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[Music] First into the tank is a healthier Option for kids [Music] Not a bad feeling about this one For eight percent equity in my company Kids love this is my son Phoenix My kids are my world and keeping Phoenix And his siblings healthy is a top Priority of mine and as a parent we all Know how difficult it can be to make Sure your kids are eating well there is Sugar in everything and sugar is sneaky It hides in the most innocent looking Places like juice most juices on the Market have upwards of 25 grams of sugar If you were to give your kid an eight Ounce glass of juice every day for a Year you would be giving them 20 pounds Of sugar [Applause] I knew I had to give him something Better and that's why I created kids Love okay Phoenix get into position Kids love has this much sugar [Music] Kids love has no sugar but you know what It does have vitamins and minerals all 12 essential ones I've created the first Zero sugar functional drink for kids That has certified vegan vitamins and Hydration kids love it and parents do Too so who wants to help me spread the Love let's try it I have samples for you

To try good job Phoenix Outstanding performance Here you go both flavors [Music] Thank you you're welcome Mr Wonder thank You thank you thank you so much Ashi tell us what we have here so we Have our two flavors as of now it's a Flying Flamingo and Starstruck coconut All right and what is the sweetening Ingredient that is replacing the sugar So that's my secret recipe wow it's my Trade secret that's really good but Peanut water juice a little bit of Regular water and then I sweetened it to Cover the vitamins with less than 0.1 Grams of stevia Not bad what's really amazing is that it Is only 10 calories I know I can really Taste the stevia though is that right Here You can taste the stevia but basically I Tried to formulate without the stevia And then you get the back Taste of Vitamins and are the kids pushing back On the stevia aftertaste or not no most Kids don't notice that we're messaging Around cane sugar is definitely on Trend Because even adults how do I keep this Adonis body I just don't drink any sugar Ashley where are you selling it at so I'm selling right now an independent Grocery stores in California it is shelf Stable for how long a year a year yeah

I'd love to hear your background yeah so Tell us about you I um was actually this Was not my background doing beverage I Worked in the hotel business before so How did you know to create a formula Where did you go to do that so at first I started trying to do it in my kitchen Which was very nonsense Right so I found a formulator that Helped me work on this product it took Me a year to create the product it took Me a lot of time to develop the flavors These are the first two flavors we have Another two flavors that are ready to go Do you have any sales so since February 2018 I've only sold 55 000. how much Money did you have to put in just for Those two flavors Give or kick take like 150 200 000. There's no such thing as give or take 150 or 200 000 because that's a big Delta I'm just questioning your Understanding of the numbers and how Important you make money considering You're asking for our money yes I Understand that right so he's just Saying which one was it 150 or 200. so It was was probably close to two hundred Thousand dollars and where did you get The two hundred thousand dollars and how Much all in have you invested so far so So far I have done a family and friends Round of financing on a 3.5 million Convertible no wow wow capped you must

Have reached how much did you raise a Million dollars I know that sounds like a lot Come up with the vegan vitamins to Source it I am in talks right now with One big box National retailer to do a Test okay so how much how much cash do You have left in the bank I have 50 000 Left in the bank fifty thousand a Million through 950.000 so it's been three and a half Years that I have been working on this Where did the bulk of the 950 regulatory What is that lawyers so yes why did you Spend the money International Um licensing and international IP what did you spend on that so on that I spent around A hundred and fifty thousand oh fifty Thousand dollars oh so I have all that Done though I've trademarked the name Kids love as well as the parent company Name which is the loving company oh she Just listening But I pay for my manufacturing run as Well That I just did so I just finished a run And I spent Um 57 000 on the run because it's Tetra Pack my plan and why I'm here is to Really focus on West Coast right now and Then duplicate that plan to other coasts In a very strategic pattern following Where my demographics are I got it that

Sounds very fancy but where are you Going to get the money to do any of that Well so right now I'm also in the Process of talking to my current Investors about putting money in to Basically track me and what can we all Investors say going back to them for More money are they eager to lend it you Know now that I'm finally have gotten Distribution in order and I'm ready to Be in stores You did all of that and spend all of That money before you found out the most Important component which is can it sell How fast can it sell how much of it can I sell okay so I am at that point now That I have my distribution in law I Understand that I spent money I am Totally willing to own my mistakes and Ways that I could have no rub you're not Owning your own mistakes really the Investors that gave you their money are Really owning your mistakes and then you Come here and you're asking us to follow Your other investors down that little Yellow path Well it makes absolutely no sense it's Amazing to me that you don't see what's Wrong with that picture for all of those Reasons I'm out Yeah I see I mean the one thing that you Haven't owned up to is saying that You're going door to door and I Understand it's tough with the fact I am

I'm doing Grassroots marketing efforts Marketing is not sales Marketing is trying to create demand so That their cell through itself I am Selling the product what I had to do in Order to get it to the market is to come Up with a strategy and unfortunately I Did not plan on that the distribution Was going to take this long to lock down Again you say the word distribution yeah I didn't say distribution you're just Talking about me doing it yes whose Company is it mine who's responsible for It who should be doing all the selling Me that's what I'm doing now no going Out and getting a distributor is not Doing all the selling for those Reasons I'm out I wish you all the best okay Thank you This idea has Merit but we need sell Through data because I don't know if the Kids are going to love it I don't know Because I don't see reorders through the Distribution you have yet we are online Thrive Market in the last six months has Reordered every month we have sold out So many times but I actually have out of Stock products emerging but I don't want To take this journey with you I just Can't do it I'm out I'm sorry okay Actually I'll tell you I admire how much You're standing your ground you've made Mistakes everybody here makes mistakes The problem is Cash is the lifeblood of

The business agreed once you run out of Cash you're dead You've learned the theory of great Business plans with all due respect I am getting the reasons You're not out there selling it that's All I'm doing I have three little kids At home and I'm the person hopping on The plane to sell the products Actually I'm sorry I it makes me nervous About giving you more money I'm out Listen you went through the process of Trying to over protect patent everywhere It cost you a fortune and that was a big Hole for you because the bottom line is You didn't even know if your product Would sell well I feel that while I Liked the product you got into that trap But unfortunately as an investor I Wouldn't want to be involved with it and I'm sorry I hope you do well thank you I'm out thank you I blame you for it you made a huge Mistake I'm sorry it's just the numbers Don't lie good luck We wish all our Entrepreneurs good luck that you've got A wall decline thank you so much I feel like I did get a little beat up I Think that you know because the Sharks Got so hung up on the money that I've Raised they didn't see the true value of Kids love and unfortunately because of That they're obviously not the right Investors that was a huge mistake on the

Patents I got to tell you when it's my Money and I lose it I feel bad but when I take a dollar from you somebody else That is I wake up every day to give you Your money back and she didn't even feel Bad about it Dive into the Shark Tank Youtube channel And subscribe now

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