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Thank you Kilograms My name is Rodrigo Perez I am a human Cannonball Hello dragons my name is Lois I'm Rodrigo's wife and I'm going to be Dealing with the paperwork side of the Business I'm here today for 30 000 pound Investment for 10 equity share I want to carry on with the family Tradition but my uncle did in the 1980s My business idea Is to bring the new generation of the Human Cannonball As you can see here is a model of what I Want to do here Some of my photos This one here I shoot off the Canon 25 meters This one here it was 35 meters There are very few human cannonballs in The world so it truly is quite a unique Act Thank you for your attention are there Any questions Showman Rodrigo Perez and his wife Lois Dutton have certainly captured the Dragon's attention but it's their thirty Thousand pounds they really need What will our new dragon make of it all [Music] Hi I'm Hillary and So your cannons nearly built nearly so What when you say nearly how nearly

Built 80 percent the mechanics of it is Actually ready and done it's Quite a Feat of Engineering in our garage at Home but there are some things that he Needs like an airbag you know something To to put it on Right so what are the projected figures Well it's difficult because obviously The ACT isn't up and running yet but we Do have some paperwork and some figures That we have prepared right looking at For the show Like around 2700. we're very confident that we'll Get that amount per show because tell me How well we've already and we've had Inquiries last year they paid a deposit We had to refund the deposit because we Couldn't get the finances in time to not Been to the bank Um we have looked down that option but Basically because we're both Self-employed it's very difficult to Forecast figures for a bank [Music] Lois is orderly and professional Approach to this somewhat unconventional Business looks to have captivated Deborah meaden I'm fascinated how did you two meet In the circus in Mexico I took a dance Contract and saw him fly around about Here and land in the net right above me Um

He looks like a nice guy and we were Just the best friends delivered from Heaven no No I mean it will get your attention Wouldn't it definitely Guys hi I'm Peter What is inside is it like a hydraulic Spring That launches you out of there or is it Air compression it's a human Cannonball Code I can tell you Oh really unfortunately not if I Invested the money would I get to know Um yes yes Getting it here go on you know you want To head first A bit dirty is it does it Can I join you yeah Please A teasing answer and the Duo's easy Charm is going down well Okay so it literally is it's easy as That you reverse into it yeah Enchanted The dragons may be but will the Demonstration be enough to tempt them to Invest can you hear me yes yep three two One Wow Now it's clean What's the furthest you've ever flown 35 Meters you have done 35 meters what's The world record 62 61 62 meters right so you're halfway to A world record

Right Rodriguez Um Obviously hugely talented This this is this is not an investable Business it's a vocation it's a passion But it's a magic it is Magic my art is It magic it is Magic and I wish you the Best with the magic but it's not for me So I'm afraid I'm out Thank you The mood quickly changes as Theo Perfetus brings the den back to business Reality and it looks like Deborah meaden Is ready to have her say too Let me tell you where I am I think it's Completely unscalable and that's it's Obviously unscalable because it's you It's your skill it's what you do and and I'm quite sure human cannons don't grow On trees which is is great for you as Individuals but for me as an investor It's never going to be huge Good luck but uh I'm out okay thank you Lois would you I could see you being Booked for 2 700 for the event But as a business that's not something For me so I'm going to say I'm out thank You okay thank you Yes just you know it's not a normal type Of investment but I am tempted but um No sorry But the best of luck thank you thank you Thank you [Music]

Three Dragons out in quick succession Now All That Remains is for Hillary Duvet to show her hand I don't think I could live with myself If anything happened to you Every time you do it I think I'll be on The phone to Lois all the time is it all Right is he all right you know and I Just don't think I could sleep at night It's unfortunately I've got to say I'm Out thank you okay thank you thank you Thank you so much and stay safe thank You a disappointing end for Rodrigo and Lois they leave with the dragon's good Wishes but not their cash [Applause] Thank you Hello my name is Paul cockle and I run The generating company We are a contemporary circus production Company we produce shows corporate Events commercial entertainment We were born five years ago in the Millennium Dome where most of us were Involved in the delivery of the central Show this was a huge circus spectacular Five years ago when we left the dome we Had the the Dome curse as it were nobody Would give us any money and so I Invested what money I had and five years On we've created three shows storm Gangsters and now lactic acid We are looking for investment to compete With our foreign competitors which are

