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[Music] Next up a best friend Nancy zeffman and Eileen Willett here we are we've found That partnering up in business has Brought them closer than ever it's a Little bit like a marriage this is my Other other yeah this is my other half Between the two of us who have six Children and three dogs just two Husbands When it comes to pairing up with a Dragon the entrepreneurs have one in Particular they want to woo Peters we Know has just started new Lifestyle Brand and fits very well with us yeah And the messages they've had from Friends and family are helping them to Get in the zone lots of affirmation Texts this morning You can do it Smash It fantastic okay come on Thank you Hello Dragons I'm Nancy and hi I'm Eileen we're cucumber clothing and we're Here today to ask for 50 000 pounds in Exchange for 10 of our business Cucumber clothing is here to solve a Problem we make clothing and sleepwear For women who get hot that is our USP Women get hot for so many different Reasons it can be as simple as their Monthly Cycles it can be women who are Pregnant and breastfeeding women who are Going through the menopause and also

Curvier women We think that this is a future fashion We take beautiful designs and we marry Them to Performance Fabrics which not Only feel gorgeous to wear but they keep You looking and feeling cold night and Day all our Fabrics we use last up to Six times longer than cotton they do not Retain sweater odors and the anti-crease Which is really good for the environment Cucumber clothing is an innovator in the Marketplace Together with a dragon we're really Excited about our future we have a few Pieces we'd like to hand out and then We're ready for some questions Clothing to keep women cool is the Concept from business partners Nancy Zeffman And Eileen Willett they want 50 000 Pounds in exchange for 10 of the Business You have you've got the dress version I'm wearing the jumpsuit But will Sarah Davies buy into the Sartorial setup Nancy and Eileen well they feel Beautiful thank you thank you so what's The background that's brought you to This moment So we've known each other for almost 20 Years and we realized that so many of The conversations amongst our friendship Group around the issues of getting hot

We really feel that it's a market that Hasn't really been explored we feel We're creating a market We do have world domination Ambitions at Some point we'd love to think this is Our Market we dominated it we were the First okay brilliant so just give me an Idea into this piece that I've got this 90 what is the cost of this finished Piece for you and what does it sell at On average all our pieces um they cost Us 25 pounds and on average they sell at 83 pounds the dress that Eileen's Wearing is out in a couple of weeks That's going to be 135 and I'm wearing The most expensive thing which is 179 Pounds okay I do a lot of work with the TV shopping Channels okay and as you can imagine TV Shopping attracts a lot of women who I Think will be your core demographic Right I could picture you two on air Wearing the product and women really Buying into that It will absolutely work in that Environment okay however What will not work in that environment That's the pricing that you're at I think if you want to get out to a mass Space I really think you're going to Need to be more price competitive with The product The clothing's cost makes it a tough Sell to Sarah Davies

But does the entrepreneur's preferred Dragon Peter Jones think the brand looks As cool as it claims to keep those who Wear it just immediately First Impressions that I'm not sure that they Look great okay Like the one that you're wearing there It hasn't got any shape to it it's just Straight I would say if you flick through a few Fashion magazines we are referencing Trends that are now tear dresses summer Dresses dresses are really huge right Now and this whole look is really huge So the idea of this dress is a nice Summer dress it's got pocket and it's Just a easy throw on dress you're on Holiday you know you're going to the Market it's that kind of idea Yes but it's just okay it's not jumping Out at me so what we like to say is that We're not high fashionable we're Fashionable and the point is it's Multifunctional pieces like if you take The blue dress you could wear that to Bed you could dress it up with a pair of Heels but that would look a little bit Weird going to be it looks like you're Going to bed fully clothed Some people like nice nightwear when They go I actually thought Peter that it Was an 80 and when you said about Putting a pair of heels on it to go out I was like but you wouldn't go on an 80.

