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Foreign Next into the tank is a high-tech Version of a travel necessity Hola sharks I'm Gaston Blanche from Argentina and this is my best friend Jesse potash from New York our company Is trunkster and we're seeking 1.4 Million dollars in exchange for five Percent wow sharks meet trunkster the World's first and only roll top suitcase Trunkster's minimalist roll top tour Provides instant access to your Belongings whether in the back of a taxi Or at the check encounter you're just a Quick slide away from your passport book Or sweater and that's Beginning trunkster is loaded with smart Features we've engineered the world's First self-contained handle skills so You can pack just under the weight limit And avoid costly fees sharks is there Anything worse than running out of power On the go with trunkster you've got Juice all to yourself via the built-in USB ports powered by a removable battery And forget about lost luggage nightmares Because trunkster offers a global Location tracking with proximity sensors Trunkster gives you all of this plus It's made from the highest quality Materials using a patent-pending Assembly process for lightweight and Rigid durability not to mention how sexy It is

This is the biggest luggage Innovation Since Wheels rated 50 years ago and we Need your help to establish ourselves as The game changing luggage brand Worldwide so Who's in Most the product Ah let me see just a preface the inside How do you open it oh you can just pull It out there you can open a standing up Or laying down that's the beauty of it Can this really take a hit so yes they Can absolutely take a hit they've been Tested to every luggage standard International standards may I see how Much that weighs I just want to pull it Absolutely and just so you know they'll Weigh less than eight pounds when They're finished right So how did you come up with this idea I Was in a luggage store and I realized Like wow every luggage brand is the same As a millennial like I like to buy a Brand that has a story behind it that Comes from Grassroots Travelers there's No brand like this Market corporate They're such millennials [Music] They're supposed to get corporate 1.4 Million for five percent which one of You do I absolutely tear to pieces now On a 28 million dollar valuation all Right Are you not selling this yet we are

Pre-selling this because we are still in The manufacturer pre-selling and you Have a 28 million evaluation yes you see Any problem with that no because I'm going to explain eight months ago we Became the most crowdfunded travel Campaign in history on Kickstarter we Raised 1.4 million dollars we hit our Goal in one hour today we've pre-sold Two million dollars of uh this bag which Sells itself we didn't even ask how much One of these costs yeah so we retail Them for 3.95 and the cost is about 20 Of that exactly so It's prototype but all of these people Have bought in Haven't tried it these are the first Samples off the line we're pretty close To shipping um next month we have 5 000 Units that are being are about to be on The assembly line that we shipped out Next month so we have a guy they're Checking on the quote the quantities Yeah Why is it worth 28 million dollars that Was my first question because I never Answered we're estimating three million Dollars in sale this year so far we've Done two million dollars next year we're Estimating about nine million dollars in Sales we're going to make this first of All into a billion dollar company and We're doing we're going to disrupt the Luggage industry the same way the

Mattress industry has recently been Disrupted and that's why offering a Premium product at a significant Discount to Consumers luggage of this You're gonna sell everything online all Online all right so this luggage Queen Is this revolutionary Is very different the very clever is it Worth 28 million nothing's wrong another Story you guys know it's a huge ass it's A huge size for that well HSN HSN Reached out And said but you're pricing that as Though it's already now ask me if it's Worth 28 Min and I'll tell you no I gotta tell you I think the business is Probably worth five to eight million Dollars today You put that money in your pocket that's Money you made you put that money in Your pocket but that's anecdotal right It's one-off Don't have any track record there would You sell 30 percent of the company to Robert for 1.4 million which reflects His more conservative five million Dollar valuation wouldn't you absolutely Not I've seen from all the other luggage Companies where we're running scared and Interested in what we're doing is we can Grow this guys good 10 million 20 Minutes We have other products

Nobody Silence are you prepared to have Flexibility on your 28 million dollar Ass All sharks are still in but they Question the high valuation of Gaston And Jesse's smart luggage company Trunkster Prepared to have flexibility on your 28 Million dollar ass this reminds me of if I just may share a story that in January We're choosing our Factory partner and We weren't quite able to get there on The But he told me to say this listen he's From Long Island listen somebody's going To manufacture trunks it either it's Going to be you or it isn't whoever it Is that person's gonna make a lot of Money and I can tell you that was true Then and it's true now Partner is making a lot of money So I will say to that we're reasonable We're willing to negotiate we understand This is a business and we want the right Partners How much of your own cash did you guys Put in we spent five thousand dollars to Launch the kickstarter campaign yeah That's all the money we invested you Haven't shipped anything yet your 5000 Is now worth 28 million dollars I'm so Lucky to be here What an opportunity that's a great

Return also no we should say something About the product that our product has Three things that very few products have In combination anymore listen everybody Agrees it's interesting and even Lori Clean the luggage if I if I could be the Exception on the product Oh I find a couple of things wrong one it's Very Sleek but it's extremely masculine Product line experience You're doing others but I'm judging by This prototype secondly I think it's too Heavy in addition to the fact that most People like soft luggage not hard Luggage and lastly you haven't had your Consumer base tested out they haven't Received it yet so you're asking us to Invest a lot of money with absolutely no Feedback from the guy who's going to use It well we have had people testing Testers came back with really positive Reviews and for those reasons There's so many unanswered questions but Magically the two of you have convinced Me that there's something there I'll give you the 1.4 million for 30 Percent maybe that's all legitimate Offer Mark can laugh all he wants he's Not making an offer that's the offer I See because of all the unanswered Questions this isn't an investment we're Going on a trip together and when we go On this trip together That's what he's saying and I think it's

Fair you know in fact I'll join him if He wants a partner I like you guys I'll Do that deal I'll go 50 50 if he wants To mitigate his risk a little bit Kevin I appreciate the offer I don't want Kevin to go on this trip with me because There are countries Kevin's not allowed To go into Well I will make the same offer except I Want 37 percent So like Like as ludicrous as you are your Valuation is insane I'm sitting here thinking about losing My money right right on the one hand I Do think that there's a lot of things That can be done with it right I have Licensing connections I know this world Very well but on the flip side Say I give you the money and something Goes wrong with it right don't Anticipate it but it could happen So I would give you the 1.4 million to fund Purchase orders you want at 15 percent [Music] We would love to hear if Mark maybe has Something to say the product's Interesting I see what you're trying to Accomplish now I want you to put Yourself in orange juice how much get Back and win we expect to be making six Million dollars in profit next okay we Can pay you back next year it's a simple

Question but I don't want just one Million absolutely right we're aiming to Make a billion dollar company you have Us working together In your mind there's these big numbers You can pay back But when we do the math based off of the Equity you're offering us the numbers Don't calculate two big numbers and Make you know 20 million dollars next Year what's five percent of 20 million Dollars Just a million dollars right You didn't look at it from our Perspective Gentlemen I always love Mark more than Anyone on the panel because he's got the Most bucks but let me tell you Lori's The best partner Would it be an option to work together Or that would negotiate When we take just one moment yeah Thank you 10 you're comfortable give 10 with two Sharks helping us All right what are you gonna do Mark and Lori we would like to offer you Five percent of trunk surf for 1.4 Million dollars We will also pay you back the full 1.4 Million within 24 months and if we don't Pay you back within that time frame we Will double your Equity stake 10 percent And we will offer you one dollar in

Perpetuity starting from when the when The money is paid back all right that's Your offer Mark Lori what do you got [Music] I would take that deal yeah we'll take That deal well hang on Wow [Music] Thank you So much Wait you're not subscribed to the Shark Tank Youtube channel well then for that Reason I'm out

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