Obviously the Cirque du soles of this World who searches they have an Estimated worth of 1.2 billion we want To get out there and compete and we want You to invest thank you Paul's grand plan is to turn his circus Company into a commercial success to Rival that of the world's most lucrative Contemporary Circus the Cirque du Soleil He needs 160 000 pounds to help him on His way Hi Paul hi I'm Rachel I'm just interested in that figure that You just gave out about Cirque du Soleil It's worth they say 1.2 billion what well what are you Supposed to think about it you've got uh Shows on every continent they have well Now three shows running in Vegas three Resident shows Um I know that they've just invested Over 150 million in opening the MGM Palace in Vegas and the turnover of that One show is well over a million dollars A week I'm just trying to get some Perspective In relation to We're a lot smaller obviously we you Know we employ five people they employ 2 000 in Montreal we've got some way to go To catch up Paul certainly doesn't lack ambition but With only five employees replicating the Success of the 2000 strong Cirque du

Soleil will be an enormous challenge It'll be tough for him to convince the Dragons he can pull it off What did I show you by the last show we Put on was uh lactic acid in the larban Uh in southeast London how long did that Run what were the tickets it was only Three nights it was a well it was a Showcasing preview show and that's the Show we're now going into full Production with if you're looking for Investment to produce a show is that Right no no no no we're looking Investment in the core team constantly Pitching ideas Creative Solutions for Your product launch or commercial Entertainment or the actual devising of Iron show we've launched the Audi A8 in Eight cities in Germany we've launched a Range of Speedo Swimwear with the Acrobats all sort of swimming over the Audience and we're launching a hotel for Butlins where we have all the acrobats Sort of hanging off a truss on a crane Over a big sort of urban ship with Dancers and singers and uh and what have You we are an Arts based business Paul Can you just tell us um about lactic Acid yeah what's it about It's a show about the body it's a fusion Of dance and circus and new electronic Music to actually describe it what Happens to the body when it over exerts Itself and produces lactic acid

Foreign The concept for Paul's latest show has Clearly not captured the dragon's Imagination with huge competition and Creative output of such uncertain appeal Doug Richard has serious concerns about The business model Do you understand how Cirque du Soleil Became what it is today yeah good in two Or three sentences explain to me how They did it okay first of all they were Of the moment several events came along Such as opening the Toronto Olympics or Whatever that were the Great contracts To get they also Creatively secured the backing of uh Canadian government and public money and After that the rest was Talent okay Wrong They took that show and they changed Nothing they went out over and over and Over again and made new money around and Around the United States and Canada Because they created a product but That's what we're doing no no no no no We are we've created three shows which Are products which are interested here's Why I'm driving down this package if you Had said I'm gonna here's I'm gonna be The next search Soleil there's a gap in The market there's room for two I gotta Show it's ready to go and I'm gonna Spend the money on sending that because I don't you aspire to be the next serve

To Soleil you put them out there as the Representative model and you can tell me Nothing that shows me how you're gonna Get from here to there Doug Richard thinks Paul's plan to make Money from a variety of shows is not the Route to a profitable company Peter Jones has different questions Can you just break me down with regards To the current balance sheet of the Company yeah can I call my Advocate to Join us who is this Advocate and what Role do they play he's non-executive Director he's a business advisor to it Okay well let's let's bring him up It's David Elliot David and Peter welcome Um what's going to be the business over The next six months I mean the business Breaks even at about 600 000 turnover is Heading for 800 000 plus this year Okay so the business going to be Profitable this year regardless and That's a fact yeah yeah gentlemen Um The type of Revenue you've been creating It's newly earned money you got to Create a new concept each time and we Earn the money where is where is the Replicability where's the scalability in This business I I think there's there's Several there's several relationships With different event companies that Might well come back and book it that's