Confusion over the Duo's multi-purpose Products leaves Peter Jones and Sarah Davies a little underwhelmed Prevent this pitch from unraveling Further by unpicking the company's Routes to Market I like the brand name Where are you selling right now so Mainly online every month how much are You selling on your website Approximately about five five thousand That kind of thing yes but we've also Just been taken on by some high quality Spas so we're selling um about 500 Pounds a month in the Four Seasons And what are you doing to get your brand Out there in terms of social media and Influences are you we have knocked on Every door at least five times and been Probably rejected three out of five We've been in a lot of press though that We've been in every National we've just Had fashion director of the telegraph Take a piece where yeah so she'll Probably be writing about it from a Holiday travel point of view but if you Have been a lot of Preston I'm just Concerned that your sales are still Quite low and you haven't gained Traction as yet well I would say that's Also because I think Um It's how people Define us so when we Launched you know we were written about Very much as an over 40s brand but we do

Need to be written about in younger Magazines as well because we want to Grow a proper business we're ambitious So it's how to take it to the next level And which route we should go to get There The entrepreneurs have their work cut Out convincing tej Lao Vani they can Expand their Enterprise And now Peter Jones wants to pin down The details of their keep cool cloth If it's about sort of heat surely you'd Wear like a silk or something Natural fibers are the worst things you Can wear when you get hot our Fabrics Work in the same way they're performance Fabrics so they take moisture that's Sitting against your skin and it allows The moisture to Wick away stop you there I'm so yes please I'm listening to all this I've got here a polyester microfiber The basic fabric Maybe I'm wrong if I could walk across For 30 seconds please look at them all Then I'll give you my straight view The expert is checking it out Most of it's polyester that's polyester That's polyester Gives me a very good idea I love your passion however there's Nothing new here So I think there are a lot more Technical Fabrics

Than what you've got here well I would Just like to say that this fabric here For example is this new amazing volcanic Mineral Fabric and what is that supposed To do so it is a proven technology which Begins to cool you down even before you Start to feel hot Um for me when I wear man-made Fabrics Of any kind whatsoever it makes me Perspire The coolest Fabrics I'm not man-made They are the Cottons and the Linens I'd love you to try what we've given you Then because honestly we know that we're Solving a solution for a lot of women Out there because they come back we have A very high repeat customary and a very Low returns rate we're not a medicine We're not going to say you're not going To wake up and be hot but you're not Dripping you turn around and go back to Sleep and that's the difference cotton Does the same thing okay Silk does the same thing You're not going to convince me that That technical fabric is better than What I wear at the moment My reason to think that's why I'd buy That brand So I look across it and they look fine I Don't I'm not going to critic they look Fine you know and actually I would buy Them because if I'm wanting something Comfortable

What you're wearing looks really Comfortable You know I'm not going to discourage you Because I think you've got an awful lot Right but I personally don't see it the Size will return on my investment Foreign That's the reason I won't be investing Okay Okay I'm out Nancy and Eileen's clothing range isn't An investment fit for Deborah meaden Has tej lauvani got over his concerns That the pair's high profile hasn't Produced strong enough sales I'll tell you what I'm thinking you guys Are very credible you're great but You're so early you're hardly doing you Know five six thousand pounds worth of Sales and you've come on to ask for Investment to really help you take this Business somewhere but you need to prove It created something there I just think here a bit too early So for me it's not an investment I'm Going to say I'm out Nancy and Eileen I think there are too Many reasons not to invest and there's Not a big enough hook To jump in and say This is an opportunity for investment at This stage So I'm gonna say I'm out Thank you

For me you're in a bit of a Crossroads Because I think you can continue being a Small business as you are However If going Mass Market is something you Want to do you need to be more price Competitive and for me if I look at your Business today I don't see this has been A great investment and I'm out [Music] A fourth exit leaves the entrepreneurs Hopes of investment hanging by a thread Is fashion and Presario to kasuliman Prepared to add their business to his Portfolio I do admire your persistence and your Passion and your drive However personally I mean the terrible Designs And I've been really honest and I've Been doing this for 45 years okay I bet you either go back to the drawing Board get a good designer Because it looks ugh So I think I'm giving you enough for one Day and I'm out Thank you all right thank you So expert opinion but no cash for Cucumber and Nancy and Eileen exit the Den empty-handed Oh The starting went down quite badly um That's something that obviously we'll Look at

