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Next into the den is Belgian Entrepreneur elen Guillaume who started The day early to prepare to take on the Dragons [Music] I did my morning Qigong and meditation So I feel empowered Having been a rugby player and taking Hits but also doing very long endurance Races I'm used to resilience Ellen believes her health-based business Will help to close the gender gap and Empower women we are changing the Messaging on what is a woman so it's my Mission to work with the dragons to get The messaging out there and the product To in the hands of as many women as Possible It's a bit of a bold statement to hit us With I'm interested to see what comes Through them doors [Music] Hi dragons I'm elen Guillaume the founder and CEO Of wealth AI Have breaking news women are not men and The world didn't care 80 of the medical Research is still done a male mice Whereas our bodies are very different Women go through these big life stages When we have office periods trying to Get pregnant Miscarriages post pregnancy menopause That heavily impact your daily life at

Wall AIS we've done extensive research On what is a woman and translated Research into an app helping women train Fuel and recover business cycle and this Is how it works if you are a woman Training for an event you have a clear Objective you open the app you check in How well you slept how's your stress Level your willingness to train and we Provide you knowledge on how your body Is functioning it's very much like a Human coach so what we are creating is a Technology but is also changing the Messaging on what is a woman because Women are these like incredible machines That are capable of producing a human And going to work and training and what We need now is people like you to help Us close the gender data Gap so we are Raising 72k for one percent of the Company Thank you very much [Music] A well-being and fitness app aimed Solely at women is the proposition on Offer from Ln Guillaume is it Ellen or Helen in French is illen She's offering to hand over a trim one Percent of her company in return for 72 000 pounds Deborah meaden is the first dragon to See if this is a business to get wild About Hi now I do understand the whole Tech

Piece about women because it is often Designed in a male language but I think What you're talking about in front of us Is a way of helping me live my life Better depending on where I am in my Life is that right yeah exactly but this Is a group set it doesn't talk about me Personally it does how so we take data From manual input so we ask you Questions so how's your mood do you have Any pains how's your digestion Etc and From wearables so resting heart rate Body temperature so you start seeing Patterns that correlate with your Menstrual cycle and then we provide you Recommendations what to eat how to Exercise and how to recover properly to Alleviate the negative symptoms and Increase the positive placement what is The reason for creating an app for the Superior human species And why have you excluded us we are not Superior we're just different we're just Badly understood the research has always Been the other way around Men First and Women are a subset so what we've done is We've flipped it we have huge advantages Of being on women only that we are Basically nearly the only one so it puts Us on marketing wise and positioning Wise is incredible and the messaging is Very very powerful as well Ellen is confident she can capitalize on A gap in the market for a female focused

Well-being and fitness app Now Tage lalvani wants to know how her Cache of data is turned into Cash Tell me about your Revenue model how That works is it when you're Recommending products or you're Recommending supplements and people Advertise on it is it a subscription Model how does it work So it's going to be subscription to Start with and then there is this Product placements here we have a very Interesting selling propositions for Companies like supplement companies or Nutritional companies right so you get Maybe a revenue share from that but Essentially it's subscription to start With at what price point so it's going To be 10. 10 pounds a month yeah okay There are a lot of Free information apps for women what Concerns me about this is that if Somebody's paying 10 pounds a month More than Netflix Yeah When they start getting bored with it They'll just cut off On the revenue Unlike a lot of products we are adding a Lot of value all the time which is quite Unique and exceptional we have 60 Monthly active users right now and the Reason why women are so active is

Because they're learning a lot and they Feel like they are being heard and Dispersonalized Ellen stands her ground when it comes to The app's pricing with claims it offers Bespoke advice to women Has she convinced the dragon who fits Into her target market I've got two concerns If I just think of me as a user I have Several apps on my phone I have all the Right intentions of doing this stuff on A daily basis and inevitably drop off And I don't have any app that I pay 10 Pounds a month for So you need to come into me on your Pricing model Um we are right now the first pool of Women is women who are Um exercising for specific events I Don't know if you've done ever like half Marathon or Marathon I did do a half Marathon with Deborah yeah I was a Training buddy amazing so when you are In that that mood and stamina you are Probably more willing to be entering These sets so yes we are entering food Training but actually we're really Tapping into uh the life of women and Because they are seeing these changes They are inclined to pay because it is Actually changing your life so from my Standpoint taking the business Proposition as you've offered it I am a

