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First into the tank is an eco-friendly Version of a household staple [Music] Hi I'm Sarah and I am Syed and we're Here seeking 270 000 for two percent of Our company blue land wow sharks this is What an average household uses in one Year in cleaning products [Music] And many of these products they're over 90 water which means that you're Overpaying for plastic packaging and a Ton of water This is such a waste which is why we Created our revolutionary eco-friendly Brand blue land where we've turned this Into this so now your pantry can look Like this How does it work simply fill you a Bottle of water Drop in a tablet Minutes later you're ready to get Cleaning and our tablets come with a Beautiful reusable forever bottle so you Never have to throw away another plastic Cleaning bottle ever again together we Can eliminate approximately 5 billion Plastic cleaning bottles each year so Sharks let's save money and space Without the plastic waste bam we have Samples to pass out Um so please take the hand soap next one Yep for you and then take a tablet with That too do you have anything with

Packaging yes we have a we have a wrap Tablet as well and I can bring around More is it is it one product cleans all Windows and surfaces or are there Multiple products multiple tablets yes So we have four products we have a Foaming hand soap and we have three Cleaning sprays that includes a Multi-surface cleaner a bathroom cleaner Any glass and mirror cleaner so Sarah What do I pay for it our starter sets Which include one bottle and one tablet That costs twelve dollars and our Essentials kit which includes one hand Soap and three cleaning sprays that Retails for 39 and what's a refill cost One tablet costs just two dollars which Is unequivocally cheaper than going out And buying a full new plastic bottle of Cleaner and what's your background I are You chemist I went to Harvard for Undergrad I made it in economics after That I worked in private equity and then I returned to Harvard for business School but I actually ended up dropping Out in my first year to pursue my first Startup so you're a total slacker My first startup was a mobile shopping App and I ended up selling that to one Of the world's largest shopping search Engines at the time that's impressed Inside what about you I actually was Born in Pakistan I moved here when I was 10 years old

Um I grew up here my parents both passed Away Um and sorry um that was a difficult Thing I'm the youngest of nine um I have Seven sisters I graduated from University of Pittsburgh with my Chemistry degree most recently I was a Director of formulation at one of the World's largest non-toxic cleaning Companies we are all aware of the Problem with plastics we're trying to do Everything we can to not destroy our Planet before it's too late what's your Unique selling proposition or Differentiation so we have really Formulated these products to be really Really effective and again I come from Huge companies uh we know I know how to Formulate these products better than Like the normal traditional Capital so The premise is you have the one guy in All the world in chemistry I made a Better product in the face of Entrepreneurs there's three important Phases one is the creative process which You clearly have done the second one is The critic and the third is a crusader The three C's that's great the creative You've done the critic you need to be Your own worst critic you need to figure Out what is it that is you comparing to Understand whether you really can Differentiate yourself from the others And then if you go through that second

Phase then you go to the third phase and Then you're the Crusader and nobody's Gonna stop you but if you like to skip The second phase please explain to me What differentiates you other than you Being a really great chemist we have EPA Approved third-party studies that show That our products were more effective Laboratory studies We outperformed all of our leading Competitors guys how much money have you Raised so we've raised three million Dollars what at what valuation at the 13.5 million valuation and who did you Raise it from a mix of venture capital As well as successful entrepreneurs just Like and you've been selling for how Long so we've been live for just over a Month we've done two hundred thousand Dollars in sales that's not horrible so Today we are 100 direct to Consumer Selling online however we are launching In a big box National retailer at the Beginning of next year I don't think I Like that you have just one tablet one Bottle I think when you see tablets you Buy a bag of dishwashing pellets and you Get a whole bag of them like 36 in a bag So I feel like this needs a strip with It of a whole bunch of tablets it's much More appealing to a customer that's Looking at it listening to Lori I Realize that there's a piece of this she Understands far better than I so I would

Propose without consulting with Lori That we invest a million dollars well For 25 percent of the company Whoa if you're the one you want internet I mean if not I'll meet on it by myself Every single mistake that you're about To make we've probably made before and We're going to be able to help you Prevent those mistakes and I really Really resonate with your immigrant Story you know I came from Mexico my Father and my mother didn't have a Higher education and I was able to from Nothing build a pretty successful Company kind that is now in 300 000 Distribution points in every retailer You want to be I think everything you've Done is really brilliant I'm a huge fan Of kind bars and I like your theory of The word kind why did you even put it as Kind because you wanted to spread Kindness Because my father was liberated by American soldiers from a concentration Camp And in spite of a horrible situation he Always remembered wow not just the Horrors but the kindness that people Showed to him and helped him survive so It's in honor of in the tough moments Always being kind that's a great story It is very I think you needed me I'm not Happy to give them even more money are You in the deal I think I'm gonna change

The deal I'm going to make you an offer that's Probably more close to what you actually Wanted to do because I don't think You're going to sell 25 of your company Here today all right what I'd like to do Is do 270 for 5 and I want one percent Advisory shares because frankly I bring A lot to the table there's only one Mr Wonderful While you're mulling that over and while These guys are trying to take 25 of your Business let me tell you where I'm at The product is easy to use changing Consumers Minds super hard I'm out Sorry all right we've changed our offer We're gonna do 270 for eight percent Ouch Four and four that's the offer What are you doing Mark guys look I Don't think you really came here for a Deal you came for the commercial the Mount But you still have two offers my offer Is 270 000 for six percent and the other Is 270 for eight percent what do you Want to do What do you want to do We can't give away that much I mean you Guys know as much High growth business you have a counter For any of us

270 at 3 percent [Music] I would love the opportunity just to say One more thing sure the theme of Compromise I'll go to five percent for The two seven [Music] We're not going down it's like already Too little So Kevin yes we know you like a good Royalty We kept you at three percent for 270 but Then we give you a royalty of 50 cents Per kit until you make your money back Done [Music] The way we were just started Oh my goodness there's a woman who Understands me Before you go don't forget to subscribe To the Shark Tank Youtube channel and Ring the notification Bell to keep up With everything that's bubbling in the Tank

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