I think there is a big Market out there It just hasn't been well established Just too many things to do to turn that Into a business We really believe in it and we are Ambitious for it Um we've got to prove them wrong Yeah but what do you wear in bed [Laughter] Janelle number five there you go that's What I wear in bed [Music] Laughs [Music] Hello my name is Jane rafter I'm looking For 75 000 pounds of investment for 20 Of the company I started trading just under a year and A half ago with this first Innovative Product slinks Slinks are a devilishly clever pair of Sandals the idea is simple A luxurious leather base for the sandal With three attachment points Onto each point different uppers can be Attached creating a new sandal instantly They are comfortable beautiful and Unique When in place the upper appears fixed And delicate but it is both detachable And very strong women Buy on average 450 Pairs of shoes and spend 32 000 pounds In a lifetime The product appeals to this Market the

Ability to have one pair of sandals that Match every dress you own To be able to go on holiday with one Pair but really have half a dozen to Ease from day wear to evening glamor Simply by carrying your extra uppers in A small organza bag I've launched the company with his first Creation and to date have sold thirty Seven thousand pounds worth We all know that women love shoes I know That women love these shoes they are Beautiful they are comfortable it's a Product that really really works thank You [Music] It's a glamorous pitch from london-based Designer Jane rafter to develop her Luxury customizable sandals she needs 75 000 pounds and is willing to give away a 20 stake the dragons have all been Listening intently Jane I'm Peter hello Hello nice to meet You have you got a registered design Pattern on the product I have a patent Pending at the moment and um I spoke to My lawyer and he said it's in very good Standing to be granted within the next Six months what's it on the patent is on The in is the actual interlocking bead System with it so you have the you have The base there and then you've got your Your Loop there right you get the end Bead you slide it through yeah and then

You slide that bead up like that and it Holds it because it's not very Complicated is it no what's your Background Jane what have you done Before Oh um I come from Spain grew up in Spain I came over here I've worked for Conde Nas magazines and then I used to work With Anthony price who's a Couture Designer making fabulous beautiful Dresses and 37 000 pounds worth of sales yes so what Was your margin and how much do you make On the the unit cost for the whole set So for the bases the bag and the uppers And the box as it comes my cost is 45 Pounds and um I sell it for 120 pounds Is that the consumer or to the boutiques The consumer the boutiques I sell them For 60 pounds that's way too much Thank you The dragon's questions are coming thick And fast and Duncan bannatyne wants to Interrogate Jane on her business plan [Music] You know I think the quality of this is Is excellent but what I'm concerned About is well not as a business here So do you have any projections yes first Year my turnover would be 130 000 pounds And my net profit would be twenty Thousand pounds yep my uh turnover at my Second year would be three hundred and Sixty thousand pounds and my net would

Be 150 and in my third year I'm looking To doing 760 and 380. and you're not Taking a salary At the moment I'm not taking it you're Free in year three I'd like to be taking A salary yes so much Um I I don't know I've Well if you don't know what you're going To be taking you don't know how to do Your costs no I haven't got an exact Breakdown for you I'm afraid I have not Run a company that has a turnover of 760 000 pounds that's pretty obvious Jen Okay Under Duncan bannatyne's intense Grilling James faltering now Deborah Meaden wants to scrutinize the product Um they I think they look great and when You came in I thought what a what a Fantastic idea and it's a beautifully Presented thank you really lovely I can See why women and people buying gifts Would be absolutely rude to them But James they're not very comfortable Now they're not Obviously supposed to be very Comfortable shoes they're supposed to be Pretty shoes but I think For me this type of shoe you have to be Able to walk In it and here the little Bobble yeah is Actually now bearing in mind I'm being Slightly protected because I've actually

Got socks on so if I could just Interrupt you sorry I don't think you've Slid the bead up if well you haven't Fitted it properly you've read the Instructions yeah it's not that it's That exactly it's that bead at the Bottom that's what's hurting you that's Why I do want to that do you want to put That yeah sorry [Music] Dragons are putting the young designer Under pressure And Duncan bannatyne has heard enough You know when somebody goes to buy a Pair of shoes they don't want to have to Read documentation as to how those shoes Fit on the feet and there's been some Problems actually getting them too we Put together today so although I Think You're great and I think you should Continue doing this I'm not going to Invest so I'm out I'll tell you exactly where I am the Reality is that this business is Destined not to make money if you walk Into Topshop you will see competing Products admittedly they don't have the Connection point and the detachable bits But what they do have is something that Actually is a lot cheaper I think Personally works just as well so I can't Invest in you I'm going to declare that I'm out okay A double blow for Jane but retail