Potential Target customer for this Product and from everything you've Taught me I don't believe that I would Air make the purchase or be continue on With the subscription thereafter and use The product And so that for fundamentally for me it Just doesn't fit so I won't be investing In amount thank you very much Doubts over the long-term lure of ln's App Sarah Davies becomes the first Dragon out His questions Elen is willing to give away I think You've got something But I can't work out whether seven Million valuation comes into play yep And I don't know if you know that I Don't get out of bed for one percent Right But you're out of bed I'm out of bed Anyway all that all I'm saying to you is That you've come here with a very big Valuation it is the the fair price of The the Run we raise with professional Investors I raised a total of 1.3 Million pounds and I raise the money by Myself Even though you're very credible You know your stuff and I'm sure that This could be the biggest thing ever and You know how to raise money I'm saying to myself if I invested 72

000 pounds I'll be diluted to diluted to Virtually nothing to one percent So on that basis I'm going to say I'm Not going to invest today and I'm out Thank you I'm gonna tell you where I am I think Your retention is going to be a real Real issue for you You know three months at tampan a month And you tell me temperatures elevated Because of ABC of course you need to do This then I think oh I know how to solve That now lovely I'm off I'm not spending 10 a month so I'm going To drop off pretty quickly From where I'm sitting I see it's got Some structural problems So I'm afraid I won't be investing I'm Out With apprehensions about lm's app Deborah meaden and Tuka Suleiman make it Three dragons down But it appears Peter Jones has spotted a Different potential business model for The entrepreneur that could lead to Tasty returns for her Tech What you're describing genuinely I think I don't understand the level that you Clearly do but basically you're creating This sort of scientific life balance Starting with women So I think your biggest value is in your Data set I don't believe you do need to have a

Subscription model for this You could allow somebody to subscribe For for nothing every single month the Women that join will allow you to use That data to be able to then incentivize Some really quite unique opportunities With people like Fitbit you could do a Deal with supplement companies Your value is immense because this could Be something that is groundbreaking So I love this I am going to offer you all of the money But I want 10 of the business Thank you Richard [Music] In a surprise move Peter Jones offers The 72 000 pounds Ln came for but wants 10 times the equity offered in return Will vitamin King Tate lalvani see a Possible Synergy with his portfolio of Products That leaves me I think you're very impressive you know I think I can help definitely in areas On how to personalize the supplements For individuals Sports Nutrition and That plays a big role in terms of the Exercise and the the diet aspect of that So I will make an offer too And that's for all of the money For 10 percent Thank you Matches Peter Jones by asking for a 10 Stake in ln's company

To know anything to think Let me talk to you all But both offers me the entrepreneur Would have to give away considerably More Equity than the one percent of the Company that she's put on the table Either nothing or everything But lm's got a track record of Resilience and it seems she's far from Finished when it comes to negotiating Thank you for the two offers I do think That each of you have like this Incredible Network around you and proven records Um I unfortunately I cannot Um Give 10 of the company for 72k it Wouldn't be fair for my existing Investors uh unfortunately What you're trying to achieve this isn't Going to work without access which Without doubt I can unlock I know Women's Health better than most People in terms of nutrition here Globally So There's that synergistic fit if you were Willing to review your your Equity I Would love to discuss that what's your Counter offer The best I can do is basically 1.03 Which is a tiny bit more But I would absolutely love to have you I'm sure you would

That's a huge uh huge gap Ellen it's not gonna no it's not gonna Work So on the base of the fact that you've Made that decision I'm definitely out Uh yeah I'm definitely saying I'm out Good Luck Good Luck thank you A minimal increase in her Equity offer Needs Peter Jones and Taylor alvani to Cut and run Ellen leaves the den without A deal but buoyed by the affirmation of Her product getting offers from two Dragons it has a lot of validation it's It's mind-blowing the way she was Engaging with you in terms of questions No I thought there was a chance would You get out of bed for point zero three Percent Unfortunately it did not work out if I Had a chance to go in again I would go Again I'm a fighter we are on this Mission to empower women

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