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[Music] Next up is a product designed for the Do-it-yourself groomer [Music] [Music] Hello sharks my name is Joshua eslart I'm here from Fort Lauderdale Florida And I'm the inventor of the cut buddy Today I'm seeking three hundred thousand Dollars in exchange for 10 of my company Shirts you know what cutting your own Hair Damon you ever cut your own hair I have Cutting your own hair that's no easy Task one wrong move and it can all be Over Bro Oh my goodness what did you do man what Happened oh man pushed back his hairline Oh No but you know what it doesn't have to Be this way because I created the Solution it's called The Cut buddy here You go brother use this instead all Right the cut buddy is the first Multi-curve hair grooming guide tool That allows you to edge up and shape up Your beard lines and your hair lines Perfectly and quickly with three curves And three straight edges you can look Great regardless of your head shape or Your hair size see that's a better curve Keep using the cut but you should have Used that from the beginning all right

Before a beautiful bearded model friend Here the cut buddy works perfectly for Beards all you need to do is put the Product against your beard line and let It guide you to the perfect look see There's no more second guessing you can Now cut your hair with confidence you Can look great people will stop you on The street and say hey who cuts your Hair Great job Joe Joe who cut your hair That's the cut money difference there so Sharks who wants to cut a deal Oh I have some samples I want to see him Cut your hair Kevin listen very very Delicate lines There you go did you create your little Character here yeah it's all created by Me so I did all the packaging myself Tell us about you sure I am actually an Immigrant from uh developing country Called St Lucia maybe some of you have Visited it's beautiful beautiful country Beautiful my parents had me very young They were trying to make a better life They moved to America but if you know Anything about old school immigrant Parents you're getting one type of Haircut and that's the buzz cut so I was Getting ready to go to middle school I Wanted to get the girls I wanted to wear My Platinum fooboo good man my haircut To look nice so I didn't want my dad Cutting my hair I tried to cut my own

Hair and I jacked it up many times so I Went and started designing all kinds of Products that can help me and I actually Cut up my dad's folders and created the First cut buddy when I was 13 years old I actually sat on this For 15 years before I patented it what Was the Catalyst to go from letting it Lie to starting the business so my Girlfriend and I we're trying to move The treadmill into the garage and it Won't fit so we took the door off the Hinges fit the treadmill in and then She's like all right put the door back On the hinges I'm like uh that was a lot Of work she's like you never finish what You start it hit my heart and I thought I wasn't showing up for my life so I Went to my inventor book and hold up I've had an inventor book for many years And the first page of my invention book Is the cut buddy and you have a patent On it yes I actually have two and do you Still have the girlfriend She's my fiance now and we're expecting A baby in a week or two so you're gonna Have to sell a whole lot of these give Me the time frame from that epic moment To you standing here I've been open in Business uh since January 2016. so why Don't you give us sales for 2016 and What you project for 2017 to help me get Over the hump on this three million Dollar value my sales for 2016 were

Seven hundred thousand dollars [Applause] If you sell 60 000 units how did you do That I found some Affiliates on YouTube That had a heavy following doing videos For hair and all of a sudden my sales Went from 20 sales per day to 100 200 400 sales per day and I went viral on Facebook hit 11 million views wow what Do you sell it for I sell it at 14.95 And we wholesale at the 850 price point What does it cost you it's two dollars What is retail is it hair places like Sally's or is it Walgreens CVS or oil I Met with Sally's uh I'm just waiting Basically for them to offer me a PO Target and Walmart has brought us on as but yeah that's the retail area That we want to go to but most of the Sales now are direct to Consumer correct Maybe 20 of my sales are to wholesale Clients Um and then the rest are right to Consumer what do you need us for because I think that the mentorship that you Guys can give me as a strategic partner Can help me you have to realize that I'm An inventor I invented a product that Went viral so basically I had a baby That's learning how to drive a car now With 300 000 you can go and date 17 Mentors at 10 000 a month and pick the One you want yeah and you don't have to Share the rest of your profits for the

Rest of your mind are you trying to talk Yourself out of a deal I'm not trying to Talk myself out of jail but I want to Ask questions because if he turns around And we can't do better than he's doing Foreign So I'm prepared to make you an offer It's not really a business it's a Product with a good entrepreneur that Hustles underneath it I'll give you the Three hundred thousand dollars what I Want is a dollar fifty from every unit Until I've made back a milski basically Just over three times on my money then It goes away and just so I can keep my Interest in you I want five percent of The company Josh I'll throw a sweetener in I'll Throw a sweetener in If you do this deal with me I'll grow my Hair back [Laughter] Oh man just Just come out Thank you Mark congratulations man you Just I could have helped you Rebillionize Josh I think it's a good product I don't I don't really understand it to be Honest with you and and it it worries me That to me it's so self-evident you got To go online you got to hustle it out There and you want to go into retail I Don't want to have that argument with

You I'm out I honestly think that this Will be as common as a comb in your House in the next five years as far as Triplets that means there are other Templates out there so I've been knocked Off more than 700 times prior to that It's really no staggering I'm the first I'm the father of the industry and they Caught on fish and stuff it just tells You it's a confirmation of the product Okay I'm all right with that but I made You an offer and you're still talking to People that don't seem that excited Damon I see you're quiet and how are you Doing you're one of my idols and I love Your story is there any way that you and Kevin would work together in this To work with Kevin why would I do that I Mean it's a beautiful I have more hair Than he has No matter what side of the table we're Up on here we're here to fight for the Entrepreneur right so I don't want to Put a burden on you but if there are Places you think I can add value of Course I relate to the product you know You're going to be a new dad right now Every decision you're going to make from This point on is not going to be about You it's going to be about two other Very important people are you thinking About that because The day you become a father Life Changes I just want to do good for my child

It's being bored And I just sometimes I just feel lost Because I feel like I'm just an inventor And I'm not really a business owner Totally I work my ass off but sometimes I just feel lost and I feel like you Guys are like the flashlight that can Help me get into wherever that I need to Be I'm just gonna you know this 28 Million small businesses in this country And over half of them are operated by One man and one woman shops and they're The backbone of our country they're more Valuable than people ever give them Credit to be so you're here already Thank you You know I've got an offer for you Two sharks are out Kevin has an offer on The table for the cut buddy a trimming Guide for home haircuts but Damon is Also interested I'll offer you uh three Hundred thousand dollars for For twenty percent And trust me you know I would normally Say 33 in the third There are to me traits to a great Entrepreneur Drive Passion not giving up you have all of Those traits to do all these different Things as they said but you also have Two good offers here so I'm out Thank you Lori so Josh three sharks out Two offers on the table what are you

Gonna do Damon is there any way that you'd go to 12.5 percent oh I like that about you but I would Normally be at 33 300 000 for 20 I think is fair it gets me Excited I go out there and I I do Whatever you need me to do Foreign Josh you have to make a decision my Friend You know what Um Damon I'm gonna I'm gonna ride with you Oh congratulations congratulations good Job all right brother Congratulations Congrats Josh congratulations I can't Wait to work he's gonna be a good day Congratulations thank you so much Congratulations [Music] Yes I'm gonna make sure that my family All the way from my parents to my Grandma are taken care of because that's All that matters they took care of me But from a developing country called St Lucia and we had a long ride to America He made it Up we made it we made it that Krista I Love you Dive into the Shark Tank Youtube channel And subscribe now

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