Magnate theoper fetus knows the women's Fashion Market well will he see more Potential in her sandals I think you've done remarkably well Thank you thank you very much getting it To Market selling that many now tell me This 75 000 pounds yes I was going to go Out and have a good night with it or I'm Gonna do something more constructive we Are going to do um well something more Constructive obviously Um I want to move production over to India I want to bring the cost of my Product down and I want to increase my Sales I want to spend five thousand Pounds on improving the website five Thousand pounds to increase my range ten Thousand pounds of that on stock Ten thousand pounds of marketing and Advertising fifteen thousand pounds I Want to spend on getting them into um Boutiques and that abroad as well I see Them doing very well in can places like That and then the remaining 25 000 Pounds I'd like to um spend fifteen Thousand pounds I've put that towards Operating costs and then the ten Thousand pounds on the point of sale What sort of point of sale it's a lot of Money for ten thousand pounds what I'd Like to do is I'd like to be able to Have someone to come up and be able to See the product and say right I want a Base to the Sandal so step one pick your

Base step two pick your upper step three Put them together you've got your Sandals it has to be clear and put Together easily for people to see Shane What do you think you would be able to Reduce the price of this for in India Um I have looked into it and I think I Can bring my unit cost down by about a Third yeah which means you could Wholesale for 20 and they could sell for Let's say 40. then you could probably Sell more volume yes Jane has succeeded in getting her pitch Back on track But is Deborah meaden sufficiently Reassured to invest 75 000 pounds Jane let me let me tell you where I am Um I think that I can certainly overcome They weren't that uncomfortable I did Have them you know and I've I'm not sure Whether the size is exactly right maybe I'm sure I'd find a place so I I could overcome all of that but I Don't think there's going to be room in It for me as an investor And I'm sorry to be saying it but I'm Out okay this can be replicated there's No question about it And I think your pricing is wrong So for those reasons I'm going to make you an offer Uh conditional on a marketing and Strategy that was to be agreed and it Would be agreed on the basis of getting

A reduced price yes Talking to other retailers to make sure We can get volumes in day one And I'm gonna make enough of a half the Money Right for 20 percent It's a surprise move from theoper fetus But Den rules state that Jane must be Offered the full amount or she walks Away with nothing and only one other Dragon is still in [Music] Hello James [Laughter] I do think it's a fantastic product I Think it's beautifully made I will match Theo's offer And I agree with the way Theo has Structured it that means you'll be Giving out 40 of the equity are you Comfortable with that Jay now has a full offer but it's for Double the amount she originally wanted To give away [Music] I'd be very pleased we could meet Halfway Um if we could do 30 percent Um It's not negotiable On your partner on both of yours part I think I've got a good product I think There is potential for growth and I Think there is you know possibility to

Make money out of this I've found a Factory I've got them made I've taken Them to fares I've sold yes there It's a yay or nay Yes Thank you congratulations Jane has done It she leaves with the money she needs And two experienced multi-millionaire Investors on board Foreign Next up a londoner's Sarah slight home And Beth Chilton The pair are pitching their fledgling Fashion business and have designs on one Dragon in particular Global clothing Tycoon Tuka Suleiman I think we're after A bit of Tuka time just because of his Great manufacturing contacts I think He'll really get our products and Understand our products and probably be The dragon that can identify with our Business the best [Music] Thank you [Music] Hello dragons my name's Sarah and it's My business partner Beth we're here Today to pitch for 78 000 in return 15 Of our company Iverson and Sage With a combined 13 years of experience Between Sarah and I in the fashion Industry we really noticed two emerging Gaps within the High Street Market one Being that there's no brand or retailer

Solely focusing on fashionable yet Affordable Workwear so we created Ulta And also is a range of kind of trend Pieces ranging from like shirts to Blazers to trousers to jumpsuits all That little passion Edge to it to bring It to life And the other that no occasion wear Brand is really focusing on beautifully Embroidered pieces Hope and Ivy is a brand I've always Dreamed of creating especially my Passion for print and embroidery we Stashed our business in October of last Year and within four weeks we had our First order of 130 000 pounds with Online retail at Asos that was swiftly Followed by a second order of 120 000 Pounds again with Asos it's been five Months since our first orders when and It's been a complete Whirlwind and since Then we've grossed 530 000 pounds worth Of sales and we're currently about a 28 Profit margin with that and to top it Off next and Lipsy are now really Interested in taking on Ulta for the Autumn winter season So that's a little snapshot of us and Our Brands and we welcome you to come And have a look at the product if you Want A model pitch from Sarah slight home and Beth Chilton who are seeking 78 000 Pounds for a 15 stake in their

