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Foreign [Music] And everyone else's step We're all about energizing Britain We're the difference between someone Going for a workout or not or getting a New personal best and I think that's an Inspiring message for the dragons to get On board with David has a plan which he hopes could Help his product conjure up interest in The den I've got a few tricks obviously for the Dragons Hopefully a little bit of charm and a Bit of humor will go a long way as well [Music] If you want to work out put your energy Is too low caffeine bullet caffeine Bullet It kicks faster than jails energy drinks From a can it makes you strong and tough Like a superhuman Hello dragons my name is David hallard And I'm here today to ask for 60 000 Pounds for five percent of my business Caffeine bullet each packet has four Energy Chews with a hundred milligrams Of caffeine in about the same as a Decent sized cup of coffee I love to run I've raced across the World from Afghanistan to Somaliland What was that Stephen how did I do That's a great question

I've won marathons out of three Continents and whenever I race I rely on Caffeine to give me an extra kick the Caffeine's absorbed as you chew so they Kick up to three times faster than Energy gels caffeine pills and energy Drinks which could be the difference Between winning and losing which is why We say there's a personal best in every Packet We launched three years ago and last Year turnover was 230 thousands and a Net profit of sixty three thousand If you'd like to look inside your boxes Do you have a packet of shoes I'd also Love to hear any questions so please try Away [Music] A high energy pitch from Marathon Man David hellard who's seeking sixty Thousand pounds in exchange for five Percent of his caffeine chew company Is quickest out of the blocks with the Questions David good pitch Fun to the point How did you come across this venture Came up with the idea for caffeine Bullet racing across the Sahara Desert I Was trying to be the first Brit in that Race and I know from my experience in Running already for elite athletes will Buy this from us because it's that much Better than anything that exists at the

Moment David I'm trying to work out how big This opportunity is yeah how many people In the market that you want to attack Are exercising at that top level that They would need a product like this sure I would imagine for most people 20 Minutes half an hour of exercise maybe a Day or maybe every few days might be Where they're at so if you're exercising For two minutes five minutes doing a 5k 100 meters or at the gym all of these People can use caffeine and do use Caffeine But the big setup for us is the Difference between having one of these And not having one is having the Motivation to go to the gym or to go for A run because if you don't have caffeine In your system you've got to rely on Your own motivation have one of these And you're fired up again Okay and have you opened a packet like This and eaten all of them no I I Certainly wouldn't advise that But what happens if I open that packet And then ate all of them you'd get a Huge rush but it wouldn't be Life-threatening have you been free is That safe oh my goodness how many vegans We've got I've eaten three you're joking Yeah I wouldn't eat any more to go I Think that's enough now they're not Sweets you see what you've done David

You see what you've done oh wow prefin And fetty yep [Music] Dave it's caffeine chews have certainly Got the dragon's Hearts pounding though Not perhaps in the way he was intending Now a fitness conscious Stephen Bartlett Wants to find out more about what sets His product apart from the competition Every time I go to the gym which is um Pretty much every day I take a Pre-workout before I go which is a very Nice tasting shot of caffeine and it Achieves the effect that you're Describing I feel fired up I work a Little bit longer in the gym what's the Difference between me taking that Pre-workout and taking one of these Chews One of them is that this kicks faster Are you sure yeah are you sure that this Kicks faster than something that's Liquid yes because the liquid still has To go through your stomach right whereas This is absorbed as you chew and this Buccal absorption and also in the throat And how are your customers finding you Some of it is Amazon but actually Because these are used in gyms and in Social settings and in a race when Someone sets a new personal best they Love to tell the world because they're Understandably proud and we're part of That story because we're the difference

