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Next into the tank is mechatronics Engineering student Benny Tong I dreamed since when I was a child was To be where I was the thing that Fascinates me about robots is that it Makes people's life better we can change This part all I can say we move it out a Little bit yep my product has already Changed my life I believe that it can Change many more people's life and help Them [Music] Hello my name is Benny Tong I'm a Student engineer from South Australia I'm here today seeking for some great Business advice and if possible twenty Thousand dollars for ten percent of my Company besong which also includes our First invention and any products that we Create in the future So what is our product Is a robot designed to wake up the user Only without disturbing anyone around Them it does that by gently tapping them Foreign In the world giving that our clock has The ability to wake the user with touch And all with sound it actually can be More reliable than other alarm devices Artwork is also ideal for people who Lived as a couple I have different Wake-up times or for people who live in Their share room or share house or even Help parents wake up their kids in the

Morning Do we have some fly sharks here today Who like to try for myself here we go Make sure like I poked out Five years of testing it never happened To just give that extra insurance to Parents we include a phone bill on the End okay so I don't get my eye knocked Out So where do you want me in B night night Time plan into bed [Laughter] Never get him out that's it he's done Pretending to be asleep Oh Get up Glenn get up So it is stop it all we need to do is Just press the snooze button okay right [Music] Get up get up [Music] Could you pass me one of your little men I mean it's cute but I couldn't think Anything worse than someone hitting me As I'm waking up you couldn't sell in America Bill wouldn't shoot it Can I ask a question that we're all Thinking Is this just a horrible idea Benny Tong has invented an alarm clock That wakes sleepers with a lighter Get up Glenn get up Glenn but the sharks Aren't sure the product is commercially Viable is this just a horrible idea

It's actually does work because I Actually use it for five years already All right I'm Steve g'day Benny how you going mate What kind of look on as well please and What part of South Australia are you From mate from Mitchell Park oh yeah Mitchell Park nice yeah lovely great So Benny let's get serious about the Clock 50 bucks o'clock that's the retail Price I noticed on you on the screen What's the cost to make Um fifteen dollars so it's not a bad Margin yeah have you sold any yet we Just put pre-orders on our website just Yesterday Benny twenty thousand dollars is what Your ask is for for ten percent of the Company so you valued it at two hundred Thousand dollars yes the twenty thousand Dollars what are you going to spend it On mostly on marketing yep and partially For manufacturing if I was asleep and I'm about to wake up and it hits me in The eye yeah like have you considered Sort of I have considered that like the Angled eggs coming down actually can't Hear you in the eye because if you put a White next to you it will just hit you On the side Unless you're facing it you can't Guarantee that because people move in This thing all the time I could not think of a worse way to be

Woken up Unless I wanted to play a joke on Someone I don't mean to belittle your work right There's a lot of efforts going into this You've obviously believed there's a gap In the market I don't believe there's a Gap in this market for a generic sort of Running a mill wake you up in in the Morning type thing But you know as a novelty this isn't This is amazing this is you know just I'm out but please keep going you're a Smart bloke and I really wish you all The best day thank you You're so clever I mean whether this Idea is a good idea or a bad idea I mean To even do it it's very clever Thank you but My children are like massive they're six Foot three four five rather huge and so They have big beds so that all they have To do is roll onto the other side and They wouldn't get woken up yes exactly I Know there's there's concerns so we Actually have extension so you can Actually extend it oh you see he's Thought of everything bad income I know are they coming at you At you sorry about my colleagues here Look at I agree with Steve I think You'll be a very clever when you've got Millions of ideas this is not the idea For me though okay I'm out thank you

Please tell us yes you haven't put a lot Of money into this Um no good Good I love your guts and courage for coming Here I'm looking forward to seeing the Next big idea but this one I was never In So I'm out okay no problems thinking At this point I see you as an ideas guy I do wonder if maybe you'd like to License this to somebody else who's Going to manufacture and it deliver it So you can get on with the new ideas and You don't get distracted with running What would become an Enterprise the Other thing is marketing is really quite Expensive and twenty thousand dollars Isn't going to do very much at all As an investment it's not really working For me I understand I'm out yeah thanks Thank you So Benny you're a boffin you're an ideas Man really this is a product and it's Not yet a business I think you've got to find someone to Pipe you up with so you can keep Incubating those ideas I do have a friend in Queensland who Sells more electronic gadgets into Harvey Norman's and David Jones than Anyone else in Australia happy to pass Your name on but quite simply I don't Think we're anywhere near yet an

Investable position So I'm out mate I understand thank you So much for the offer welcome Good luck keep at it Bud congratulations You gotta say it's kind of cute And it's amusing Steve so that's Obviously worth something I know it's nice for everybody but I use It every day so I know it actually works

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