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Next up is a better way to store your Leftovers Hi sharks I'm Jake sindowski and this is My beautiful wife Michelle we're from Los Angeles California and we're here Seeking 400 000 for five percent in our Company Sharks this is our friend Jerry and like Us Jerry loves whipping up some Delicious home-cooked meals tonight he's Making a big batch of his grandma's Famous chili recipe but let's face the Sharks there's no way Jerry's gonna eat All that chili in just one sitting so What's he gonna do he freezes some for Later but what does he freeze it in we All know that freezing in plastic bags Is a mess No don't do it and storing food in Glassware that can break in the freezer Is a nightmare waiting to happen what if He only wants to defrost a little bit But he throws it in a gigantic container It's impossible don't worry Jerry we got You covered introducing super cubes the Best way to freeze food in perfect Portion our silicone trays come in four Different sizes so you can freeze two Cups one cup half cup or even two Tablespoon portions super cubes has the Right container for you just pour the Food into each compartment up to the Fill line Pop on The Snug fitting lid

And stack them on top of each other to Store in the freezer The next time you're ready for some of That chili again A perfectly portioned cue pretty cool Heat it up and your food is ready to go With super cubes we're helping any home Chef reduce their food waste step up Their meal prep game and store their Food efficiently in the freezer sharks Who's super excited to partner with us And freeze out the competition Sharks in front of you guys you have Examples of some of our trays super Cubes Very excited about the name We gotta get rid of him thanks Terry so If you look at him there's a sturdy rim And so in each room there is steel so You have confidence walking to the Freezer right you fill it up with your Food and then there's no way the tray is Going to fold or collapse on you when You take it to the freezer they're the Plastic lid that you put on top is very Firm and so you can actually stack them Even before they're frozen in the Freezer do you have a patent on the Product yeah so we have a design patent That's been issued on the on the Original one cup tray and there's Patents pending on everything else well Here's the question what are your sales Exactly in 2019 which is the first full

Year year that we had to sell super Cubes we ended the year at nine hundred And forty thousand dollars This year we've already sold 1.6 million Dollars Last month we sold 330 000 worth of Super cute so tell us how so it's a Combination of things that we really Benefit from Word of Mouth of our Customers and our customers love sharing About super cubes on Instagram Facebook Twitter and they are really passionate Advocates for us What do they cost to make sure so uh the Individual trays sell for 19.95 retail Our cost landed is around 380 per trade Okay nice wow I like that margin what's The sales distribution look like is it All direct to customer online so about 78 of our sales come from Amazon eight Percent of our sales come from our own Website and then 14 uh of our sales come From our Retail Partners we're in every Single solo top store in the United States also in every single Williams Sonoma store in the United States I Built my business that way I mean I got Into Nordstrom I had no money for Marketing Nordstrom said they liked Kendra Scott and that immediately gave Me you know something to stand on Because if they believed in me one of The top retailers in the world it was Able to allow me to build my business

And that business fed to my online which Is like the best so I think that's Really smart to still have some very key Wholesale Partners why do you even need A shark you seem to merely be rolling Along we're looking for mentorship from The Sharks I think some of the things That we've realized as we've grown it There are kind of some bigger decisions That we struggle to make decisions on so There was an opportunity to potentially Sell to a very large retailer but it Would totally change the price point for Super cues and so we had a really hard Time thinking well what would our other Retailers think into this better long Term I think that kind of mentorship I Mean as a mom I love this and I with my Seven-year-old I made baby food for him And I would put it in these little tiny Ice cube trays that were just plastic Where I'm trying to get I only need one Because he's a baby and I wanted to thaw That one out and it was like I had I had Squash frozen squash all over my kitchen So I love this product I think you've Really come up with something brilliant Thank you thank you I've heard enough I'd like to make an offer and get the Game going here I'd like to get behind this as Chef Wonderful with one specific goal with You guys I'd like to get direct to Consumer sales up to 30 percent I have

Many other food products in my universe Of companies and we try and share data So we can reduce our customer Acquisition costs I'm going to make an Offer in two directions because I don't Know how much you care about your Equity Versus another structure I'm going to Offer here okay I'll give you the four Hundred thousand dollars structure one Is I get a 40 Cent royalty on every unit But I only take three percent equity That's offer one the second offer I'll Do the four hundred thousand for 15 Percent no royalty and I'll get behind It but those are two different ways to Go at it yeah you know what I'm gonna Make you an offer okay Um I'll give you two offers but nothing Fancy you like Kevin with the royalty Etc just two straight out offers I'll Give you four hundred thousand for ten Percent or I'll give you eight hundred Thousand for twenty percent that's so Greedy 800k for 20. it's a lot of money I'll just you know twenty percent is a Little bit more than we anticipated Coming here today to to give up and it's More than we discussed with our partner So I think the first off offer of 400 000 would probably be a little bit more Appealing to us why don't you like my Royalty deal which is only three percent Equity

Left it at 40 cents and after I get a Million Um it goes away in Forever that's it It's gone guys what you've accomplished Is great I love your name best name We've ever had oh thank you so much Um but it's just not a fit for me yeah I Mean I think what you guys have Accomplished is incredible but for those Reasons I'm out thank you thanks so much All right well I'm going to tell you What I'm gonna do okay There's not one thing I was sitting here Trying to think what could I find fault With like is there anything that I could Find fault with and it was everything Was a check check check check check like Love you love the product you did Everything right you have great sales so Guess what I am going to offer you my Golden ticket okay only do it one time I Only do it once a season it is really Gold you guys know what it is because I've now done it for at least three Years so what it means is is that you're The hero item that I've seen this season Thus far wow it's actually really gold And I will give you the 400 000 for five Percent That's what the winner of the golden Ticket gets Beat that offer I can't beat that offer I'm out that's amazing We're gonna just do care I'll mail you

The Golden State okay thank you oh my Gosh love you guys really I honestly thought if we can get a deal With Lori she is the golden ticket Back that she gave it to us showed us That she really believes in our product And she believes in us and that means Everything to us and more Wait you're not subscribed to the Shark Tank Youtube channel well then for that Reason I'm out

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