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First to face Theo and the other Investors is Tony McNally from Northumbria and if he's half as Accomplished in business as he is as a Musician Tony's Enterprise could be music to the Dragon's ears I played dozens of instruments failing Mandolin ukulele guitar Bagpipes fiddle do you want me to stop Products Tony is hoping to snare a Dragon with today is something that's Bound to bring a smile to one fire Breather's face in particular Look at that drum kit is absolutely Itchy itching to get up they saw that Many people put his book down and then Realized he's got to wait My training product is 21st century it's Ready to go Global on a much bigger scale than it is At present What a beautiful time to play some drums [Music] Hi Um my name's Tony McNally And this is my wonderful invention Called the tone alley And I'm looking for an investment for 50 000 pounds for a ten percent share in The business Let me demonstrate just a little further For me So this is the first to train

The trajectory of the drumstick Training all the correct muscle groups So that you can play Without tension Because tension Is the enemy Of movement Don famularo drumming's Global Ambassador said in a hundred years of Modern drumming How come no one has thought about doing This before a training aid which helps You learn the actual instrument And it is educational way that's the Main market for this if each Primary School in England alone would purchase Enough for one classroom one per two Student on an average cast size of 28 I Would make 16 million four hundred and Forty eight thousand 320 pounds Who would like to have a try Asia man All right It's an entertaining pitch from Tony McNally would you like to try something That you would normally play who's Offering to hand over 10 percent of his Company The produces a teaching device to help Drummers learn correct hand movement and Vertical stick control And just look at your lane And maybe it can concentrate what your Feet are doing in return Tony is Seeking

A 50 000 pound investment Tuka Suleiman is first to try and find Out if his musical offering could be a Sound Investment well done ah oh Tony McNally yes you are having fun I am Having fun is brilliant Before we go any further yeah just want To know a little bit more about you I learned to play drums on my mother's Drum kit by the age of seven I was Working with the family show band doing Two or three gigs a week in the Smoky Clubs then I went on to be a session Musician uh toured in support bands for Nick Kershaw to power the blue monkeys Music is in your blood it is yeah right Okay I'm not into this end of the music But it does not deter me for making an Investment if it's a viable business That's good I'm glad So this little gadgets what does it cost You to manufacture this one is 30 pounds And the sales for it sells for 124.99 Right so let's get some numbers going Let's see if we're going to get an Investment okay so give us the last Three years of trading what have you Done okay turn over all together for the Past three years collectively but can we Break that down year by year see if There's a trend I haven't got a Breakdown I've got a breakdown for the The whole three years I'm afraid Um okay what is that give yourself it's

83 000 and then gross profit this year Was a loss of nine thousand six hundred Second year Um was uh 1260 something loss uh no Profit yeah humble profit at that right Okay But I must add sugar here this is Without education and I give you a Figure which was 16 440 8 000 and 320 pound it's it's funny how Certain numbers yes you are very precise When it comes to your turnover profit And growth you're very that's what up Here they're counting for and he's the Numbers man and I I'm the creative Force Discovers Tony is a whiz with sticks but Less of a force when it comes to some of His figures Now wanted to know why the Entrepreneur's percussion product has Failed to drum up much business so far Tony look you've done a cumulative sales Of 83 000 yeah why have you only sold so Few well marketing is what I need I need Expertise for three years I've been Going around the globe I've went to to Nan three times which is the biggest Trade show on the planet finding Accommodation flights all the rest of it Going there And I'm hoping a dragon will help me With that online sales whatever Amazon Cranky are you on Amazon I'm not no but

Why not because I don't really know how To do it but dragon's not going to come And teach you how to use Amazon You're telling me you've been at this For three years and you haven't even Tried to go on Amazon once I'm a bit of Chicken to take that leap into that Because it's not my bag it's not it's Only another chicken you're far from a Chicken you've been around the world Going to trade shows booking hotels Booking flights yeah absolutely in the Business yeah you're far from a chicken You're a go-getter Theoper fetus tries to Rouse the Self-deprecating drummer who so far has Been a bit backward in pushing his Business Sarah Davies shares Tony's Northeast Roots and she wants to find out more About his plans to roll out his Percussion training tool to schools Etorny you're dead Kenny oh thank you I Want to dig into your idea in education How much money did you say you're going To make 16 million 448 320. how many Schools yeah is that 16 784 and how many of them have drum kits In the school probably Half that I find flabbergasting Because we didn't have a drink in my School when I was a kid yeah I'm just trying to look at the size and Scale of the market because there was

The potential to sell that many in Education yeah honestly I'm pretty sure You might be five of us fighting over This one There is the potential percussion is a Big part of the primary curriculum and I Know it works if I may point out Nobody's going to put themselves in the Eye the focusing on the small tiny Target area it keeps the focus keeps the Focus I get what you're saying but honestly 125 pounds for one of these okay can I Stop you there just for a second well What was I going to say oh sorry yeah no No I can't wait you tell me I thought You were going to see us too much I was will there be cool they'd be cool There because it's too much I do you Play golf no you should play tennis no Did you play polo no But what I was actually going to say is I'm not talking about me yeah I'm Talking about schools okay I'm not Charging 125 pound base in my figures on 70 pound uh educational price for The Sixteen thousand seven hundred I've got A school supply business yes and I can't Tell you how hard it is to sell to them At the moment I know it is they are Strapped for cash Let's look at this for a moment no no no No you're gonna listen to me for a Moment yeah because you've done all the

Talking so far sorry right so this is my Product it is your pro and it's Wonderful that you're passionate but There's a difference between being Passionate about it okay and also being Realistic I know when you're learning it's not all About fun you have to stick to the Disciplines hang on just a second guys Look this is not a prison but listen Sorry I think the product is an ingenious Product But it doesn't feel like it's a business Sadly I won't be investing so it's only I'm out Theoper fetus isn't in sync with the Drumming entrepreneur and becomes the First dragon to pass on the percussion Proposal Next the dragon that loves to drum tej Lovani Tony I think as an instrument to learn From as a kid I think it feels quite Restrictive best percussion teaching Tool it's it's true best teaching tool For beginner students two International Awards two Tony Tony sorry I get your Passion about it sorry but here's where I'm at Unfortunately from the last three years You haven't been able to show that the Market was really demanding something Like this and is able to sell

So I'm out I wish you the best Okay thank you Product thank you you are one of the More the most enthusiastic passionate People I've met in my time in the den [Music] But it's not an investable proposition Today I'm out Thank you very much [Music] Tony magnoli When you do something that you're really Passionate about it's a pleasure yeah For you However I say to myself wake up Look at the business This is a business for you to grow to Tick along and tick along it's your Business Yep I'm gonna wish you all the best but I'm Gonna say I'm out Business brain moves to the beat of a Different Drum and he becomes the Fourth Dragon out Only Deborah meaden remains Is she ready to rock and roll with an Offer Tony Your Enthusiasm is extremely contagious Yeah which means walking through life With everybody saying to you it's Brilliant it's fantastic can lead you

Into thinking that you have got Something that is bigger than you Actually have So I'm afraid I am not convinced but I'm Not going to say those two words without A drum roll so if you don't mind is this A drum roll to see you out I have never Been able to say those two words with a Drum roll I'm out Thank you for being a good sport it's Not a problem thank you very much guys It's been a pleasure good luck Tony the Drumming Dynamo has drawn the black And he leaves empty-handed Oh well that was fun I gave it my all I Tried to convince him that this is a Viable business my product is the best Teaching tool on the planet it's a shame It didn't work out Um for them [Music]

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