The same customer in a new product yeah And within that we also have several Major sort of commercial or corporate Shows that we sell into different events Despite his efforts Paul is still Struggling to convince Doug Richard he Can make his dream a reality Rachel Elenor has made up her mind I don't know much about the whole sort Of circus performing business but I'm Sure it works a bit like theater Production in that you can have a whole String of failures and one hit and then Another string of failures And it's just not an investment for me So I'm going to declare myself What you've just said an awful lot You've done an awful lot of time you've Said an awful lot Paul let me just tell You where I am okay sitting here Listening to all this going around has Been a bit like sitting in the circus to Me except it's the most ludicrous circus Performance I've ever seen I have no intentions of investing in you So I'm out so don't come back at me Please [Music] A thousand pound venture has completely Failed to win over both Duncan bannatyne And Rachel Elenor a third dragon has Also heard enough I'm a huge admirer of service shows I've Seen them for years and I actually

Believe there is room in the market For others but boy I don't see it here But when Cirque started it wasn't such a Program business model was it no do you Know what it was it was a loss making Entity underwritten by the French Canadian government and it lost a huge Bloody amount of money I'm glad you made That point well I have to because you're About to use my money in the same way if We go down the town because the Difference with us is that we're Actually doing commercial entertainment That's actually created a business it's Actually that's turning over making Money which is not what just so I did Inclusion is is that you you're not Going to be able to leverage it Cirque Du Soleil Cirque du Soleil cost a lot of Lost capitals I Am out Three dragons had nothing good to say About Paul and David's Circus Adventure And their efforts to raise 160 000 Pounds have so far fallen on deaf ears And Peter Jones remain I'm Like it Oh good Um we've focused a lot on the shows that You put on but I actually see quite a Big opportunity in corporate event Arranging and I actually believe that This is very Innovative this is very new

And this could change the way that Corporate hospitality is seen in this Country today But this is quite serious risk and and I've got to up the stakes because I need To get more back from it I'm going to offer you 80 000 pounds But I'm going to want 20 percent And on the back of that I'd sit there With you as a non-exec chairman to help You and to really look at the commercial Side of this company to make it tick and Make it run effectively because I think That's what you need yeah Remarkably Peter Jones is excited by the Possibilities of Paul and David circus And has offered them eighty thousand Pounds but they still need to raise Another eighty thousand their hopes rest On the decision of the last remaining Dragon theoper fetus If Pizza is going to go on the board as Chairman and he's saying that he will Play an active part in this business Then I will risk 80 000 Pounds of my family's money but in Return I would also like to have twenty percent Or otherwise I'm not interested Theoper fetus and Peter Jones have Shocked the other Dragons by offering Paul and David all the money they came For but they want forty percent of the

Company twice the amount Paul and David Were hoping to give away Would you both consider 15 for that Investment To be honest I wouldn't and I think but And it's purely because I think you need To find quite serious Direction and Expertise on that team and that comes at A rate because this as you know is a Tough business to make money in but if We get it right I think we've got an Exciting opportunity but you haven't got That exciting opportunity without me So that's why I'm saying 20 that's where I'm at Decision time for Paul and David it's a Once in a lifetime opportunity but will They be prepared to give up 40 of their Company You you won't consider it any other way It's the 20 for the 80 000 each yeah Right Right okay Well we'd like to do the deal thank you Very much Well done welcome here listen thank you [Music] Paul and David have got the money for Their circus despite the risk both Theopa fetus and Peter Jones stunned the Other Dragons by staking 160 000 pounds On the company [Music] Well done guys congratulations first

