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[Music] Next into the tank is a way to make a Holiday chore easier [Music] Hi sharks my name is Brian Perla I am 21 Years old from West Boylston Massachusetts I am the owner and Inventor of little elf gift wrap cutter Today I am seeking 150 000 in exchange For 15 stake in my company sharks we all Know the holiday season is stressful do We really need one more thing to test Our patients like cutting wrapping paper With scissors Oh everyone hates cutting wrapping paper Because it always comes out ripped Jagged or crooked all of this paper has Been left useless for anything but the Recycling bin That’s why I have revolutionized the way People cut gift wrap with the little elf The easy lightweight and fast gift wrap Cutter in just a few seconds you can cut Straight and feel great just measure the Paper to a desired length Slide the Little elf back so the sheet of paper Drops into the blade embedded slot and Then with ease push the little elf Forward Getting a smooth clean and extremely Satisfying cut every single time so Sharks I know you all could use a little Helper this holiday season so who’s Ready to join me

Cutting Edge Investments I actually want To try to you guys can come on up and Try it so first what you’re gonna do you Can just grab this sheet of paper slide This little off back So it drops into that blade embedded Slot and then just move it forward Yeah Barbara how is it hard to aim easy To do once you got it yep and then just Slide it from wow that’s pretty Ingenious Lori was it easy it really was And it doesn’t matter how big or how Small the piece of paper is right what If I only want half the sheets so I can Show you that right now so it’s great For trimming as well you’re going to Insert it into the blade slot like this With the little elf upside down and then You can trim the paper just like that It’s just that easy it’s just that easy How much does it cost so on Amazon we’re Selling a two pack for 13.99 and on our Website we’re selling anywhere from 5.99 To 749 depending on the quantity how’d You come up with this I’ve always had Just The Knack for like thinking of Ideas coming up with Solutions but that Was confusing to my teachers as like an Elementary school student because I Really struggled with Reading Writing And comprehension finally in second Grade I was diagnosed with pretty severe Dyslexia yes yep too for the rest of my Elementary school I struggled with you

Know reading three four grades behind Finally in fifth grade I was transferred To a school specifically for dyslexic Students throughout High School I really Embraced that I developed and designed What is today little elf gift wrap and How old were you at the time I was a Senior in high school what yeah Yeah Brian and right now I am actually a Junior at Stanford University up in College wow impressive what are you Studying at Stanford product design so It’s the perfect it’s the perfect match For me what are your sales this year and How much money you’re going to make to Date we’ve done 250 thousand dollars in Sales wow you’re doing everything alone And you own it a hundred percent I am Running the whole business myself I do Have a licensing agreement with the World’s largest gift wrap company so my Deal is for the next two to four years I Get 10 to 13 of retail sales only but I Can sell online I can sell on QVC HSN Online shopping you’ve been on QVC we Have not what is your cost to make it Two dollars and nine cents so it costs You two dollars and nine cents and You’re what’s your average sales price Fifteen dollars so you’re selling Multiple units typically Brian you’re You’re killing it your margins are like Eighty percent what else do you need Help with advertising you know I haven’t

Spent a dime on Advertising that’s just To drive your online sales just drive Online sales get on TV shopping would be Huge someone sees it in action they’re Gonna fall in love with it immediately Listen I think I’ve heard enough Um I’m gonna make you an offer I feel I’d be a great partner for you because This is Visual and I think I could blow This up on QVC and also elsewhere but I Think you need help so it would be 150 000 for 30 percent so that we can be Good thing I’m here Brian so that we can Be partners As a fellow dyslexic I’m going to make You an offer too I’m not a greedy I too Will bring you in under my vendor code Of QVC and my team I will personally Sell it on my show we’ll sell a ton oh a Little competition yeah we have Competition but I’m going to structure It differently I’m going to give you 150 000 Um I’m going to apply a royalty of a dollar Unit you can afford until I get back 450 000 then that goes away forever I want 10 of the company and I will blow it up Huge on Amazon and on your website huge It’ll be insane what happens You have two offers what do you want to Do I mean I I you both To me not to listen to everyone else I Have a question yeah repeat back to me

What Kevin offered you so he offered me 150 000 for 10 with a dollar royalty Dollar royalty until he gets back 450 000. So I’ll do his deal but I’ll go 75 cents In royalty I’ll drop it to 50 cents I’ll drop it to 45. I’m helping you out Here a lot I’d say I’ll drop it to 40. I’ll drop it to 35. that’s going to take 2 000 years So I would rather From my point of view have a partner With just Equity no royalty at all yeah I have not taken any money out of this Myself and I’m good with that so my Offer was 150 000 for 30 okay do you Want a counter I will offer 150 000 for 25 . I can sell hundreds of thousands of These in minutes in my show I mean no Offense to Kevin but my show is way more Popular no that’s not true at all yes it Is very true oh my gosh it’s so true but Anyway I’ll give you a an offer 150 000 20 I hope you take it My last offer was at 25 and you’ve Dropped to 20 no royalty straight Equity Yes that’s the deal hey Brian you are One impressive guy I gotta tell you you Are the spirit of what makes this Country great you didn’t make excuses You overcame incredible odds I admire

That it’s not my space both of these Guys are great I know I really Appreciate your time thank you that’s Very cool I’m gonna clear the floor but I really want to encourage you I think You’re fine on your own I can’t even Imagine what getting a shark in I’m out Okay Foreign I’m trying to get a feel where you want To go because one side says you know What you can make a lot of money with The licensing play plus doing it from Your website plus just adding some SEO For Amazon right I know what Lori can do She can do great things but what’s Important here is your vision and how You want to see it blow up I mean I’ve Sold over a thousand successes but That’s not what he said on QVC alone Right don’t you think every shark goes Away with all of their entrepreneurs We’ve been doing this for 10 years no You don’t Laury’s the only one that Makes it that was my success rate Kevin I’ll do it I sell all my deals on QVC Including love Pop cards which has been An unmitigated hit yes and that’s Because of the gifting Seasons around Holiday we kill it Brian what is it that You want in a partner yes That you want for yourself you want a Dyslexic So here I am baby the the retail license

Opportunity is Yeah so while the retail license there Is you know really growing that business I just need to make sure that I’m doing My due diligence and making sure that It’s a cool item that someone can buy Online and you have two good offers 20 Though I’m curious like would you want To be my entrepreneurs come on with me In my show yeah All right if you like that idea of being On QVC and do it it’s not my wheelhouse For those Reasons I’m out yeah okay Let’s just summarize the offers I’ve Offered you the 150 000 no royalty for 25 percent Laurie’s at 150 000 for 20. The extra five is for the Mr Wonderful Part okay because there’s only one Mr Wonderful I’m not discounting myself is There any way you would work together no No we don’t need to but you know in your Heart the right way to go Foreign Dyslexic we have that Bond but Lori is The best option for this and I would Make a deal with you yeah Seriously thank you so much I will not Let you thank you absolutely huge Mistake this product has Lori Rickman Thank you congratulations Wait you’re not subscribed to the Shark Tank Youtube channel well then for that Reason I’m out

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