Profitable fashion range Beautiful Deborah and Sarah I know that You know I'm shopping I'm just going to Try have you got this yet The early react react product from Deborah meaden and Sarah Willingham But will the business be on trend for Peter Jones When they first came in and I saw this I Have to say I thought they were quite Dour colors it was my first impression And then you started taking through the Figures of the business And it's outstanding the success you've Had so quickly thank you thank you half A million pounds in just five months can I firstly know a little bit more about Your backgrounds well I studied fashion At Uni and then I worked at Asos Actually for three years my degree was In fashion management and then from There I went to Topshop went to a kind Of startup brand and then that's where We met we just went you know what if we Don't do it now we'll never do it and if We're gonna do it we're going to go as Fast as possible and get it and Achieve As high as we can The figures are a fit for Peter Jones Now Sarah Willingham wants to get to Grips with how they plan to spend their Investment Why 78 is quite a specific number Did help put a bit more money into the

Cash flow and then just help with like Overheads and then we want to start a Bit of money marketing it'd be good to Spend about 28 000 pounds on Market but When we say Marketing in our industry It's all about bloggers you know Bloggers are bigger than celebrities and If you get the right bloggers you know Instagram that girls love to follow we Need to just kind of capture the Bloggers that the girls like okay so That's the idea of growing the brand you Become known for who you are and people Come direct to your website to do it So far the entrepreneurs haven't put a Foot wrong impressive turnover and those All-important industry credentials But the fashion forward talk has left Greetings card Guru Nick Jenkins feeling Out on a limb No actually I have to say it looks like It looks like you've done a great job of Setting up a really good business but I Just I just have no knowledge of this Sector whatsoever so I'm afraid I uh I Know what it's what you want is Experience and I can't really offer that In this case but wish you all the best Luck that I'm out thank you thank you That was quick wasn't it really quick Up to the point A swift exit from Nick Jenkins citing Lack of Industry insight But it's the dragon with global fashion

Form who Sarah and Beth set out to Impress [Music] Hi and a little bit about clothing yeah I'm a retailer I'm a manufacturer With fabric sauce we do everything so I Know all the pitfalls you've got lots of Energy you're very credible You've got one customer you've got Asos As your main customer so your biggest Risk at the moment is your relationship That you've got at the moment is with a Particular buyer and And it for instance that buyer gets Moved on to another department yep They're in trouble The retail is very tough at the moment You know it's very tough out there it is The worst retail period the industry has Known for 40 years This is not unique I think you've been lucky it's up to now [Music] A shock reaction from the textile Tycoon Who is underwhelmed by their designs and Critical of their customer base Has it left Peter Jones questioning his Earlier optimism Took has been in this game for a long Time probably most of his adult life What I heard him saying was that you Haven't done very well and actually Anybody could do this but I didn't hear You defend yourself and you were almost

Almost accepting of it I think I was Just kind of well we wouldn't be here if We didn't believe in what we do we Wouldn't have come to you guys if we Feel that we're selling a product that's Not worthy of being sellable we know That it's sellable people want it they Want it now I don't think it was lucky If anybody's going to make this business Work you've got all the stuff inside it Who can do it so I you know I don't Think it's luck so I'm going to ask you A different question what's your you Know who who do you want to roll out to I always say I always want the top you Know the top six people we're going for Next I want that list on that wall Because we should be working our way Through it so what's your plan we wanted Lipsy and we're going to Lipsy our next And next and then I think very and then Maybe even looking at the higher end of The market maybe like even netapporte And then even looking like Internationally retailers like Like nasty girl would love all the Embroidered kind of pieces we just want To create two amazing amazing brands The fashion industry Duo deftly deal With Deborah meaden but it appears they Have a long way to go before Tuka Suleiman is satisfied You're not focused you've got two Brands There you've got to double your costs of