Between getting that goal and not so Actually we're very viral do you know if That's true I know that's true because I Can see it on Instagram you know I know All about your background and I would Absolutely love to work with you because Your experience in how to use influences Is that just Stephen you want to work With or yes genuinely I all think you're Fantastic You've all got huge experience far more Than I have tuka's great on supply chain I think obviously Deborah's got the Environmental impact in the products as Does Peter and the it and you're Fantastic at products the five of us so If all five of you wanted to come on Board I would absolutely be up for that Just calm your capping down a bit just Calm your caffeine sorry how many Jews Did he have laughs It's eager for an investment from all or Any of the Dragons but is David in Danger of running before he can walk in The den Deborah meaden is Keen to slow things Down by unwrapping some info about his Products wrapping You you appear to have changed packaging Between those two oh geez again actually So what's the changes on the new Packaging that we haven't seen is it Still shiny packaging it's so exciting Effect is it still and is what is this

Made of it's made of plastic at the Moment I'm afraid Um and that's something that's not Recyclable then it's not recyclable and That's something I'd like to address Okay you did a fantastic job telling all Of the dragons why they were going to Contribute to your business But actually looking at me and saying on Your environmental stuff when really It's not your priority But also kind of narrowing my Contribution down to that that is Apologies yeah it's a huge amount of you Know experience and products into Apologies whatever but it but it was the Wrong thing to say so for that reason I Won't be investing I'm out okay thank You Deborah [Music] David has lost his first investor as Deborah meaden takes a dim view of his Dragon-specific sales pitch Caffeine kick appears to have worn off But has the prospect of securing a slice Of this entrepreneur's business kept his Pulse racing I'm going to tell you where I stand I think you know working with you would Be a lot of fun Unfortunately you've come here with the Wrong business for me I think the price nice I I enjoyed it But it doesn't give me that oomph that I

Want to invest After taking three already So I wish you all the best but on this Occasion I'm out okay thank you Tigger David The thing I want to understand is is This protectable do you have any Protection what's going to stop Deborah from putting some caffeine into A different flavored chew we don't have It protected Someone could do it but we launched Three years ago so we had quite a strong First mover position so you've got a First mover position however that's Three years now established which means That the rest of the world who might be Interested in this should have noticed What you were doing and if they felt There was a commercial opportunity they Would have been second mover or third Mover However I think despite that it's still A great business and I think I'd still Like to back you so I'm going to make You an offer I'll offer you all of the money But I would be looking in return for 25 The business [Music] [Applause] A sixty thousand pound offer for David Albeit for five times more Equity than He was originally looking to give away

Is Stephen Bartlett prepared to make a Race of it by matching or even bettering Sarah Davies bid [Music] I think your product is really really Quite early in the journey it's going to Go on in its development and its brand And so when you encounter a presentation Or a pitch from an entrepreneur who is a Little bit early and is still ironing Out The Kinks the thing you go to is Whether I trust you as an entrepreneur To figure those things out And I do [Music] So for that reason I am going to make You an offer I'm gonna offer you all the money For 25 of the business I I really like it I think from a retail Perspective and my team obviously we Very much focus on not just food Products but placement into the major Supermarkets yeah the new clearly with Your bullet Superman outfit I'm sure That your your work like a bullet anyway Um trying to get the business to work So I'm going to make you an offer I'm Going to offer you all of the money But I'm going to do it for 20 percent Wow um and I I also say this and I am Willing to share that Stephen Because there is one thing that I am not

Good at I was even getting lessons last night on How to use Instagram properly from Stephen And that's why I think that maybe the Complementary aspect of this could work Really well for you in this brand wow Um well thank you Um So I hadn't really expected this Um Stephen is that on the table as well I would do that with Peter At 25 but You have to give me your answer within 10 seconds Oh no no no that's not personal my money Oh Sean okay and if I return your money Would you come down to 10 each yes Within 24 months 24 months I'd be happy with that Sarah I think you're incredible but I'm Sorry there's two dragons who Um two dragons with dirty played David is what it is have we got have we Got a deal I'd love to accept that deal Amazing I just got an extra two and a half Percentage Well done David It's victory for David thank you very Much guys who crosses the Finish Line With sixty thousand pounds and the Backing of a Duo of dragons with the Expertise to leave the competition

Lagging miles behind Two dragons for the price of one nothing Kicks like caffeine bullet Good tactic to give the time limit yeah Back from Jones not you

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