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What are you going to need more money For and when You know basically in regards to like Sales and operations and also Staffing But the whole point of being a virtual E-commerce company is that you don't Have to have a big staff and you can Outsource or you can virtualize a lot of It so why would you need to spend a lot More money I don't think I don't think a Lot more money but you know what for for Us or is it because you have all your Money no It's this close That's just one you've got to give up More you're not going to get a deal no It's just you got to spend so much more No no we don't we have a hundred Thousand dollars in the bank right now If I have to refinance my house if I Have to put into this company I will do What what I'm going to do I get that Right I get that but the thing is right Now look we have inventory we're ready To sell All right I'll make you guys an offer 150 000 for 20 non-negotiable Guys I need an answer

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