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Next up is london-based Natalie Quail Who's gone from being a high flyer to an Entrepreneurial prior which she believes Has equipped her for dealing with the Dragon in my previous career as an International tax lawyer I had to Present to hundreds of investment Bankers so going into a board room is Not something that is entirely new to me Sonic smile it might be a teeth Whitening product like I use oh look Peter's pride in his pearly whites Is nothing compared to Natalie's pride In her successes so far I was told that I would never get into Law yet I made that happen I was told This business would never succeed but I Think our product is the best on the Market Dragons my name is Natalie quail and I'm The CEO and founder of Smile Time A rapidly growing online retailer of Easy to use at-home oral Cosmetics that Has generated over a million pounds in Sales in the last 12 months these range From our best seller peroxide-free teeth Whitening kit to our natural Alternatives such as our charcoal kit And our bamboo toothbrushes For me feeling confident about my smile Was a gateway to feeling confident in Other areas of my life however when I Was an international tax lawyer I Literally had no time to go to the

Dentist and I tried online options but They either didn't work or caused Sensitivity this is when I realized There was a gap for a small Care Solutions that are convenient and most Importantly customer first we are Pitching for fifty thousand pounds in Exchange for a two percent stake in our Business [Music] A range of oral cosmetic products and Toothbrushes is the proposition from Natalie Quail so our teeth whitening pen That you're holding is perfect for just Before a selfie she's offering up a Bite-sized two percenter for business in Return for fifty thousand pounds How do they look they look good yeah What about now even better Stephen Bartlett might be all set for a Selfie but it's Deborah meaden who takes The spotlight with the first round of Questions So this is very much a cosmetic this is Not a Dentistry product exactly these Products are to use like any cosmetical Grooming product they're not going to Provide you with the same results as if You go to the dentist but equally the Price point is eight times cheaper our Teeth whitening kit retails at 39 pounds 99 compared to if you went to the Dentist it would cost 300 pounds all the Way to a thousand pounds okay are you

Making any money we are making money So we generated 846 000 in 2021 with a net profit of 82 000 Okay and your run rate this year is Currently 1.7 million based on the last Few months I kind of knew you'd have your numbers Right having been an international tax Lawyer I was thinking this is not an Error I'm going to catch you out on but Also to have built a million pound Business in in such a short period of Time is outstanding I mean seriously Outstanding Impressive numbers Dragons and the teeth whitening Entrepreneur gets off to a Bright Start Peter Jones has been perusing the Products and he wants to know how Charcoal Powder made it into his box How does that work on to make your teeth White the charcoal powder it's absorbing The toxins on the surface layer of your Teeth which allows it to effectively rub Away plaque it looks like brushing my Teeth with volcano Ash A lot of people love to do like a selfie With it like on Instagram listen I'm all Into it for the ground people Have a beautiful smile already It's a good time to say that okay can we Know more about the electric toothbrush So the electric toothbrush is 69 pounds 99. what is the speed

The speed is 40 000 oscillating moments Per minute yeah 40 000. so I'm in the Oral business I'm aware so I have a traveling Toothbrushes there's 31 000 reps So ours is better [Laughter] Is your toothbrushed into because I'd say eight times A lot more costs about eight times more Yes we're not doing whitening at the Moment yeah but there's a lot of players Doing this a lot of players And these come from China they do yes And what do they cost out of China the Kit will cost three pounds 40. and it's So 39 pounds yes so what stops somebody Anybody and says right that's three Pounds landed and they want to disrupt The market at 1995. I would challenge that price alone does Not disrupt this Market what disrupts That is both value and customer Experience right which is what we're Offering but there's nothing proprietary Here you know that in the technology so What is the defendable thing about the Business what is the unique value here So the unique value is in our customer Service as soon as you come to our Website we have a live chat with actual People on the other side not chat Bots At the beginning of the year we had a Returning customer rate of 10 and by

Generating that greater connection with Our customers we've managed almost Double that to 20 and about 32 000 Customers we've had over 7 000 that have Come back and bought from us again Natalie believes her carefully Calculated customer service strategy is Key to her success so far However the recent convert to the Graham Peter Jones now has a question about Something on her website that he thinks Is a miss I noticed that you've got Smiletimeteeth.com yes but you haven't Got smiletime.com No Who's got smiletime.com Uh I'm not sure You're not sure I'm not why didn't you Get that You're a lawyer that's one of the first Things you would do is to protect your Business At the outset when I think we thought That it would be small time teeth but Then we just ended up coining it small Time and then went to regenerating sales We can't really move over to a new Domain why can't you because they would Just disrupt service but you should know That even if that's not the case you at Least buy the domain and you redirect it But at least you protected it That's a big trigger for me that you

Haven't got that So on that basis sadly I'm out [Music] Natalie's so far Perfect Pitch loses Some of its Sparkle as Peter Jones Thinks she's made a rookie error and Becomes the first dragon out Sarah Davies has already described the Entrepreneur's efforts as outstanding is She prepared to put her money into the Oral Enterprise So I've been listening And I appreciate you've got a fantastic Strategy in your create and consuming Demand and there's not very many Businesses there's a startup go on to Achieve a million sales in their first Full year of trading However Because you're in such an astronomical Market my big worry is a floodgates a Lot but and every man in this dog will Be selling a version of this kit at half The price that you are okay So I'm going to declare that I'm out Thank you Natalie I'm just sitting here thinking Do you know I'm I'm just I'm just never Going to invest in it Simply because I I'm just not interested In the Cosmetic dental industry okay so I might as well just tell you where I am And that is out [Music]

Deborah meaden becomes the Third Dragon To give the business the brush off Leaving only the den senior Statesman And newest recruit able to bring a smile To Natalie's face with an offer I must say what you've done in a year is Amazing thank you However entry to Market is very cheap You could easily replicate it But I think your biggest asset is you And you can't replicate you And that is the secret of this business There's a lot I can do for this business I agree However there's no way I'm gonna get out Of bed for two percent Um Ridiculous So I'm going to give you all the money But I want 25 percent Okay 25 wow Two castillium and spots a potential Toothbrush tie in and tables and offer But in return for the 50 000 pounds She's seeking he wants more than 12 Times the two percent of equity that's Up for grabs Is Stephen Bartlett ready to mix things Up with a proposition of his own [Music] I was actually going to team up with Tuka until he tried to steal your Firstborn there

Uh I like you though Thank you But it's tough two percent like Challenge Off at 25 I know right Oh God do you know what I really think I Can help Specifically on the digital marketing Piece this is what I've done for the Last decade I'll make you an offer I'm going to Offer you all of the money But I'm gonna want ten percent Okay Can I go speak to the wall sure thank You Two offers for Natalie to consider two Casullymon wants to sink his teeth into A 25 chunk of the company whilst even Bartlett is Seeking a more financially Favorable 10. but Natalie's only Offering two percent will she agree to a Dragon taking a much bigger bite out of Her business Even thank you for both your offers I Would love to work with both of you Would you consider each having 10 Percent and coming in together Wow wow you've just got the same Percentage for half the price I'll do Done thank you so much you've got a Dream Team see you bye

Natalie departs The Den with the Double Dragon deal but leaves behind some Raised eyebrows Over her decision to hand over twice as Much of her company than she needed to She had an offer for all of the money For 10 and she came back and said I want You both for 10 each so she obviously Thinks Tuka is worth a lot of money It feels really surreal but yeah it's Great really good yeah I don't know why I'm crying I'm very happy

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