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Next up the famous stairs is guy Portelli from Kent having been plying His trade as a sculptor for 20 years why Is he looking for 70 000 pounds from the Dragons [Music] [Music] Hello dragons my name is Guy Porcelli And I am a professional sculptor I am Looking for an investment of seventy Thousand pounds for a 25 share in my pup Icons collection I intend to use an investment to Complete a series of 18 sculptures which I will then be showing at the Prestigious mail galleries in London in June 2009. What I am offering is a 25 share of 100 Sculptures I brought along some pieces To show examples of my work This piece of my Grace Jones That I made some 20 years ago The John Lennon piece I made six years Ago And at the time it sold at 1800 pounds The Bob Marley is fused with the idea of The Lion of Africa roaring and has Created a fairly spiritual Strong element to that work This is the new piece this is the Amy Winehouse my goddess of excess my work Is not about caricature It's about creating an identity that Relates to youth culture and fashion

Any questions [Music] Into a gallery as 51 year old sculptor Guy portelli pitches for 70 000 pounds To fund an exhibition of his pop icon Sculptures Peter Jones is first to quiz the artist [Music] Guy hello I'm Peter Peter what's the Overall portfolio do you think in what You're aiming to sell for well the whole Hundred pieces would have a today value In excess of a million pounds You would hope to sell them over a Course of three years And the price would go up at least 20 a Year So what's the hundred coming from 100 is The additions the the Grace Jones Edition of 10. so we make one we sell One we make another one the John Lennon's edition of 10 we make when we Sell when we make another one okay I mean I have made and sold more than a Million pounds worth of sculpture in the Last 10 years [Music] Guy has clarified the deal on offer Khan wants to interrogate the sculptor On his finances [Music] What's the latest piece you've done Amy The Amy is the most recent work okay and What are you selling Amy for she was in

The gallery recently at eighteen Thousand what's the most expensive piece You've sold Um we sold one recently for 28 000 the John D hooker sculpture which is edition Of three the first one went to the Porsche family which I sold seven eight Years ago for ten thousand this one went For 28 and the next one will sell for 36. are you saying it today If somebody gave you seventy thousand Pound yeah they would get back 25 of a Sale price of every sculpture you sold For the next hundred yes okay why why Because I have never put on a show of This magnitude Um we would expect to sell 40 pieces in The first year and then 30. what does 40 Pieces fetch in the first year we would Be looking to sell 250 000 pounds worth 250 000 pounds worth in the first year So the investor would get 25 of that 250 000 which is 62 and a half thousand Pounds yeah So we'd expect to get his money back the First year That's the idea [Music] Showing that on top of his undoubted Artistic skills he also has an Entrepreneurial brain The open fetus wants to drill down Further into the business plan What are you gonna do with the money the

Breakdown of the 70 000 is 25 000 for the exhibition And 45 000 for the cost of materials and and Labor To complete the work well 25 000 for Exhibition what does that mean well I Would plan to rent the mail galleries in London which is a large prestigious Place it can accommodate three to four Hundred people Um it would be a major show major so You're going to put your own exhibition On what commission would they normally Take 50 5-0 yeah ah By confessing that a gallery would Normally expect to receive half the Revenue generated by sales of his Collection the dragons have worked out Guy is offering them a much lesser deal And art lover Deborah meaden has other Concerns Guy hello I'm Deborah what you're doing Here is quite simple you're saying I'm Going to take I'm not going to spend the 50 on the gallery what I'm going to do Is I'm going to actually get an investor In at 25 And think that I can actually do myself A better deal the bit that I worry You're missing is the fact that when you Pay the gallery the commission you're Paying them for their marketing

Yeah so what's your marketing plan how Are you going to get people through the Door because that's the bit that you're Completely cutting out when you cut out A gallery Um well I'd hope to generate quite a lot Of media interest gets a lot of Editorial right thing the great thing With this series of work is it does Attract a lot of media interest and it Also is international that you could Take the show to Tokyo you could take This show to Paris to Berlin and he Would mean something to people Guys clearly confident about his project But it's an unusual business proposition And hard for the dragons to evaluate Their risk will theopher fetus find a Solution If someone would still feed the money Would you allow ownership of those 18 Pieces To the person That gave you the money the investor Yeah until they got the investment back But it wouldn't be a problem Well I'll make you an offer then I'll Give you the 70 000 pounds For the full amount Valuable sculptures as collateral to Minimize his risk now Peter Jones has an Equally unexpected proposition of his Own For this to really work you want Maximum

Impact out in the market you want people To know about it So I'd like to recommend something That is that You get 70 000 pounds For 25 percent [Music] But all of the dragons collectively have A piece of the pie But then you've got five Fairly powerful people supporting this Activity in 2009 Wow so it's it's not just a question to You it's obviously a question to see Whether the dragons will be interested Um I would be quite interested uh guy to Follow Peter's theme which I think I Could probably add quite a bit of value To that Um I think there's a return to be made [Music] James Khan is quick to sign up to it Will Deborah meaden help make it a clean Sweep [Music] I do back artists and I do commission Sculptures so I I'm in this space but I Have a very clear line between investing And buying something because I want to And for me this hasn't triggered any Passion or anything so whatever even if It was the five Dragon deal I'm I'm I'm

Not going to be investing so I'm out Oh It's a sudden setback now what will Duncan bannatyne think of Peter Jones's Dragon Consortium [Music] I think Dylan before dragons would be Difficult yeah So I wouldn't want to participate with Four dragons yeah well I'm very happy if People are passionate about what I do Um and if James Theo and Peter wanted to All put some money in I would be Thrilled with that team Um Duncan If you feel passionately about it Then I'm happy for you as well to be Part of that team I feel passionate About you what guy but I don't feel Passionate about investing with the team No that's the problem yeah so what I've Been considering is making you a better Offer okay I'm gonna be an offer It's on the same basis that I would own The 18 pieces until it was sold but my Offer isn't for 70 000 pounds it's for Ninety thousand pounds that's my offer It's an offer buy me on my own Trying to steal a deal and distance Himself from his Rivals guy must now Choose between partnering up with three Dragons or go for the higher cash deal With one

It's a very generous offer I mean I'm Astounded thank you very much Um I think three people three guest Lists Three lots of enthusiasm would be Beneficial to the project And if I could have an offer of 80 000 From the three I would be Keen to have That [Music] Yeah I'm happy I'm happy I think you've Got yourself a deal guy okay [Music] Guys done it not only has he negotiated More money than he came in for but he Also has the combined expertise of Three Well-connected Dragons Well guy you got more than you came in For For the percentage you were offering and Three dragons that's not bad is it it's Unbelievable I mean at one time I felt I Had five dragons but I was quite pleased To have asked the extra ten thousand Because that was a very quick thinking Actually I realized that um this would Make the difference very well done that Would be great thank you very much [Applause]

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