This Company Is Now Worth Over £65M 🤯 | Dragons’ Den #shorts

We have had some returns but that's due To um the factory the new Factory that's Manufacturing them they've got the Catches slightly wrong so some of the Catches are popping open Well Deborah meaden has been grilling Rob Theo perfitus has been testing Trixie the trunky himself and seems to Have found a flaw there is one one Slight issue with the case is the hooks They're the only thing I actually did Not design the factory got those in Sorry that's not the only slices This looks rubbish yeah I didn't design That I'm afraid no but they are rubbish Yeah and in addition to being rubbish When I pulled it that happened You've got problems with the product You've got problems that can be solved Yeah but you shouldn't come here with Problems that can be solved without Either identifying them or sorting them Out first and it drives me mad that we Actually waste our time with these Things

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