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I don't want to offer you any Encouragement I want to tell you to take This behind the barn and shoot it so That it leaves time for you to do Something else ignore him this product Is a dog ignore him what do you have to Say to that you're the first people who Have ever said that every person I've Showed this to every person That's why you're in the right spot and He's an idiot Kevin somebody spent some time develops A product takes the initiative sells Them in this case twenty thousand Dollars worth who sold it for me to say Just once this is a dog it doesn't Matter if we give you encouragement or Not you're making a smelly dog he's an Idiot two deals that are they're they're Not POS yet for next year but they're They're large I am out but I'm the only Shark willing to tell you the truth one More time Dog My Christmas gift to you is the truth Ryan yeah I've never quit anything in my Life I'm not good for you and this is Not something I'm going to quit go crush It right keep on making money

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