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Next in the tank is an Island's best Kept secret for skin care [Music] Bonjour sharks my name is Eve Carmon Peruse my name is Stefan Gene Baptiste And I'm the lucky honey of this Beautiful woman right here we live in Sunny Miami Florida and we are seeking Four hundred thousand dollars for 10 of Our company crayol Essence sharks let's Get right to it Crayola Essence has the Liquid gold of the Caribbean the most Nourishing oil you'll ever want to use For your hair Skin and Body we're Talking about a rare Beauty secret Called [Music] Green muskriti also known as Haitian Castor oil let's show you how we make Liquid gold after six months of Harvesting the best castle seeds are Hand selected by women Artisans the Seeds are then pressed using a pestle And mortar then they are roasted and Simmered to Perfection after the oil has Decanted like a fine wine a masters used To filter out any debris leaving you With the raw and pure Haitian castor oil We all love So whether it's moisturizing kinky curly Hair promoting thicker lashes or brows Or relieving dry itchy skin we have the Most high performing natural products For you but wait there's more Crayola

Essence creates work for over 300 Farmers and women producers So sharks who's ready to help us build a Billion dollar business and share with The world the true beauty that Haiti has To offer another sharks Thank you guys so much nicely done guys Thank you Stefan is now going to make Sure that you guys get your own boxes From the Caribbean and you get to Experience the liquid gold thank you [Music] Thank you [Music] So what you guys have in your boxes it's A collection of some of our best sellers Lori you're holding up right now is our Mango papaya rum punch smells heavenly Yeah it transports you to the Caribbean Damon which you have right now it's the Mango papaya rum punch body cream for Your skin Oh that smells really good oh My gosh and you have Haitian Grounded Coffee in the body wash and it's 100 Natural and I have to say no sticky feel Whatsoever there's no sticky feeling so There's a lot of creams and lotions and Things out on the market I'm very Curious to know what makes yours Different or better what makes Haitian Castor oil so unique is a composition That only the oil has which is called Racinoleic acid it's going to go deeper Into the skin instead of sitting on top

So this is particularly important for Those with eczema psoriasis where they Need a lot of hydration he's just castor Oil different than regular castor oil is It somehow unique so the way castor oil Is normally processed what many And they use other You're hiring people in Haiti right so Can you talk more about those programs And what you're doing there absolutely So our supply chains actually starts Directly out of Haiti we actually have Our own Farm about 12 hectares where we Work with the farmers they work for us Directly but then we also work with Cooperative cooperatives most Farmers Live on less than one dollar a day we Are paying double that to make sure that Anytime they're coming with Caster seeds We give it an above market price got it Good okay so what are your sales so we Started the business in 2014 we did 135 000 okay in 2016 we did forty thousand Dollars worth of sales what happened at The time in 2016 we were focusing on Actually selling the casserole in bulk Um and one of our top clients actually Walked away we were still building the Supply chain still just we had one Client to represent the majority it was Actually the majority yes so we decided To Pivot in 2017 we decided to go direct To Consumer and from there our sales Jumped to three hundred and twenty seven

Thousand dollars In 2018 we did a million dollars in Sales and what's this year look nice This year we project that we will close At 2 million why will we have such a Significant jump in Revenue at 2 million So the reason that we feel that we're Going to get to 2 million is that we Just secured a contract from the largest Beauty retailer in the country Alta Ulta Yeah and they're going to be launching Us in all 1200 doors you have a PO in Hand So we just finished the contract and Then we should be getting the PO in the Next few weeks how do people know what This is that's a really good question I Want to walk by this and really not know Anything and that's why we spend lots of Time making sure that we educate our Retail Partners and their staff the Other thing is social media so right now We have over a hundred thousand Followers between all of our social Media outlets and our customer base They're showing before and after Pictures which we have here that we Would love to show you guys this Actually helps grow hair yes well yes It helps to promote hair growth that's What we always say we say promote hair Growth so male pattern baldness is a Major issue and we have one of our Customers again unsolicited who started

Using our Haitian castor oil and in Three months you could see at the crown Of his head that his hair started to Grow And by the way what does this one jar Cost so the retail price is about 22 Dollars for our scented and 16 for our Original castor oil and it cost you what To make it it cost me two dollars and Fifty cents to make will you be Profitable this year we are profitable What did you make in 2018 on the 1 Million we did about 300 000 on that and Do you have any debt now we do have debt How much do you have three hundred Thousand dollars in that What I love about this business is you You could sell whatever you want to sell Extremely persuasive but interestingly It's also what I don't like about the Business your business is too damn Dependent on you selling the product That's just not scalable I'm out Guys congratulations with what you've Been able to accomplish I just don't see This being worth four million dollars Amount All right so it's just such a Competitive space and I don't have Enough expertise in the beauty space I'm Out Damon sorry to hear that you showed Those pictures of hair growth have you Done any testing any uh laboratory or

Trials or clinicals or anything so Clinical Tech is actually part of the Marketing spend and part of what you Know we're looking at that to me all it Does is signal a red flag because when You put out anything like that into the Consumer Market you really have to have A lot of proof backing that up because You don't have the clinicals so I'm Sorry but the customers are giving their Experience as a product person and as a Shark there's tons of fake scanners Absolutely absolutely Ads because they'll Photoshop our images And they'll say that we back that and we Don't it all so now I have to be triply Careful well Lori's red flag might be This character's greatest attraction so I look at it and say what you do have is Sales a potential of 2 million in sales If this works out with this Retailer there's a lot of risk in this Thing I don't think the business is Worth four million dollars today I'm Sorry I'll give you the four hundred Thousand dollars I want thirty seven Percent Okay thank you so much for that offer Would you do 400 000 for 20 percent Never never never This has risks all businesses look I'm Impressed by you now we're having a Tough love discussion it's about money I Want to make money 37 is too rich can

You meet me in the middle at 25 no no So look you have to make a decision I'll still have the four hundred Thousand dollars when you walk out that Door and someone else will still have me That you know account where I'm gonna Make two million this year and go on to Make 5 10 and make sure that we get to 100 million dollars because that's what Businesses of our Rank and size have Done and I want you to be part of that Business you have to make a decision but 37 is way too high there's no way to get That much you know if you don't like it Don't take it lots of risks that's why They call it the Shark Tank Foreign [Laughter] Yes or no Foreign You are very emotional can you share why God that time period was really tough For us in 2016. I mean even to the point where we almost Just close the business down it Challenged our relationship you know Feeling as if we Sort of failed to build our community Failed ourselves It's not just about the great products It's about the mission of helping to Create a blueprint for poverty Alleviation which is a huge problem Around the world

It's my culture it's my identity it's It's it's everything that my parents Sacrificed so get us here I mean we Shouldn't be here But you are here and you have an offer What have you decided to do [Music] Mr Wonderful would you be interested in Thinking through this doing a royalty You Know Royalty yes That brings a tear to my eye I'd like to hear what do you have in Mind 15 cents for every bottle sold That so I don't have any Equity it's Just a royalty it's just a royalty deal Tell you what final offer I want 25 Cents royalty on every unit sold in Perpetuity and five percent equity and You have a deal [Music] Foreign [Music] Wow what a turnaround I didn't see that Coming Congratulations thank you Wow what a surprise twist boy she's got A lot of fire in that belly we did a Royalty deal No I was not expecting Mr Wonderful yes To be a partner in a Haitian Beauty Brand yeah not quite what you think of

Every day but you know Kevin O'Leary Surprises you Before you go don't forget to subscribe To the Shark Tank Youtube channel and Ring the notification Bell to keep up With everything that's bubbling in the Tank

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