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Next up is a brand for an underserved Market [Music] That's some long ass hair Yo sharks I'm Lindsey Bartow AKA El Moreno and I'm Chris Healey better known As El Rubio we're from San Diego California we're seeking 95 000 in Exchange for a 10 Equity stake in our Business the long hairs a Men's Grooming And Lifestyle brand and Global Fraternity for men with long hair Kevin's out I may grow my hair back for this deal do You know what Genghis Khan Louis XIV and Benjamin Franklin all had in common they Were long hairs in fact 45 of the 53 Framers of the Constitution had long Hair and the ones who didn't or wig so People thought they did Else was born to be a long hair [Music] Now Lori I know we all can't have as Perfect hair as you but you know what we Sure can try So sharks if you could be so kind is to Place the wig upon your school adjust it Accordingly Mr Wonderful to take you Back to those Glory Days yeah Oh Yeah yes Mark just looking fantastic Come on guys all right all right so Phenomenal now that we are all feeling The flow let us tell you a little bit

About our Flagship product so sharks Have you ever asked a man for a hair tie No No why because it wasn't cool until now Now you can get hair ties for guys and Guess what now it is cool hair ties for Guys are freaking awesome so tie it up With pirates the American flag and Lightning bolts which show that you mean Business they tell you my hair ties are As epic as these flowing means Yeah Yeah that's right sharks we are the long Hairs we Advocate educate and celebrate Men's long Mains with hair whips and High fives and we are looking for the Right shark to invest in this untapped Niche market that's about to go Supernova so who's ready to ride with The long hairs and turn this flow into Dove wow so sharks please go ahead and Open the boxes now you're gonna find our Hair ties for guys as well as a couple Of our other products Robert I see that it was a little bit Challenging doing this for your first Time are you saying you don't like my Man bun no you look fantastic yeah [Applause] Oh he looks like a freaking Hamilton Reject All right are you selling any of this Stuff we are well let's talk about that All right so year one was last year we

Did 25 000 in sales year to date this Year we're at 85 000. we're all pace for 140. where are you selling So we have two channels right now our Website and Amazon and that's it so it's All margin that's even better yeah oh Yeah what do you sell it for what's your Margin so that collect the packs you're Holding there we're selling for twelve Dollars you sell this for twelve dollars What does it cost you them a dollar Sixty and what's the women's equivalent Uh so there's a It goes from two dollars for like a pack Of a hundred really why wouldn't I just You know steal my wife's that's what We've been doing and really we started Growing our hair out for the first time And we started going and buying hair Ties at the women's hair care aisle and We're figuring out like okay these are Pink these are polka dot these are Purple like they're saying the colors Regular colors aren't manly right colors But it's also the machine and what we Actually found out through our product Testing and development is we actually Have come up with a superior hair tie Why are they better the problem that we Were able to solve in developing these Hair ties is that Brands were not able To print robust creative designs on the Outside of the hair tie without Sacrificing performance so we were able

To use a polyester based elastic blend That allowed us to do a heat transfer so That we could print all the designs that We wanted without sacrificing the Performance and we've also used this Sleeve to cover the seam which allows us To individually brand the soap with all Their hair ties now that it's the best Hair tie in the world would women buy it Absolutely it's a fun little business I Give you guys credit man and it's a good Angle is there anybody else focused on Guys with long hair there's really no One speaking to men with long hair or so There's no one selling specific products To men with long hair hey crazy from my Hair uh we try to dye your hair because It was uh Sorry why did you dye his hair oh Because there was actually a Red Wings It was raggedy you died Wow okay [Laughter] How do you guys get the word out now we Have a podcast articles we have videos Attempting to break the most consecutive Hair whips in the Grand Canyon Oh no yeah How many did you do 14 consecutive days How many whips Uh we weren't counting the actual Individual whips it was the days in a Row okay but how many guys have hair Down to their shoulders or longer so

What we know is that we've captured Close to 5 000 customers so far we know We're getting 45 000 unique visitors okay guys I like you And I like this let me throw a deal out Here because I want to be part of this Movement because you guys make crazy Margins so here's my offer I'm going to Give you your 95 000 for 10 however if I've ever seen a deal that can support a Royalty this is it so here's how I get My dough back because 10 is nothing you Know what I mean so I want two bucks off Every order until I get back 200 000 Which basically doubles my money then it Goes away and I keep my silence please Then I keep my 10 as your partner to Give me an incentive to keep blowing up Your website because when I get behind This guys with hair and even guys Without hair are going to be ordering This thing Uh Kevin that's a generous offer we Appreciate it first of all that you Would believe in US you met us for a Minute here we'd like to consider a Little bit further So to me looking at what you're doing With those ties and the headbands I'd be Doing a lot of black I do skull and Crossbones I would do things like that That are just a little more edgy because I do feel that guys are going to Gravitate to that it's not the

Recommendation tank you're recommending Them to death are you gonna make an Offer are you investing I no What's the words For me I would be redesigning everything That you had which I'm sure that you Don't want that I'm sorry I'm out The rude Okay guys before you get back to the King of Propecia Here's my thought we All work here I believe to have a Quality of life and I don't know if you Need my investment because if I call you On the phone to find out you've been Whipping your hair in the Grand Canyon For 14 days we're gonna have a problem I don't want to destroy your quality of Life I'm out I like you guys right because you know What you're doing yep all right so I'll Make you an offer I'll give you a Hundred thousand dollars for 25 percent Expensive what well you know you realize Kevin gave you an offer a long time ago What was your offer again very very Reasonable given that Mark's gonna steal A quarter of your business I said I'd Give you the 95 000 you asked for I'll Take the 10 Equity to get involved but I Want two dollars from every order until I get back two hundred thousand dollars Then that royalty goes away that's how I Get my Capital back but then we're still

Left with our friendship and our hair But I only have 10 of the company versus His 25 I like my deal Lynn's got two Completely different options You guys know I'm not patient right Mark would you do it for 15 100 000. I do it for 20. yes or no [Music] Mark we got a deal done yeah Oh yeah come on let's get him let's go [Music] Before you go don't forget to subscribe To the Shark Tank Youtube channel and Click on that notification Bell to keep Up with everything that's bubbling in The tank

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