The Sharks Fight Over Whether This Company Will Succeed #Shorts | Shark Tank US | Shark Tank Global

Oh my god when they give away a hundred Percent of the sales on the Shark Tank Night their biggest night ever it will Guarantee that this business never ever Ever makes any money so I think you've Done a horrible thing here you've left Them in a curse they're trapped in a Business that will never profit see That's the difference between you and I Care right you are wrong I'm the site of Light you're on the side of Darkness You've put them into hell see Kevin not Only hell that's not the third level of Hell where they make salt one bar at a Time my ability to make them successful I know you don't have that ability I Have plenty of ability but that business Doesn't work my Urologic almost none of Us would be here Could have spoken it took me 10 years in The wilderness I am so not worried

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