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Next up is a company with a unique way Of doing business [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Hey sharks I'm Muhammad I'm also Muhammad and I'm Anthony but you could Call me Muhammad too we're from Bloomington Indiana Seeking sixty thousand dollars in Marketing expertise in exchange for 10 Of our business When you shower with traditional soap You're actually slathering animal fat All over your body as Muslims who happen To be vegans we don't eat meat and hated The idea of cleaning ourselves with Animal fat so that's why we created our Company the Mad Optimist a totally Unique different radical customizable Soap and body care company everything we Make is vegan Halal non-GMO gluten-free And cruelty free yay Here's how it works you simply go to our Website and choose the type of product You like to make let's say you choose Soap Then you pick your essential oil sense And we even get to pick add-ins like Spirulina coconut milk or activated Charcoal and to continue the fun you can Pick your packaging design and name your Soap anything you want and sharks for The very first time in Shark Tank

History you're going to hear something You've never heard before we have a Sliding price scale that's right a Sliding price scale where customers can Choose how much they pay for their Products so for customers who can afford To pay a little bit more it offsets the Cost for customers who need to pay a Little bit less we are crazy about doing Good in this world we run our business Very differently and that's because Everything that we do is deeply rooted In transparency integrity and kindness So sharks which one of you is a mad Optimist So we pre-place uh customized gifts for Each of you all right thank you and each Box has a custom soap custom lip balm Custom bath soak and custom spray each Design just for you named for you this Stuff smells delicious thank you thank You guys this deal where I designed my Own bar of soap I mean are you actually Making individual soap bars for each Order yes yeah to Kevin's Point what are The economics sure uh so soap is our Most popular product it's about 80 of What we sold so far with the custom the Cost for that is about 450 per bar and Like we said it's a sliding scale so you Can choose anywhere from about six Dollars to about 16 so 850 is the Average and then I mean I can choose how Much I pay you for it yeah yeah and we

Have he's Blaine he's about to blow so You know why we do that Mr Wonderful as Well we want everyone please help me Understand this madness you see we feel Like this is a premium product and we Want everyone to afford it you're Averaging the median you're in the Middle right yeah and what's your profit Margin in the middle so the profit Margin in the middle is about 50 50. Anthony how long have you been doing It with the Mad Optimist brand it's been About 11 months all right last 11 months What are your sales the last 11 months With the Mad Optimus it's been about Twenty one thousand dollars And I do want to add in that 25 000 well that kind of reflects I'm Trying to be optimistic Absolutely in 11 months you've sold 21 000 of custom soap and I I do want what Are your total sales our sales have been Uh 97 000 year to date do you ever go Home at night and say what is the Meaning of life every night every night Guys tell us the evolution yeah At the very beginning the three of us Started selling at farmers markets shows Stores and throughout Indiana and then Fast forward five years five years you Did that for five years yeah how much Soap did you sell in that five years we Sold so it's eight hundred thousand Dollars in total since the beginning in

The beginning it was five years five Years seven years now Guys what do you actually do what are Your real jobs well this is our job and We've been working really hard you don't Have any other jobs do you eat any Protein Do you eat anything how do you pay Yourself we've used up some savings and Then family's been helping us out Because everyone really believes in what The other question is why are you Optimistic you have no reason to be Optimistic at the time they're mad half The time they're optimistic the Definition of insanity is doing the same Thing over and over again and expecting A different outcome but they already Told you they're insane there's no Growth your hand making bars and doing 21 000 no that's just the soap okay let's Do wholesale I try to be optimistic There is nothing here for an investor And also your parents must be asking When you're going to wake up and get Jobs I'm out Well thank you for your entire time by The way the energy that oozes out of Every one of you and out of your Packaging is awesome there's so much Vibrant beautiful energy but you have a Long ways to go you're way too obsessed

About your mission and you're not Letting the product shine through I Think you have a very long journey to Figure a lot of stuff out best of luck I'm out I couldn't love the three of you more You are fun you have purpose and you are Good to the core but this isn't the Business I would be so in because of you But because the business isn't going to Get you there I truly amp pained to say I'm out Muhammad plural Anthony I really love Your energy but I could not hate your Business more The open market does not reward good Intention it rewards results three great Guys with a mad business I'm out On our website you place your order You'll see that number increment you are So obsessed with all the coolness of Running a business eventually you got to Run a business and you've been in Business for seven years what's the Product sell something our product is Customized body care and exactly and you Don't you don't properly celebrate that You don't what matters is that the world Becomes a better place to live the world Cannot become a better place to live if You don't contribute to it We're not con we're not confused we have A plan we've done wholesale and and bulk Custom you don't have a plan you've been

Doing it for seven years you pivot all The time which is fine but you have no Results you made of us and and that's Not fair custom is our entryway this is Our point of differentiation no one is Doing custom bar soaps like we are so What's next what comes after a custom Bar soap So I mean we already have custom lip Balms bath soaks we're adding on other Body care products as well would you be Willing to to have multiple businesses In other words verticalizing so when you First came in you started talking about You know being Muslim and how you know You have a different orientation towards Products right why not have a website That focuses just on that market yes Yeah microsites well have you done that Um not yet Um we it's been one of our plans Um so you would do it yes because if you Give these money give the money you're Cursing them they're going to stay doing This this is horrible but what really Caught my attention that I think has not Been done anywhere and you started to Get to this showing your revenues yeah Right having the slider on price so People can pick your pricing right now Typically these guys are all right the Mission can't lead the way but sometimes When a mission discloses something Unique that's worth the effort then okay

It's worth a flyer particularly when It's sixty thousand dollars right what's The unique part is just not a good idea If you ever thought of that good idea I Like the idea of being totally Transparent I like the idea of having The slider pay what you can afford so I'll make you the offer I'll give you The sixty thousand dollars I'll help you With this but I want 25 percent 110 this is amazing I'm not gonna Are you kidding you have nothing We love the offer so we all have equal Partnerships even uh now we all will can You go down to uh 18 no it's got to be The 25 because it's got to be enough There right okay I'll go down to 20 and I'll let you guys convince on it on the Two percent we would like to do that However there's one contingency and that One contingency is this is Ashura and so Uh basically the first airing of this Episode we would like to donate uh 100 Of the proceeds of this day That's your choice that's fine okay [Applause] Guys Thank you sharks When they give away a hundred percent of The sales on Shark Tank night their Biggest night ever it will guarantee That this business never ever ever makes Any money so I think you've done a

Horrible thing here you've left them in A curse they're trapped in a business That will never profit see that's the Difference between you and I care you Are wrong I'm the site of light you're On the side of Darkness you've put them Into hell see Kevin not only hell that's Not the third level of hell where they Make salt one bar at a time that's my Ability to make them successful I know You don't have that ability I have Plenty of ability but that business Doesn't work but your logic almost none Of us would be here I could have spoken it took me 10 years In the wilderness I am so not worried Before you go don't forget to subscribe To the Shark Tank Youtube channel and Ring the notification Bell to keep up With everything that's bubbling in the Tank

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