Marketing you're going to double your Costs of website you've got to double All your costs you're a startup and Already you're you're you're stretching Yourselves very wide You're better off focusing on one brand I don't know how we can stop something That's doing so well so that's what we Really just want both and they're both Succeeding so well I've seen it before Okay and and to me two Brands two Websites You're in for a disaster The blows just keep on coming as Tuka Suleiman makes another damning Assessment of Beth and Sarah's business Will the retail tycoon's criticism exert Any influence over fellow High Street Magnate Peter Jones This is very very difficult Um Took has made some really good points Hasn't he yeah he knows the industry Really well so those sort of points have A major influence on me of course um [Music] I was waiting to see whether he's being Cleverly tactical by just talking and It's just noise off But regardless we are clearly all Individuals and we make our own Decisions I have a business have you heard of Farrell or come across Farrell with

Robbie Williams I own half of that company we sell Millions and millions of pounds worth of Product and it's the most successful Brand in Primark With what Tuka is saying if I invest Could I Make a difference Could I do almost what Tucker is Describing is potentially impossible and Help you turn this into a great business [Music] I think I can [Music] So I'm going to make you an offer Because I think you have done a great Job So I'm going to offer you all of the Money for 25 of the business Peter Jones revelation of a stake in a Profitable High Street clothing range Wrong foot to casulliman He's offering all of the money but for 10 more Equity than the entrepreneurs Wanted to give away Is Sarah Willingham poised to up the Ante Similarly Tuka hasn't completely put me Off I mean I've heard everything he said And thought but Look at the last five months please I Mean it's really really good so I I'm Also going to make you an offer um And I'd be very happy to split it with

Another Dragon I'll make you an offer For all of the money for 25 but As soon as you can pay that money back Um I'm very happy to drop back down to 15 that you originally Came in and asked for wow thank you Sarah Willingham joins Peter Jones in Dismissing Tuka Suleiman steer offering The entrepreneurs a Buy-Back deal that Matches their preferred 15 stake Deborah meaden has yet to declare her Hand will she raise the stakes even Higher [Music] I do not pretend to compete with the Knowledge to my right or even Peter's More recent knowledge I can bring in the fashion expertise but I won't pretend to have the same setup That these guys have got so for that I'm Going to offer you all of the money For 20 of the business Okay thank you okay oh and I'm happy to Share A collection of deals to choose from But it's the dragon with over 40 years Experiencing Global retail Beth and Sarah came to bag So far he's lambasted their labels and Bashed their business model time to find Out if he's been playing the den all Along Okay Um I know what's involved I know what

You need And it's going to take a lot of time a Lot of energy to make this into a proper Business okay I think the 78 Grand is Not going to go very far Um I'll make you an offer for all the money But I want 40 Strategic play from Tuka Suleiman Finally the entrepreneurs get an offer From the dragon they came for But his expertise comes at a cost forty Percent of the business Will this ultimately be too high a price To pay for the design Duo Once we kind of thing at the back of the Room yeah The tough call Four dragons at Sarah and Beth's disposal Sarah willingham's offering 78 000 for a 25 stake and a Buy-Back deal I think Deborah meaden wants 20 of the business For the same cash and Peter Jones offers His own fashion expertise in exchange For 25 of the business Considerably less than the 40 percent That High Street clothing magnate to Kusuluman is seeking So I'd like to see if Um Peter you go in with Deborah At all in the offer And that is that my 25 to 12 and a half Percent each yeah and then if we hit our Targets would you lower that to then 20

And when we repay back your original Investment so I'd end up with 10 yeah To be clear though that would mean that I would give you half of the money For 12 and a half percent and when I'd Received that money back I would drop Down to 10 and likewise so would Deborah Yeah I would accept that offer if Deborah I'd Be happy to be delighted to actually Thank you Have we got a deal Yeah we do this now we're in business Together Sarah and Beth exit the den having Definitely negotiated a competitive deal With not one but two dragons Super I knew you were up to something I Knew you were going to make an offer When two was kind of really questioning It we're kind of like oh maybe doesn't Believe in where we are today well done However There's a lot of work to be done sorry I Stopped up there however Whereas Peter and Deborah's reaction was Just great two dragons two dragons yeah Right Foreign

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