timber to me that Says that if I got into business with You I'm getting into business with a Really good guy thanks I even love the Fact that you came in flip-flops that's Kind of pretty cool Oh So I'll make you an offer I think it's slightly better than Naomi's deal And I'm going to say to Naomi she wants To come in with the offer if you accept It that I would also be happy working on Site Naomi So just there's a few elements let me Just just bear with me Number one The monetary side of the offer is forty Thousand dollars for forty percent And a twenty thousand dollar loan to the Business on Commercial terms for two Years Number two Naomi and I both know guy

Called Chris beer who's the head of opsm And Sunglass Hut probably Australia's Preeminent providers of eyewear Luxottica is also a global brand so There's a potential for this not just to Hit Australia but hit around the world Third condition is we carve off all of Us five percent for an ambassador A five percent free gifting of this for Them to be our ambassador and we can Then utilize them in marketing social Media and so forth Naomi do you want to be on your own I Think John and I both bring different Skill sets to this and I think that that Would be very valuable to you so you Come in at the 40 for 40. we'd split it So it would be 40 between the two of us Two sharks and an ambassador and a joint Introduction and meeting with luxottica To get you into opsm and sunglasses Foreign [Applause] Will continue to grow especially with Them on board so we're going to do Everything we can and get this out onto All the Australians faces well I've got I would have comment on that And I was hoping you would say no to him And then I would have gone I'll have it I was going say no say no say no and I Thought I'd come straight in there

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