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[Music] From designing cafes to shaping Surfboards Matt Gillette is a Gold Coast Innovator with an abundance of ideas Everything I do is a solution to some Kind of problem so we're still around With the 32 amp it's a new idea it's one Of the best ideas I've had it's not in The world hasn't seen yet and I think Yeah once it comes out it should be a Hit [Music] Hi guys my name's Matt and I'm here Today to ask for 150 000 investment in My Footwear concept the two shoe for a 40 steak With that money it'd go to finalizing Production samples security and Manufacturing partner and start a Marketing campaign I'll now demonstrate a situation of Where it may be used [Music] I mean not in those songs come on mate So as you're aware some days you might Go down to the pub for an afternoon beer And you get carried away with your Friends he's all end up decided to go Out to town so with this the two shoot Concept you simply unflip unclip I mean And then you flip so right becomes left And left becomes right They felt the song down like that Just sails back in

And your shoe popped up If I wanted a shot like that Yeah As you're aware this is just This is just one style Um it also can be used as many different Styles and then you come through yeah Cheers [Music] [Laughter] [Music] That's Aussie Ingenuity yeah so anything To get into a bar right yeah right so Currently in Australia there's over uh The 70 million dollar market in mid to High range price thong sandals or open Toe Footwear I believe with this concept in the first Year I would sell around 10 000 pairs That'd give you a gross profit of around 320 000 That's only just limited to the stores That I currently have contacts with so I Believe with your guys help in contacts We could take it to a global market And take it the next step and make it The future of Footwear Okay so you're looking for 150 000 for 40 of your company valuing it at three Hundred and seventy five thousand yeah Forty percent for 150 000. you said I've Got contacts I can do it I've got Experience in this can you tell me a Little bit about your background then

Okay so I create concepts for different Alcohol companies surf Brands which Which like displays their products point Of sale stuff it's also I've got a Clothing brand and we just only just Launched yesterday So um and that's going really well it Sold 100 of the stores it sold into Time to do this I just find so I've been working like 22 Hours a day for the last month So you're a designer and creator of Concepts and Designs that's what you Really are rather than maybe a business Guy assessment I run my own business Which is really profitable but you've Got a clothing company now you've got The shoe business yeah I'm already Confused nervous that I'm gonna get Without any bit of your bandwidth I mean I know you're you're pretty talented but I mean are you superhuman You've obviously got this great curious Mind so then how do we keep your focus On us though [Music] What happens is like you guys are Looking at this one idea of like 20 in The background I have another that's the Point there right yeah but I have Another six paintings do you ever paint Yeah I have a 15-year pattern on it but Until I get through and finish a product Until it's done that's it I just

Concentrated one thing at a time Let's get serious about the numbers What are we going to sell them for well I say if we go to the mid higher price Range on the model this would have to be You're going to sell them they're going To retail for 99. so sorry they're going To return to 99 my Runners don't cost me 99 bucks yeah well that's because you're Wearing crap Runners thongs can go for 49.95 I think the price that's probably About right if you go to the surf Market Normal thongs just like little songs There 49.95 oh that's worse than Lipstick if it's a brand it's fine in The first year without any of you guys Help I could sell 10 000 pairs okay Foreign Costs it was 17 a pair If you go and wholesale them for 49 That's where you get your 320 000 profit In the first year You're obviously a a huge Gold Mine of Creativity I'm sure some of the products That you've got have and will be Successful but you know to me it's a Licensing deal it's a product I I would Be nervous about investing with you Simply because I just I wouldn't feel I Could pin you down so I I sorry great Salesman but I have no Comfort I'd get My money back mate I'm sorry okay I'm Out I uh Matt I'm a fashion tragic I just

Don't think they look very good to be Honest yeah I think it's very Innovative What you're trying to achieve yeah and I Love your story but mate I I am I am out And I wish you all the best yeah no Worries cheers Yeah look I I do like you're a radical Thought man and and uh you need to team Up with someone who Is going to allow and free you up and Allow you to do that creative side uh And be your business partner that's Going to take you on the journey and put The disciplines in place on any of your Businesses and I we're still trying to Work out what business you're in as well As the rag trade Um my biggest concern that it's a Gimmick A great great idea but I think you'd buy It and you probably wouldn't use it look I wish you luck I'm out I hurt you so [Music] There you go Matt here's the thing about this product Yeah no customer has said to you I will Pay money for this product And for that reason I'm out cheers Thanks a lot How much money is a t-shirt business Going to make Um first quarter will probably turn over 240. probably make 120 profit and then I Guess it just watch it Grow from there

If I was an investor in your t-shirt Company yeah and we just launched I Would be going to you you've got a new Idea why aren't I getting a piece of That [Music] Um I'll make enough Foreign But it is subject to The whole business including not the Point of sale business yeah but the T-shirt business and this business every Single patent you've got and any other Idea you ever have in the future yep it Has to it has to be all of it [Music] Foreign Is seeking 150 000 for his range of Adaptable Footwear four sharks are out But Janine has made a radical offer It is subject to The whole business including not the Point of sale business yeah but the T-shirt business and this business every Single patent you've got and any other Idea you ever have in the future yep it Has to it has to be all of it Hey what [Music] The the deal is I'm actually investing In you yeah I understand that yeah I'll Give you 150 000 for 25 of your of you So basically Janine's buying 25 of all Your good ideas in your future for 150

000. if you future in the sense of and Every other painting you come up with I'm just making sure he's clear on it Don't think that all these new ideas Won't come with funding I mean we'll Have to find money we'll have to do this But what I'm saying is the journey Together to get in is to buy these Business we'll buy it we grow it we sell It but I don't want you to suddenly go Off and create another product and then You lose all Focus I'm not interested in A split Focus For someone to invest in your whole Future it's massive to me yeah you're Buying a future you're buying a put Foreign Now she's bought a Putting a call on someone's future an Interesting idea both the last six Paintings I wonder what's in them Result you went in there looking for Investment in your shoes and you got an Investment in you that's amazing I think We can bring a lot to each other's lives Yeah thanks a lot yeah I hope I'll make Her more successful and I'm sure she's Going to make me a lot more successful In my life [Music]

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