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First into the tank is a product to help You survive the most crucial hours of an Emergency [Music] Mountaineers Hello sharks my name is Christian Schoff And I'm Mike escamilla we're asking for A hundred thousand dollars in exchange For five percent of our company Supply Company Is it the big one it was a big one Hopefully that was the big one Sharks our world it's changing we're in These situations like earthquakes and Natural disasters on a rise with growing Population it's getting harder and Harder for First Responders an emergency Personnel to keep up that's true and While 95 of all survival situations are Resolved in 72 hours what you do in Those first 72 hours can be the Difference between life and death we Have a solution for that we got to clean Up a little bit here I didn't like that picture anyways That's the way I clean up too Introducing the 72. Oh This is over 35 high quality tools and Information to help you survive and Thrive in literally hundreds of Situations everything from air Filtration food to shelter this bag Honestly has everything you need it is

The smartest product on the market all The price point nearly anyone can afford We designed this to educate equip and Prepare people for whatever life throws Their way this is the 72. You wanna because we got some samples For you guys all right Here we go oh cool real samples this is Fantastic all right is this the best Goodie bag I've received in a long time Barbara I know what you're getting for Christmas here you go thank you Christian are you saying everything on That board is in here yeah yeah Tell us some of the key safety items That are in the bag this is a bit of a Transformer everything works to work Together so there's not one thing that Really makes a difference it's having The right things for whatever happens One of the things a lot of people don't Have is is like this is an Eden power uh Power bank so that is a crank radio Flashlight and it'll charge your cell Phone What's your background I started the company I grew up in a Dairy farm in Wisconsin so I I've lived A life outside where you prepare for the Day and you take care of yourself right I moved to LA a few years ago and Sprinkled one day and the whole world Stopped L.A is very delicate this guy's From La so he hates when I tell this but

It's this is where the idea really came From I I thought if if rain is going to Stop everybody in their tracks what Happens if an earthquake hits so I Started researching a product that I Thought would protect me everything in The market it's just not the right thing Isn't there it's almost dangerous Because you think you're buying Something to prepare yourself and what's In there is nothing it's not gonna work And even if it does work you don't know How to use it especially the good thing About this is it has all the directions Printed how to use it what order to use In it color coordinated the pockets Inside because you know when it's Emergency happens it's kind of frantic It's a great idea people never think About bad crap happening until bad crap Happens Can you break out the numbers for me What are your sales we started about six Months ago selling we've sold seven Hundred thousand dollars so far 64 Countries we did a crowdfunding campaign To start how much did you do in Crowdfunding uh we did about four Hundred thousand dollars in the first Month and everything else has been Through our website give me an idea of What yours cost and what are the average Ones on the market so we are a little More expensive ours is 350 okay it's not

Bad Um and what do you make it for our first Round they cost us 209 a piece to make Because we were really concerned about Making the right product but in six Months we've gotten that price down to 141 dollars and we really do better so You guys got to be making a boatload of Money right I think we're going to make 253 000 this first year but I I haven't Taken a penny so you're making three Hundred thousand dollars in gross margin Basically we just bought three thousand Units why so many units at a time what's Your lead time and where are you making Them we are on the grand scale of things A small player with these big factories Right so the factory said we'll have Your product in 30 days and being 90 Days we assemble these in the United States at a company called proact that Hires handicapped people and gives them Jobs so great um we found a really cool Solution there and we feel really good About that I think you guys are so authentic but You're like out of Central Casting pick These guys commercial for other reasons Yeah no no that's not true I know you Might be attracted to me but I am a Marriage Just for the record yeah but a marriage A guy that has a fire extinguisher in The four corners of every room I live in

So he's like right on this kind of stuff He's really hoping for doomsday I think I'm gonna buy one for Bill and let the Other guys take your deal I'm out thank You very much thank you Guys I I don't think you need a lot more Than the cash and I don't like being Dumb money so for those Reasons I'm out [Music] So guys I'm sitting here I'm thinking All the executional challenges Operational challenges but you'll figure It out I do think you need a little more Money you're looking for a hundred Thousand for five percent here's my Offer I'll give you two hundred thousand For ten percent Oh thank you same valuation more money Do we have a deal Well they want to hear what we have to I Mean you know maybe they do maybe they Don't I don't want to get into a bidding more With people I'd love to do business with You 200 000 for 10 or you can move on to The other sharks I'm happy to sit out and I'm happy to do A deal right now I mean that is very Attractive to me I would just love to See what everybody else has to say that Is that is right we're looking I'm Exploding I'm gonna go out he's going to go out Going twice I'm gonna tell you what I'm

Gonna say okay I'm okay what took it We have a deal That just happened yeah it just happened That just happened Robert thank you very Much that was faster I trained Robert Well you have to go fast I'm sorry you Have to make a decision he was trying to Talk hey guys in nine years that's the First time he's been able to pull that Off thank you all right thank you That was a usurping right there oh no I Would have blown it up amongst women I Would have done it the reason I wanted To do that was I knew exactly where You're going to go and that is the big Market Port if you can get women to buy It and put them in there or whatever how You're going to get women to buy it well It was going to come to you right Wait you're not subscribed to the Shark Tank Youtube channel well then for that Reason I'm out

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