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First into the tank tonight a husband And wife team Glenn and Julianne with an Invention that takes some of the mess Out of Parenthood Our product is one that parents all over Australia will love And we just can't wait to go in there And speak to the sharks [Music] Sharks my name's Julianne and this is my Husband Glenn and we are the owners and Inventors of super the food bottle Most parents would agree that kids meal Time can be the most stressful part of The day we invented subo out of Necessity we're a busy family of five And we made our own homemade foods so we Invented a product that's Revolutionizing feeding on the go subo Is the world's first non-squeeze food Bottle which means young children can Feed themselves safely and independently Without the risk of a squeezy mess so Once it's finished it's easily Disassembled for cleaning and to refill Super was great for pureed fruit and Vegetables smoothies and yogurt and even Tinned spaghetti and weet-bix imagine Feeding your kids yogurt on the go like In the back of the car or in the pram While you're shopping and not having to Clean up a mess afterward we're asking For 120 000 in exchange for 12 equity in Our business so

Julianne and Glenn yes great name yeah Thank you you're asking for 120 000 yes For 12 percent of the business which Adds up to a value of a million dollars I don't quite understand how do you get Spaghetti out of the the top so it's Quite a large opening it's 12 mil so you Can get Chunky Foods too yeah that's Good yeah I'm about to put two uh 40 Month olds on an aircraft for 23 hours Perfect yeah which is about the Stupidest thing I've tried Philip what you do to fill it so I get It like this yeah can I show you yeah It's all right That was a demonstration yeah didn't Break no there you go germs [Music] Shopkins So when the food finishes the platform Comes to the top you can easily Disassemble it So the platform comes out And then essentially you've just got a Tube it's designed so the platform Pushes the food out you'll notice in the Bottom there's a one-way valve so that Allows air to come into the tube which Allows the platform to move up the Bottle but it stops air from escaping at The bottom of the bottle wow is an Incred ible design thank you That valve is the kit that's the major Source of this thing isn't it so where

Did what was the inspiration for that Jules came out of the shower one day Holding an old toothpaste container you Know the pump panels and Um uh kind of looked at her like she was Mad and then we got the hacks out I cut Apart the toothpaste container put some Duct tape on it created our own homemade Prototype what key market for this kids Can use it from six month Six months and then it goes up to what Any age we have adults using it as well For protein shakes smoothies and is There a pattern on it Yeah so we've got uh patent pending in 38 countries as well as our trademarks Yeah Hold on We manufacture here in Australia Australia whereabouts I like the colors let's talk about the Numbers okay so it costs us seven Dollars to make this product yeah our Recommended retail is 29.95 So in the first 12 months we saw 2500 of These bottles how much is that in Dollars so Revenue was 55 000. How much for next year so we think this Year that we can sell 7 000 bottles Units so 165 000 yes in Revenue yeah That's right It's great how much have you spent to Date on this product so it's 580 000. Lord

Excuse me you've spent five hundred and Eighty thousand dollars getting to this Point that's what's been spent on the Project we've been lucky enough to have Some government grant programs that We've been successful in obtaining so How much has your cash and how much was Grant cash we spent 260 of our own Savings and 320 we raised through Grant Programs that's commitment and his Commitment What do you want from the shop you're 120 000 bucks what do you want from a Shop uh your expertise our biggest Challenge is product awareness not a lot Of people know about this bottle and we Want to get the product out there on Shelves so that people can see it and Sell it to you know multinational Exporting there's other markets so we Can also go into we just teamed up with Rmit in Melbourne and they're looking at The Aged care industry So I gather that's dementia patients or What a lot of patients have to have Thickened liquids so they thought it'd Be perfect for that [Music] To Netflix yeah For the adult Market yeah you've got the Tube of food here the tuba beer here Yeah Steve what do you need to get me what do I need to do to get you I mean

I'm on your journey I've got a pair of 30 month olds uh at this this to me is a Godsend I think this is just amazing It's so well built so let's just talk About the future you name your price Uh yeah I'm with you 120 12 I mean I'm On your journey Done what the hell how are you thinking About that what do you think fantastic That was excellent thank you very much For the offer Okay well that's what you were asked for So one shark in I am not joking I have never seen him Like this it's amazing are you gonna Take his offer and we'll just see what Everyone else because others might want To match and may have more expertise in Getting things here we go He knows how to do yogurt it's on So one of my companies do a lot there's A lot of dealings online great so you're Making an offer they had to come into Deals when I get so excited otherwise Just ignore you so they're just a bunch Of copycats you know what are you doing I've never seen Stephen Baxter the Grumpy Bastard oh fat income With so much enthusiasm and I just don't Want to complicate this because I've Pinched a few deals off him this season Oh he's obviously giving you an offer For his kids I'm not going to get in the Way I'm out thank you

Julianne and Glenn you're impressive Your product's impressive but I don't Think I can compete with Steve's offer I'm out thank you thank you I think he's made a great offer I think I wanted to make a deal with you it's Nowhere near as good as Steve's offer I'm out thank you We're going to blow this up we're going To set it on fire we're going to take The world on we're going to just we are Going to monster and Destroy things So you can just ditch knob and just take My offer fantastic what are you going to Do are we competing with Steve or are we Moving oh I feel like just having some Fun All right okay [Music] But I don't think that's fair in Business business is serious and you've Put a lot of money into this energy and Effort I have never seen him that animated You have got a great offer So for this deal I'm out thank you very much one off the Left what are you gonna do Yeah definitely 300 000 babies born in Australia every year I might be on one of these at the end of My days I started on one now might be Wondering so beautiful

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