Congratulations but I think you truly Have underestimated the amount of time You are going to be sucked into it it's Our risk but I can still see corporate Events we both said it yeah we both said It we've had the same thing we both know A huge opportunity which to be fair they Majored on the show and I think the show Is is Best of British look [Music] Well Paul and David I bet you didn't Think you were going to get that halfway Through the whole Affair no I was Feeling that we were gonna I thought we Were for a while we were going out there As the Cabaret act but uh it came good And um and of course you forget all the Figures you forget everything So but it worked out you did all right Yeah now and they drove a pretty hard Bargain but it didn't take you very long To make up your mind I thought that Could have negotiation could have gone On a bit longer I think Dave wants to Negotiate that wanted to negotiate more Than me I just thought let's do the deal Well we really look forward to see how That gets on and you can uh maybe go and Have a stiff drink I think so yes all Right thank you very very well done well Thank you Thank you Foreign Dragons my name is Bob Davis managing

Director of unique ideas UK limited and I'm here today to ask you for a 50 000 Pounds cash injection for a 20 share in A brand new company that will Manufacture and Market an interactive Game Challenge now I've been in the Event industry for just over 25 years I've worked for many large companies and Small and one thing that is apparent in Order to maintain their market share They will have to do one of the Following that is to organize an Exhibition staff motivation maybe a Charity event to create PR as well and Certainly just maybe a good old bash This product clearly ticks all of the Boxes we have had many technical issues During its two years development now Whilst I'm no physicist I can say that The issues that we had all of those have Been overcome we have noticed one very Important thing I cannot find any other Company that is currently manufacturing On a commercial basis this product So before we take the cover off this Really has so much potential five Revenue streams pop it better be good That's all I've got to say it sounds it Though doesn't it it is good get on with It Dragons are you ready for the Alternative that everyone is waiting for Bob's box And I would welcome any questions I

Would like you to Perhaps have a go and take the challenge Go on Hillary okay Enthusiastic entrepreneur Bob Davis from Wolverhampton has certainly given his Pitch a sense of occasion as you catch The balls deposit them down the score Tube right okay he's looking for 50 000 Pounds to start a new events business to Launch his latest entertainment concept Good luck on offer is a 20 Equity stake Grateful but Leisure industry expert Deborah meaden thinks she's seen it Somewhere before Hello Bob hi Deborah Um it's a very large Bingo blower is There anything complicated in that yes It's it's not dissimilar to the the Bernoulli principle that is a part of What makes it the what principle the Bernoulli principle God what's up principle is how an Aircraft flies with that lift and an Airflow going over so it's built how Much money have you made so far uh we See taking this to Market as a higher Concept for okay how much is it higher For 600 pounds a day it's been used by a Couple of exhibition companies twice by Two TV production companies it's highly Visual we are ready to take it to market Right now that's where I need your help Spirited plea from the determined

Businessman but what of the financials Hillary devay wants to know Bob Why 600 pound a day If you were organizing an exhibition you Would pay 500 pounds to a thousand Pounds depending on what attraction that You had on your stand This at 600 pounds fits into that market That see so there's no scientific Machination that's LED you up to no it's Just in the current in the current pound Today current Marketplace Second question tell me a bit about Yourself and your background Um I'm the MD of an event company I'm Known in the event Traders the car Showroom King whenever there's a car car Launch being facilitated I'm An approved Supplier for events I also had the License and agreement with Thomas the Tank Engine for 15 years the train with Two carriages Thomas face did you make Good money at that we used to charge Um 600 pounds a day to hire it Is everything 600 pounds to hire for a Day Bob tell me tell me tell me tell me is It your events business or is it it's It's that it's the setup a brand new Company That will Market the game concept but The early forerunners of this machine Which I have used in my corporate

