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[Applause] Next into the tank is Laurie who's Staking her business future on catching The sharks in a friendly mood I do have A potty mouth hopefully that will make Me a pot of gold and hopefully they'll Like my products We're inappropriate so not everyone's Going to like our products I hope I have A sense of humor because if they don't It could be a disaster [Music] Hello sharks my name's Laurie and I'm The founder and owner of the Inappropriate gift card I'm here today Seeking a hundred thousand dollar Investment in exchange for 10 equity in The business The inappropriate gift code solves the Problem of where to go if you're looking For a unique gift for a friend or family Member with a cheeky and inappropriate Sense of humor And we bring you a One-Stop shop a Curated online store specializing in Inappropriate gifts We Source our gifts from a range of Australian and international suppliers As well as create our own product range That you won't find anywhere else The idea for the giftco came after a Particular really stressful week at work As an HR Manager and I thought there Must be more fun to life than this so on

The 1st of November 2016 I launched my Very first basic website with 10 Products since then we have sold over 23 600 products To over 9600 customers Across 36 different countries Revenue to Date has been four hundred and seventy Thousand dollars wow impressive the Inappropriate gift go is at the perfect Stage to scale up and we are looking for Your investment as well as your Expertise To help us reach our big hairy audacious Goal which is To be the global home of inappropriate Gifts So sharks who wants to be inappropriate With me Oh my God that's what I think it is it's Whiskey yeah there you go whiskey Laurie That's fantastic I'll give you all a Goodie bag as well yeah okay what do we Got I hope you have a sense of humor Sharks you about to find out we're about To find out Don't piss me off I'm skilled at Neutering very good hold on Everyone knows the Naomi Is usually I sit next to an idiot what is your Saying No I didn't get one oh no I didn't get One oh he's lying he's so lying Steve Well done

You're looking for an investment of a Hundred thousand dollars for 10 value in Your business at a million dollars yes And so when did you step full time into This business I finished work as an HR Manager in November 2017. I've got a um A great partner called budget Ben I love Him to pieces and he said honey you can Do whatever you want as long as you Bring home net the same amount of money As you're making in your HR job and so Just quickly looking at the numbers 470 000 in 15 months is spectacular for a Starting business well done thank you What is the net on that so I work on a Gross margin of 40 and a net margin of 30 essentially you're making before he Pays off about 150 Grand a year yes okay What's what's in your gross margins do You include customer acquisition in your Gross no I haven't actually looked at my Customer acquisition rate yet because I Haven't done any I suppose advertising paid advertising So it's all been organic if you've done No paid advertising no it's been organic 470k in 15 months with no paid Advertising yes One of my um posts on social media went Um Global so it hit 99 million views What was it I just posted one of my mugs The mug was I'm not feeling very talky Today and then there was some swear Words after that well come on give us a

Head of both barrels give us okay I'm Not feeling very talky today off you oh That sounds nice do they come in a set My first time in four years has been Genuinely funny [Laughter] [Music] Um how do you achieve your big hairy Audacious goal sure so our plan so we're On track regardless of um of this to Reach one million dollars worth of sales At the end of this year and then 2019 is 3 million and then 20 20. so we want 20 Million in the year 2020 2020. I like That and in order to do that we will Need North America Um as well as the UK all of you have Taken a business this size and scaled up Nationally internationally and probably Most importantly profitably we will do It but we will do it a lot quicker and a Lot smarter and probably lose a lot less Money doing it with any of your help So Laura you're a no-brainer any one of Us could invest in you get our money Back I see that you're organized you're Button down and I'm sure you'd be Delight to work with not to mention a Little amusing at times thank you Okay who's in So Laurie I'm in I'll go the 100K for 20. 100k 100k 15.

Oh it's going to be a lot harsher than That so I'm going to actually bow out Because I know where you're going is Going to be a hard journey you're going To burn some serious cash as you scale Up but you have to good luck I'm out Foreign For you and you need way more than a Hundred thousand dollars to do that in Terms of really the scale so the deal That I'm going to suggest to you is a Hundred thousand dollars for fifteen Percent but then another hundred Thousand dollars for another ten percent If we deliver to you and double the size Of your business inside of 12 months So let me summarize Laurie Steve's Offered you 20 for your 100 000. Janine 18 I've offered you 15 and Naomi's Offering you the hundred thousand for The 15 but she's also offering another Hundred thousand in finance 100 for 12 And a half percent [Music] Are you on Amazon I'm back in I'm going to match the 100K For two and a half percent because I'll Introduce you to the Amazon guys Foreign Go talk to your husband thank you Let's have a look at this stuff How'd you go I got deals from all five Of them I've got to choose which one all right

Okay so I've got Naomi at 100 000 for 15 And then she will bring an extra 100 000. Andrew 15 for a hundred grand okay That's good good um Glenn is 12 and a Half percent and so is Steve and Jimenez 18 so All for 100 grand so I think yeah okay Yeah all right I love all of them yeah Um but let's go okay let's do a deal You're called budget green by the way Okay This is Ben hello hello Fantastic budget Ben that's it has to be That's good so you must be really proud Of that I am very extremely proud she's Done an amazing job here today we have a Lot of people stand there they don't Know what they're talking about they Don't have their numbers there's too Much ego not enough Drive she's got it All you know you've got the right Partner Laurie I've decided to make my deal Easier oh and just offered 250 000 for 25 percent In one up because you're gonna need the Money So you've got to enjoy the journey as Much as the results you enjoy the Journey more with me That's a fact Naomi I would love to work with you [Music] Some things some things come and go well

Done good job yeah Have a drink have a drink Thank you that was so much thanks for The gifts [Music] That was fantastic that was brilliant Loved every minute of that point now Because it's an obvious choice you know She's in the gifting business I'm so Happy

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