Functions numerous times I don't think this is any different The good humid atmosphere evaporates as Doubts are cast on the uniqueness of Bob's invention But Peter Jones is more concerned about The viability of the business itself [Music] The big thing that I have is the issue Over this separation actually right does Your business have any debt in it do you Make money We lost a little bit of money last year But mainly due to the investment with This and I've built right so you've put Money from a company to make it loss Making into a new entity you want to Write off the debt in that old company To start a new company I I didn't Peter I didn't see it that Way of writing off any old debt I wanted To give this a springboard but doesn't It leave you the thinking that do not Think for one minute that perhaps if UniQue Ideas have paid for all of this The unique ideas or everything to do With it And how much would the new company have To pay back for what you spent on this Nothing at all I want to put that into The into the box into the hat to start With okay but I'm going to be really Really quick with this I'm a little bit Disappointed in what you've just said

And there's a little bit of naivety in You rent this out for 600 pound a day if You can but it's not an investable Business and that's why I'm out okay Thank you Bob's decision to create a new and Separate company in a bid to attract Investment backfires and now Deborah Meaden has made up her mind too Bob let me tell you where I am I mean I Always say when I'm looking for an Investment I'm looking for a good Product with a good person I really this Is not a new product it's not a New Concept So as lovely as you are I won't be Investing in you I'm out thank you Bob If you really believe in this You've already got one Go out and do it So I'm going to wish you the real best Of luck And I'll be watching out for you But a man thank you Two more dragons out and Bob's initial Exuberance has dampened But Duncan bannatyne has been unusually Quiet But I want to ask you a little bit about Your existing company okay what kind of Turnover and profit does that company Make the last two years have been its Worst two years right the turnover was

85 000 pounds And 102. Two years before that it was 340. so you've had this company and a Ton of it is going down and down and Down and down Why because the first thing that got cut When things were going a little bit Quieter was events promotions Okay how many companies are you involved With Mr wine and all of a sudden you want to Form a second company A new company Yes so when you got the Thomas the Tank Engine contract did you form a new Company for that no so why not put that In your existing company yes and say I'm Gonna make some money from this as well As what we're doing already Um There is no real Total objection to that I thought There's no sense to separate it If I could have my time again and come Up the stairs and and if no one would Have heard now if I'd have said to you This is a wonderful addition it's in my Company right go to the stairs go to the Stairs come back and say that to me Okay Hello dragons my name is Bob Davis and I'm here today to offer you a share in My company which is currently very

Successful in its own Marketplace but we Have a new product we want to launch With your help in marketing we can move This forward [Music] A much more confident Bob has eagerly Grasped the lifeline thrown to him by Duncan bannatyne will the new combined Business be a more valuable proposition For Hillary duvet Bob I could see that working at a corporate Event because I could see that bringing To my own businesses corporate event Have you done Revenue projections on What 600 pound a day would give you we See two revenue streams of higher Monday To Friday this could go into any company For three days at 600 pounds with we Retain 500 pounds ourselves every time It goes out that's 1500 pounds a week Yeah Saturday and Sunday is retail Environment that's a thousand pounds so One box will make 2 500 pounds a week Times four weeks that's ten thousand Pounds I know the other dragons are going to Think I've lost my marbles But I loved being in the Box I like the Concept of it I'm actually not just in logistics but I'm also in the event industry so I'd like to make you an offer 50k for 20 Percent

Of your new product and of unique ideas Initially once this product's launched And we're getting a return on it Then I will reduce My Equity stake to 15. Thank you In a dramatic about turn in fortunes Bob Finally gets an offer from an Enthusiastic Hillary duvet will Duncan Bannatyne now choose to compete [Music] Bob I really wish that I could find a reason To invest in you You've got a fantastic offer I can't Beat the offer Hillary's made anyway I've got to say I'm sorry Bob but I'm Out Okay thank you Hillary I look forward to work Bob's done it yes not many get a second Chance in the den but he walks away with A well-connected new Dragon investor on Board So Bob I don't think I need to ask you Whether you're happy with the offer You've got I assume you are I feel like I'm about to take the world on were you Happy in the end to combine the two Colors I was very happy there are Products as well as Bob's box that can Be moved along with the logistics uh and The background that Hillary has very

Well done thank you [Applause]

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